The maid stood upon the bank as the red ship sailed away from Novgorod

The maid stood upon the bank as the red ship sailed away from Novgorod

The planet Venus relates to issues of love, money, and beauty.  A retrograde planet ”appears” to be going backward in the heavens.
During this time you are called to go inward and gain clarity on what you most deeply value. The retrograde period is not a time to take action, rather a time to clean up past issues in love relationships, finances, and your physical environment.  
Additionally, consider Venus retrograde as a time to determine what it will take to improve how you feel about yourself!
Consider your self-care routines and what brings you pleasure. Think about a new self-image, hairstyle or wardrobe change.
In the meantime, pamper yourself, do a spa day at home, take a walk in nature. Walking in nature naturally offers clear introspection – devoid of real-world distractions.
Evaluate what is working in love and finance, and in the beauty you surround yourself with/ your environment.
Make no big decisions during this period of time; reassess, ponder, go inward, take notes, create a vision board, sit in silence.
Venus may be asking you to:

  • *Consider what internal values are most important to you
  • *Consider what things you value most deeply
  • *Consider who do you value
  • *Consider: are you being valued the way you need to be valued
  • *Consider: are you being paid/ compensated in the way that you deserve
  • *Consider as Venus relates to health: are you taking care of yourself in the best way possible

The time to make decisions around love, money, romance, relationships, health, and beauty will come following the retrograde.
If you want to purchase art, decorative items, or make changes in your environment, if you want to implement beautification projects or take your relationships to a deeper level, do these things after Venus turns direct.
The retrograde period may bring with it bumps in the road. Issues may surface in existing relationships in order to be reevaluated and healed. Hold steady. Learn patience.
A new love may come, seemingly out of nowhere; if so, it may not be of a lasting nature. As the retrograde period comes to an end, that relationship may fade to grey.
During this period of evaluating your relationships, there may be a tendency toward infidelity, of the “grass is greener” variety. This too shall pass. Lovers from your past may also show up once again. Old karmic connections resurface. Lost items may be found. There is a connection to the past while a planet is in retrograde motion.
During this time your relationships may be strengthened, as there is the potential to get to the heart of the issues that bubble to the surface to be healed. This healing can open your heart to Greater Love and more balance within your relationships.

Illustration from "The Russian Story Book" by Frank C. Papé, 1916

Illustration from “The Russian Story Book” by Frank C. Papé, 1916

Issues concerning or challenging your value system, code of ethics, and/or your finances may present themselves to be assessed and perhaps overhauled.
Venus Retrograde puts all the issues regarding your deepest values on a platter and places it right in front of you!
Do not consider any of this as a negative. Venus Retrograde is here to assist you in creating a life that works, that has your highest good in mind, and brings you to a place of living a life you value, surrounded by beauty in your home, with love and abundance flowing all around you.
This is not a great time to begin any new artistic endeavors though it can be a good time to plan and play with new ideas, just not necessarily launching them.
You may find that your style of art and creation changes and morphs into new forms. Evaluating the materials you work with and use this time to discard items that you no longer need or use. Contemplate what is next with sketches and notes.
This will be my idea stage, without action.  Action will come after Venus turns direct.
Certain sticky issues in your intimate relationships may surface in order to evaluate changes necessary in order to move forward. Being conscious in communication to navigate rough seas should you encounter them.
Deep introspection is important to consider all that is related to love and money. Consider what needs to be discarded in order to grow something new.  This is the idea stage, reassessing and getting clear; ready to launch after Venus goes direct.
I am also evaluating friendships. Those that are no longer symbiotic will be evaluated and some will be released.
'Fairy Islands' 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

‘Fairy Islands’ 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

It will be interesting to see where this leads your life in the coming months! This is a wonderful opportunity presented by the planet of love, beauty, and abundance.
When we look back at this period of time we will be amazed, enlightened, stronger, clear and ready for action. You will know what it was all about!
As my friend Tracy says: “Clear Space Make Room for Joy” you’ll be glad you did.