Ah, I’m back. not sure where I’ve been, but, I’m back.

Church Street photo by Laurie

Rapid transformation continuing. We keep looking for ground under our feet and still only find open space. Work to be okay with that. What looks like solid ground is often deceiving.

Last week on September 8th at 11:44AM Venus moved into Scorpio. This evening at 6:37PM Mars will follow into Scorpio as well. Early this morning Pluto turned direct after approximately five months of retrograde motion.

Relationships have likely moved toward more intensity, passion and drama. Be aware of the tendency toward manipulative energies, toward the demand for all or nothing, in others or ourselves. Power and control issues are common, between partners, friends or co-workers during this time. Address these issues, honestly, in yourself and do not engage with others who try to pull you in.

Pluto’s forward motion is a clear sign to cut out any dead weight in your life, open your eyes and look clearly at what does and doesn’t work, even if you don’t want to see it.

It is time to accept the transformation you have been in the middle of throughout this summer. Let go, it is easier to move forward now.

Venus is about to go retrograde. It’ll be interesting indeed.