Today Look for Warmth, Generosity, Love & Play!

‘Fire Sky’ photo by Laurie

The past few days may have felt a bit rough as the Moon moved through Cancer. Water – Emotion – A ton of Rain & Moodiness! I wasn’t sure it would ever stop raining! Emotions have been very close to the surface for ourselves and our loved ones… and it is likely that those emotions have not always been rational or well handled!

It is great to have the Moon find it’s way into Leo on a Saturday setting the stage for a more playful & fun evening, night and day tomorrow! Do make sure to keep that drama on the Fun side! Go for warmth, generosity, love & play!

Another bit of excitement today as Mercury contacts electrifying Uranus. Our thinking can’t seem to move fast enough! We feel that must have new ways to stimulate our minds – something new & unusual attracts our thinking or perhaps it is just the day that we must have that new shiny iPod!

New surprising discoveries may come your way today – expect the unexpected!
As we move closer to Venus’ retrograde turn (October 8) keep our minds open to what we are learning regarding fairness, cooperation and diplomacy in all our relationships. We are learning a great deal about how we are in relationships this month as Mercury is catching up with the Sun and Saturn in Libra.

‘Pumpkins’ photo by Laurie

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