This morning we wake with the Moon newly in stable, dependable Taurus.  The Taurus Moon Trine Mars and Conjunct Jupiter before the morning is through. We likely feel strong, energized and confident.

Personal transits not withstanding, this morning feels good… and solid. Our physical energy feels strong, we feel capable and steady. We are at the threshold of the Full Moon, the time we see the clear expression of what we have worked to create in the past few weeks.
The big news today is the forward motion of Neptune!  Neptune turns direct at 2:53 PM after being in retrograde motion since June 3rd.
Neptune points to the direction where we are divinely inspired. This is a space in which we are able to understand the connection between suffering and compassion. As Neptune moves forward we see our suffering (whatever form it may take) and that of our loved ones. We are able to accept suffering as a human condition, if we stretch we see the suffering of others, even strangers, and finally see it as a simple human function, a part of life, nothing more and nothing less. As we come to understand that there is no difference between my pain and your pain we finally touch on the true depth of compassion.
Neptune will now move steadily toward Pisces, bringing a significant shift in how we share the burdens of being human on this planet together in these extraordinary times. I expect this will signify a time when more people will find it necessary to connect with the divine nature of their lives and their utterly divine connection to each other. Folks may well understand the importance and necessity of leaving behind ideologies and ways of living that no longer support them, their loved ones or the very planet we all share.
Neptune, bring it on! The world is in great need of deep understanding, deep sensitivity, deep compassion! We must prepare ourselves to be moved.