Ways to Nurture the Cancer Moon

Today is Tuesday and I have been too busy to post for several days. There is not much to say about today so lets take a look at where we’ve been since we last spoke!

Very early Monday morning, while we slept, the MOON ENTERED the deep waters of CANCER. LUNA remains in CANCER throughout today as well. Waking up to the CANCER MOON on a Monday morning explains our sense that we really, really needed one more day to stay home!  Ahh, we needed more time to be close with our loved ones, close to the comfort of our warm bed!

Having to go to work on Monday morning, for many of us, was a rough way to start the week. All we wanted was to be home, preferably with a good book and our favorite comfort food!

One difficulty during each month at the CANCER MOON is that our need to be nurtured is very strong. Many of us don’t have a clear handle on knowing how to provide that for ourselves in a healthy way.  We often try to soothe and nurture ourselves with food. This would be fine if the food we most often turned to was good healthy fruits and vegetables. However, for most of us, comfort food is more likely to be not such healthy foods!

We tend to crave things like macaroni and cheese, potatoes with butter and sour cream, or we just go straight for the chocolate cake or  Apple Pie! Yum. Rather than beating ourselves up about it, I hope we can allow ourselves to indulge in a very small piece of that chocolate cake… or better yet, perhaps we can find a healthy way to nurture ourselves!

Every month when the Moon moves through Cancer it would be great if we could plan ahead of time to take care of these deep emotional needs for comfort. A hot bath can help; giving or receiving a massage can also be of benefit.  Cuddling with our feline friends or a loved one can soothe those, all too sensitive, emotions!

The week certainly started with a mixed bag of feelings, emotions and thoughts. Our personal experiences could have included everything from, but not limited to, the healing of old wounds, emotional intensification, eccentric individuality and/or the transformation of our deepest needs.

For today we have no exact major aspects.This is a day of rest. Watch the sky, empty the mind, take a rest from the activity that surrounds us. Keep a low profile. Find quiet unassuming ways to help from the sidelines.

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