I have not mentioned politics on this page.
I try to stick closely to astrology.
I do, however want to mention a bit about the astrological weather for the day of the election:
#1. Mercury turns retrograde!

(The last time we had Mercury retrograde during an election we were counting chads in Texas and the Supreme Court chose the president).

#2. NEPTUNE Stations

at 00degrees PISCES (turning direct on 11/11). This strengthens our dreams, our faith, our disillusionment.

#3. We would forget at our peril,
the current backdrop of URANUS Square PLUTO.
Now, think about the energy that these outer planets bring to bear on this day that seems so crucially important to all of us.
Consider the ‘hall of mirrors’ aspect to NEPTUNE; the URANUS insistence that we ‘expect the unexpected’; all the while PLUTO plays the role to subvert, to overpower, to empower.
Who knows, and who can teach us how to use power, not only without causing harm, but to uplift humanity!
Saturday, November 3, 2012:
The morning begins with a thick layer of sensitivity surrounding us. MOON ENTERS CANCER & forms a GRAND TRINE with NEPTUNE & SATURN.
Life feels soft, yet workable. We want to sleep late and stay within the cocoon of the lovely dreams we awake with.
If only we could rest in that simple space for the entire weekend! But the reality is that even in the midst of this soft sensitivity we feel the undeniable intensity beneath the surface. We may wish we could avoid that rough edge of intensity, but that is not really an option today!
This afternoon VENUS SQUARE PLUTO and the MOON lines up to form a GRAND CROSS between Moon, Venus, Pluto, & Uranus!
An intense day indeed!
Expect a roller coaster of a day emotionally!
Express yourself fully, be kind and LOVE deeply!

image #1  Freia, the Fair One by Arthur Rackham
image #2  Pandora’s Box Illustration by Arthur Rackham
ca. 1910

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