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At the New Moon in Virgo, exact August 27, 4:17 am EDT, put the emphasis on practical tasks that keep your hands busy and your mind calm. This could include things like tidying up your meditation space, organizing the kitchen, working in a garden, or volunteering at the local food shelf.

Any activity that turns your attention to the nourishment of self and others will do.

Listen to the first 15 minutes of this video which are for everyone!

Then use the timestamps below to go directly to your Rising and/or Sun signs:

  • Aries: 18:18
  • Taurus: 21:00
  • Gemini: 24:00
  • Cancer: 26:05
  • Leo: 29:50
  • Virgo: 34:14
  • Libra: 37:52
  • Scorpio: 42:18
  • Sagittarius: 45:40
  • Capricorn: 49:55
  • Aquarius: 53:54
  • Pisces: 58:33


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