Enjoy a LEO Full Moon on a Saturday Night!

January 26, 2013:

What luck to have a LEO FULL MOON on a Saturday night!

We think of the phases of the Moon as being about the Moon. The visual of it is so dramatic.  As we watch the changing shape it seems that it really is all about the MOON!

However, what we are seeing is simply the Relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

Let us consider the relationship itself.

The Cycle repeats itself each month, beginning at the New Moon when the SUN and the MOON come together at the same degree of the Zodiac. This is the NEW MOON, the conjunction of the SUN and the MOON. 

Two weeks ago, on January 11th, we began this particular cycle with the NEW MOON in CAPRICORN.

At the time of the NEW MOON, a New Cycle in the Relationship between the SUN and the MOON is born.

Two weeks following a NEW MOON, the MOON has circled half way around the Zodiac and is in exact OPPOSITION to the SUN; this gives us the view of  the FULL MOON. 

Today we come to the FULL MOON in LEO! The SUN is now in AQUARIUS exactly opposite the MOON!

From the time of a NEW MOON until its corresponding FULL MOON we are in a process of building. (Please see more about the lunar cycles in this earlier post)

When we reach the moment of the FULL MOON, the building process is complete. We are now able, and it is now necessary, for us to release the creative energy that has been intensifying throughout the process.

 At the FULL MOON the relationship between the Sun and the Moon comes to Full Expression, Full Illumination!

Releasing creative energy is the purpose of a FULL MOON!

What is it that we have been building toward!? What energy are we ready to release into the world?!


I would love for you to share a FULL MOON story here with us!!!

I remember when I was a child, my dad would take the family on drives during the Full Moon. We would head out far from civilization and enjoy the brightness of the night. Just when we would least expect it he would turn the headlights off and we would drive in the silent light of just the Moon. Even with 5 children in the car, when those lights went off it was totally silent in that car! When the lights came back on we would cheer with sheer joy. In retrospect, it was a deep release of some sort of all kinds of family tension.

Today is a great day to begin a tradition of some kind to mark the FULL MOON’S of our lives!

Don’t forget or underestimate the power and joy of howling at the Moon! Literally.

I know it is cold out… but bundle up and get out there! You will be so glad that you did!

Even if it is winter, a picnic by Moonlight is always a great idea! If you can’t handle the cold, do it right on your living room floor! Open the blinds, let the light shine in and open a bottle of champagne! The Moon will show us all in the sweetest light!

Today we open our hearts in full generosity.

Focus the release of that FULL MOON ENERGY! Get out and DANCE! HOWL!

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