How many times in the past week or so have you found yourself reaching for a kleenex or passing one to the person beside you?
Perhaps your emotions don’t express in a way that comes with tears.  Nevertheless, consider how close to the surface your emotions are, even if no one else notices!
When we think of emotion we think of tears and sadness but those are certainly not the only emotions that are flowing unbidden into our hearts and minds this summer.
Consider how just plain FULL your heart feels!
Full of longing, deep joy, sadness, nostalgia, heartache, memories, and/or an amazing awareness of the power of human connection.
This is a very rare time indeed and one that we are wise to pay attention to and work with!
Allowing a great deal of space for all feelings to flow to the surface without restriction is the key to working effectively with this powerful Grand Trine.
How do we find that space for easy flow? Music! Poetry! Meditation! Prayer! Water!
We are being asked individually to open our minds/hearts, to allow deep healing to come through the movement of deep and powerful emotion.
The work we do as individuals, at this time, on this issue, is necessary to heal not only the self but the community, the tribe, the whole human race.
The funny thing about a Grand Trine is that we tend to think that it automatically makes a connection between ourselves and others because there is a sense of longing for that connection.  However, as we reach to the core of our emotional intelligence we find within ourselves that this is a place of solitude.
We are on our own in this deep space.
At this time we are given the opportunity to heal and clear long held, challenging emotions that are very self contained. This is an inner task, a private job.  This is not about healing relationships between ourselves and others. This is about healing our own inner relationship to the self.

Following our personal self-contained work of deep inner healing, we come back to the collective as a happier healthier person.
From that place we bring more kindness, compassion, and love to others. In this way we raise the health of the community and the collective.
The emotional intelligence of the human race is heightened by this individual work that we each do on our own.

We must take the time to look internally, to clearly see the piece of the puzzle that requires our personal inner work.
As we each come back to the collective an emotionally healthier person, the entire picture of our world and our culture is more beautiful as each facet is sparkling with its own inner brilliance and light.
Go to your nearest body of Water. A river, the ocean. Sit quietly, go inward, allow the flow to move you to tears and to deep healing.
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