Twelve Benefits of an Astrological Consultation

    • Opens your eyes to an expanded view of yourself and your place in the world
    • Assists you in recognizing your strengths and talents
    • Provides insight into your deepest psychological challenges
    • Illuminates patters of life development
    • Suggests your deepest life purpose and/or direction
    • Exposes the pattern beneath a particular experience or phase of your life
    • Forewarns you of periods of crisis and/or opportunity
    • Deepens our connection to the Universe
    • Enables you to see & accept yourself as a multifaceted person, with meaning and purpose to your life
    • Allows clarity of essence beneath the stories, dramas, and tribulations of your life
    • Allows you to see your potential, your inclinations, your possibilities, your struggles, and your journey
    • Allowing yourself to be seen by the astrologer is an act of courage and a great act of healing

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