Uranus and Pluto are heading back into the limelight again!

We are moving into a very active and intense few weeks as we move ever closer to the next exact Square between Uranus and Pluto (May 20th).
Our attention is drawn, or perhaps riveted, to the energy of this combination as it is being activated by Mars, Venus, and the Sun. 
Mars made contact with Uranus last Friday and will Square Pluto on Tuesday, the day before the Full Moon (Libra). Over the next two weeks both Venus and the Sun will follow suit as they make connections with this intensely powerful pair.
As these planets, all in ARIES, move toward Uranus they will activate the energy that is so intensely stretched. They effectively provide us with a graphic preview as they pave the way toward the upcoming URANUS AND PLUTO Stand-off! 
Pay attention, during this time, to our own processes, the stories we hear about the lives of those around us, the local, national, and world news! Look for truths to be revealed, secrets to be uncovered.

Can we feel the intense vibration of power, anxiety, and revolution?  Can we sense the demand for independence, for revelations, the demand for clarity and honesty?

We don’t have to look far to see the clash of energies in the world or in our own hearts. We long for the stability of what we know and yet we require change and revolution. We know that the old order must be brought to an end or we will annihilate ourselves, yet we can’t bare to to face the fear of leaving the past behind.
We want the excitement of moving ahead but are afraid of what is real change will bring. We want to see revolution and yet we are afraid to lose the power we now hold in our own hands.
To deeply understand astrology it is important to realize that each planet is in relationship with every other planet. Each pair of planets goes through cycles of relationship.
Consider about what you know about the Moon Cycle, review that information if necessary.
The current cycle between URANUS AND PLUTO began in 1965/1966 when they came together in a conjunction. The conjunction between any two planets correlates to the New Moon in that it is the beginning of a New Cycle; something new is created at this New Cycle.
Two powerful energies came together in 1965-66 reflecting an amazing birth of new energy in our world and in our hearts. Everything felt new and all things felt possible in the 1960’s! If you were there you remember the power in those years. If you have read your history books you may have some glimmer.
The 1960’s were perfectly reflective of the energies of these two planets. Uranus = Revolution, Pluto = Transformation. The 60’s were born.
Now we are in the First Quarter Phase of the relationship between these two planets.  Always the first Square in a Relationship between two planets brings the issues that were born at the Conjunction to a point of Crisis and a Demand for Action!
Every issue of the 1960 is back on the table, we are clearly at a point of Crisis, all these issues are demanding action and growth.

Let us each put our strongest efforts into our response to these times.  It is time to work toward our future as humans on this planet. 
What can we do to help?
We must each make the effort to be true to ourselves, to be kind to each other, to let go of the patterns we have been stuck in of selfishness and look to where we can be of service.
We must come to understand that in order to help ourselves and the planet we must serve each other. Only in lifting each other do we all reach higher ground.
Let us work to respond to this time of Crisis in a manner that will bring us to a powerful Full phase when Uranus Opposes Pluto in 2046!
If we can work it well this time, I think I’ll try to stay around that long to see the full illumination of this amazing cycle!  I can almost imagine!!