Astrology Workshops with Astrolore


Gather Together for Powerful Fun and Personal Growth


Imagine a gathering of friends; longtime friends or delightful folks you are meeting for the first time. Imagine coming together for a glimpse of cosmic truth about the path you find yourself on in this lifetime.

Astrolore offers delightful illumination for you and your friends in these workshops developed to offer support and personal growth in an easy fun environment.

You supply the friends, the snacks and /or bottle of wine; I will supply the handouts and the teaching; we all supply the fun!

No prior knowledge of astrology is necessary to learn and grow with Astrolore!

Lets get started!

Information for you – the Host below!


Workshop #1

Step Into Astrology

In this workshop you will get a delicious first taste of the richness of the language of Astrology. You will come away with an understanding of how the Planets, Signs, and Houses work together to create a clear map of your life’s purpose and potentials.

In this 2+ hour workshop, we will explore the structure of the chart and develop a powerful understanding of your horoscope at a glance. With your own personal chart/ horoscope (provided by Astrolore) you will learn a new perspective of yourself and your deepest needs and potentials in this lifetime.



Workshop #2

The Moon – The Deepest Need of the Soul

The Sign and House placement of the Moon at the time of your birth speaks of your deepest innate needs and desires and the ways in which you can fulfill those needs. In this 2+-hour workshop, we will explore how the Sun and the Moon work together in your chart to provide the energy necessary to enrich and fulfill your deepest needs. With your own personal chart/ horoscope (provided by Astrolore) you will come to understand the core need of your Soul and practical ways you can go about fulfilling those needs.



Workshop #3

The Moon – Going Deeper w/ Aspects 

The conversations (cycles and aspects from other planets) that the Moon was having at the time of your birth show how best to work with your deepest needs and desires in order to live the life your Soul desires.

In this 2+-hour workshop, we will explore how the other planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and/or Pluto), in aspect to your personal Moon placement, work together in your chart to make you the unique individual that you are. With your own personal chart/ horoscope (provided by Astrolore) we will continue our exploration into your needs, desires, and how to live a fulfilling and delightful life!




Workshop #4

The Moon – Lunar Phases, Reincarnation, & You

All evolution is cyclical in nature. All forms of life experience the ongoing cycles of birth, growth, death and renewal. This ongoing dance of life is mirrored in the planetary cycles and the Phases of the Moon.

In this 2+ hour workshop, we will explore the Lunar Cycle as it is experienced in Nature each Month from the New Moon to the Full Moon and back again. We will further determine the Phase of the Moon at your birth and what that suggests about the larger scope of your soul’s journey. This is a fascinating topic and will bring an unexpected clarity regarding your place in a larger context of multiple lifetimes.



Workshop #5

The Moon & Venus – Understanding Love

In this lively and enlightening workshop, we will examine the Moon and Venus in our most intimate relationships. In this 2+ hour workshop, we will seek to understand our own and our partners emotional needs and deepest values. In understanding the differences between us we can develop a healthier, more joyful connection with those we love.

One of the biggest contributions that astrology can make is in the development of truly healthy intimate relationships. The powerful insights astrology provides can help each person go beyond their limited perspective to see each other clearly.

Please! It is very important that you have permission from your partner to work with their chart in this workshop.



Workshop #6 

Working with These Transformational Times

In this workshop we look at the most significant planetary cycles happening in current time and explore how these cycles are impacting our personal lives. This is a powerful way to bring new perspective to our current circumstances and help us understand the best path forward. In this 2+ hour workshop, we will seek to understand how the movement of the planets impacts our personal lives. We will focus on the movement of Saturn. Saturn is a demanding teacher who insists we work hard for the benefit of stability in our lives.




Information for the Host!

$35. per participant

6–12 participants required

As the host you will participate at no cost and you will receive a 20% discount on your next full consultation. I will need you to gather the birth information from each person and get that information to me 24 hours before the workshop. I will also need you to get payment from folks and pay my fee with check or cash the day of the event.

I promise you… this will be FUN!

If you have a solid group of folks who are interested in doing each of these workshops, I recommend that we do them, one a month, in the order presented. If you want to try just one, I’d recommend doing the first one first! 🙂

If you want to talk about it, have questions or concerns, let’s find a time to talk!

Contact me!