Understanding Self /Astrology for Teens and Young Adults


A Cosmic Awakening for Teens & Young Adults (age 12 – 21)


Let Astrology help you find your individual path of Truth

Getting to know ourselves and develop true authenticity takes time and attention. The teen years are crucial in this development. 

In today’s world, there is profound pressure on young people. A Recorded Reading offers a unique perspective that will support you in facing the challenges of your life and in better understanding the process of life’s unfolding. 

In this 45-minute Recorded Reading, Astrolore will offer a deep understanding of what astrology is and how your chart/ life is a part of the whole human experience.

True self-understanding is deeply empowering at any age

When I prepare your Reading I take my responsibility very seriously.

We are all impressionable when faced with the information astrology offers. My job is to present the information in a way that builds confidence and empowers your ability to make healthy choices with eyes wide open.

A Recorded Reading will help you understand yourself as both a profoundly unique individual and as part of the community of humanity. 

Following each Recorded Reading, you will be invited to schedule a follow-up meeting to address questions or concerns that you may have. The charts I use will be presented and visible on the recording.

When you sit to listen to your Recorded Reading put your expectations and concerns aside and listen deeply.

Teen Recorded Reading Fee: $150.

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