Welcome to Scorpio Season with Jennie & Laurie

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The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23nd at 6:35 AM Eastern time.


In this video, Jennie and I discuss what is important for each rising sign to pay attention to during Scorpio Season.

With these timestamps you can go directly to your Rising and Sun signs:

  • Aries: 23:25
  • Taurus: 29:37
  • Gemini: 34:57
  • Cancer: 41:15
  • Leo: 47:12
  • Virgo: 53:50
  • Libra: 59:48
  • Scorpio: 1:07:02
  • Sagittarius: 1:14:27
  • Capricorn: 1:22:20
  • Aquarius: 1:29:04
  • Pisces: 1:35:46


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