Today’s Non-Rational Mind

Tuesday, December 11, 2012:

As we talked about yesterday, Mercury is now in Sagittarius encouraging us to connect with and expand our deepest philosophical beliefs and opinions.

No sooner has Mercury brought our minds to this area of expansion when s/he encounters something that makes us wonder what it is we were thinking anyway.

Something is not as it seems. There is a distortion of information. We may simply feel confused or inspired!

We are lacking a clarity of mind, not aware of the delusion we are in the midst of, or our minds are beyond the rational space we expect and inspired by creativity!

Today MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE at 7:56AM! This will color a few days with the mist of Neptunian fog.

Don’t attempt to make any clear and practical decisions today. Our minds are fully creative and totally without the clarity for rational ideas and plans!

If we are in the midst of writing fantasy, making a film, or any type of artistic endeavor this energy can be highly beneficial! The barriers that generally keep us on a practical line are blurred, we are able to tap into a higher plane of imagination and beauty.

Our minds are highly sensitized and far more impressionable than usual.  Stay away from the practical, go for the illusion!

This is a day to allow ourselves to get lost in music, poetry, meditation, and fantasy.

Maintain an awareness that the rational objective function of our minds is not to be relied on at this time. Given that: Enjoy this energy, used properly it is a thing of  great beauty!

MOON ENTERS SAGITTARIUS this evening and also SQUARES NEPTUNE, bringing our emotions right in line with this distorted, idealized, non-rational manner of thought.

Take the night off from any solid practical endevour.

Indulge your imagination. Write poetry. Take a bath. Watch a film. Meditate. Pray. Love.

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