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Open Your Arms Wide to Welcome the Unknown

Is Spring coming?

The undeniable gathering sea-change

With or without astrological knowledge there is no doubt that profound change is ahead.
Regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar you are with astrology or the endless cycles of the planets above, it’s undeniable that a profound shift is underway. Unimaginably significant changes loom on the horizon for each of us individually and for all of us collectively.
As Pluto takes its stand in Aquarius we are on a new journey of destruction and change, leading to empowerment.

To follow new pathways, we must close some doors, open new ones, and prepare ourselves for the road ahead.

I have been writing these weekly blog posts for many years. I have spent hundreds of Saturdays drinking coffee and tapping away on my computer to bring these words to you. Now it is time for a departure from the familiar tone and direction of what I offer.
I’m still uncertain about the specifics of the upcoming changes, but it is clear that the trajectory of the past is past. That door is rapidly closing. After all, how many times can we discuss the Moon’s movement through a specific sign or the precise timing of a transit? Perhaps the true gift of following these things lies of doing so day after day, year after year. The gift comes gradually as we learn to trust our instincts and align with the energies that are reflected by the planets. Over time we feel the shifting in our blood.
I will continue to write, as writing is in my blood. It is a love that runs almost as deep as my fascination with exploring the birth charts of people. All kinds of people both ordinary and famous folks intrigue me. My focus has always been on natal astrology, this is what must shape my daily blog writing as well.

I plan to delve into diverse topics relating to natal astrology. Let’s put birth charts at the center of our conversations.

I’d like to explore the significance of Mars in your chart or the unique aspects formed with Jupiter or Chiron. I want to contemplate the intricate cycles formed between various planetary pairs beyond the cycle of the Sun and Moon. Did you know that all planetary pairs have a new cycle, a crescent cycle, a first quarter cycle, etc? Do you know the phase of the Moon at the time of your birth and how that impacts your life?

Before the year’s end, Weiser/Red Wheel Publishers will release my first book: How to Read & Interpret a Birth Chart: Guideposts for Understanding Natal Astrology.

I am so pleased and honored to see this book come to life. Ideas are brewing for future books, several of which I have already begun. I’ll continue to nurture and expand the topics and concepts involved. I will bring some of those ideas to you here in my daily/ weekly writings.
This week, I’ll be providing very brief concise insights for each day. Whether this format continues for a few weeks or extends into the coming months remains uncertain.
I invite you to send me a note and share your thoughts. What topics would you like me to delve into in future posts? What would help your path forward?

Let’s embark on this new phase of exploration together. Change is inevitable AND it is a beautiful thing.

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