Monday, February 25, 2013

A FULL MOON brings with it an ability to see, with clarity, our emotional connection with the Cycle of Relationship between the Sun and the Moon.
Today the Sun is in the mystical, sensitive, intangible sign of PISCES. The light of the SUN fully illuminates the MOON, currently holding court opposite the Sun in the hard working an proper sign of VIRGO.
Let us consider VIRGO, she has an interesting reputation which precedes her. She is considered to be prudish, critical, overly concerned with details, and unable to see the big picture.
Virgo has a bad rap!
Virgo knows what she is capable of and doesn’t easily settle for less. She may understand, better than we do, what we are capable of as well. She may feel the need to push us. She is only trying to help!

Virgo understands the importance of keeping our world organized, keeping order in our environment. She understands the importance of discrimination and doesn’t suffer fools lightly!
There is no harder worker than someone with productive, efficient,meticulous Virgo energy!
The purpose of all that work, organization, and refinement must be fully understood.
Why does anyone works hard?  Of course we all need those paychecks, but what is the motivation that work gratifies in each of us, or rather for each sign?

I hope it goes without saying that this is very simplistic. We are so much more than the Sign of our Sun our Moon or any single planet, but this will give us something to consider.
What motivates effort for the twelve signs?

ARIES works hard to prove that he is number One!
TAURUS works hard to establish security!
GEMINI works hard to gather more stories and more information!
CANCER works hard to open her heart to love.
LEO works hard to procure adequate appreciation!

LIBRA works hard it to be charming and to create beauty.

SCORPIO works hard to gain control and/or power.
SAGITTARIUS works hard at exploring new physical, mental, and emotional territories.
CAPRICORN works hard. His ambition will bring him to the Top!
AQUARIUS works hard for humanitarian causes and to have a social significance.
PISCES works hard ?? to create magic, music, or art.
Of all the Signs I see Virgo as the most selfless! All that work, all that drive toward perfection is for the sole purpose of being of service to others or to humanity as a whole.
There is a level of kindness in Virgo that isn’t immediately obvious. Anyone with a strong Virgo component must find something within themselves to perfect. They must find the one thing, perfect it, and offer it for the betterment of the world and their fellow humans.
On this Full Moon we have an open pathway to view the connection between deep spirit, deep mysticism (PISCES) and the need to serve our fellow humans (VIRGO).
Today we are able to see, at least a shadow of our place in this puzzle. Today we can make out the still blurry outline of what it is we have to offer.

Regardless of how large or small it may be, it is a gift. Today we open our eyes and see, we can’t expect crystal clarity as Neptune is busy clouding everything. 
 We are able to make out the outline. For now, that is enough!

 Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and about to join with Mars. This is a day to pay careful attention to, not only our words, but our intentions, and all that lies below the surface.
Watch anxiety or any anger that wants to creep in around the corners we may not be vigilant about.
Let is slip right on by. Don’t hold on, don’t try to control. Just rest and let it go.
A few more weeks with all this PISCES!   REMEMBER… we are learning to understand on a deeper level, and to trust that which is not seen. 
© by Laurie Farrington
February 2013