Last night while we slept the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. Perhaps we all awoke with the remnants of beautiful dreams!

‘Two Lights State Park’ photo by Sylas Demello

Then, just as the day began the Moon slipped into hard working, perfectionist Virgo. It certainly kicked in our need to get back to work after a long weekend! A few days still remain until Mercury turns direct to support our forward motion, still time to catch up on those loose ends! Clean up our messes, and the messes left behind by others as well!

Today it is important to look at reality without filters, look at your situation clearly. Make assessment of what is needed to bring yourself closer to your ideal in the areas of health, exercise, the general routines of your life and how you are contributing to humanity as a whole.

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Virgo at 6:29AM brings us the opportunity to put changes in these areas into clear focus. Find the routines that will reduce chaos and physical stress. Look at where you can be of useful service to others. The energy of Virgo wants us to perfect ourselves only so we can be of benifit to humanity – not so our homes can be spotless!

The real Virgo trick is to find perfection in the chaos, perfection in all the messy ways that life manifests! When we look at our lives with eyes wide open, allowing things to be as they are, we clearly see what a fabulous mess life really is! How could it be otherwise? Learn to make the best of this reality, find ways to optimize what you have to offer those around you. Discover who you are in the bigger picture.

Tomorrow – 6:29AM – New Moon in Virgo.
Set your plans, your aspirations, make your lists, ready, set – GO!

“Let the Universe Support Your Growth”

Laurie Farrington
Astro*lore – Astrology by Laurie