‘Flynn Lobby’ photo by Laurie

Today, the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) the darkest day of the year!

Driving home on such dark streets, 4:30, 5PM and already it is as dark as midnight. The holiday lights brighten the scene with an attempt at hope and cheer. It is difficult to want to do anything but hibernate. A warm home, a hot cup of tea, a few friends. Not wanting to venture far.

Now, just as we begin to ache for the light it begins its return. Gradually we will notice a tiny bit more light each day. Then the day comes when we are startled to see light in the sky at nearly 5pm! What a welcome surprise that moment always is!

The lunar eclipse and the intensity of our current Mercury retrograde add some complications and emotional tenderness to the picture.

The end of the year is here. It is time to look back at the path we have traversed to get where we now find ourselves. Few of us have been left unmoved by this amazingly powerful year. Yes, it has been a hell of a year, a roller coaster for most of us.

You may remember the Venus retrograde cycle that caused such turmoil some months ago. We are now coming out of it’s shadow, which means that Venus is finally moving onto new ground.

What is past is past, what is new or worth bringing to life, is ready to begin. Slowly for now, this is still a time of darkness, a time to simplify, to absorb the darkness, allow the light to wait a bit longer, feel the quiet.

Stay inward just a bit longer, the light will return in time. Enjoy where you are now. This time will never return. These days are precious. Each day.

“Let the Universe Support Your Growth”

‘Flynn Lobby2’ photo by Laurie