Today’s VIRGO NEW MOON is exact at 7:36AM EDT.
I just love the energy of the past few days that led us into this month’s Virgo New Moon!
For several days we have been in the Dark of the Moon; a time of quiet preparation, a time of introspection and of closing doors that we no longer need to go through.
Each month as the Lunar Cycle comes to a close, and the Moon draws closer to the Sun (the New Moon occurs as the two unite), the Moon releases all but the deepest seed kernel of wisdom from the previous cycle.
The final aspect made by the Moon before she entered Virgo was a sweet Sextile to Venus, the planet of love and beauty (at 1:53PM EDT on Tuesday).
Following the connection to Venus, the Moon was VOC (void-of-course) for 16+ hours, between 1:53PM EDT on Tuesday and 6:44AM EDT on Wednesday) offering a gentle entry to guide us into this month’s New Moon phase.
Today, consider what Virgo means and how we can best work with the energies presented.
This is the time to begin new habits, to pay attention to the details, to clean up clutter that is within our minds and/or our environment.
Mercury rules Virgo; Mercury reflects all that relates to our minds, our way of thinking and communicating. This is a great time to develop new habits of mind.
Develop routines and habits of mindfulness, pay attention to your mind, to what you think about and what you speak about.

Bring simplicity to your thought processes, release complications. Spend the next few days exploring where you want to go and how well the details of your life and your habits support your direction.
Consider how we develop habits and how we can change them to better support our lives!
There is one more very important thing to consider at this Virgo New Moon. Virgo is the most selfless of the signs. Virgo wants to perfect something within itself to offer as a service to all of humanity. Consider what there is for you to perfect for the benefit of others.

First consider your potential to be of service to others. How can you help in this world? Who needs what you have to offer?
Ask yourself: how can my life serve the betterment of humanity?

Whatever it is that you can do does not have to be huge. It can be as simple as a kind word to the cashier at the grocery store, a helping hand when it is needed but not expected.

What can you do to help? It doesn’t have to be profound. The tiniest acts of kindness can change everything!

Remember the butterfly effect! e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park. The small things we do can be of great impact!

Have a lovely day!