Saturn square Pluto is exact, right now, today! We have felt it building for weeks. Now it is time to face the areas of life where deep & lasting change are being demanded. You know what they are! Perhaps you have not wanted to look too deeply at these issues, likely, they are painful. It seems so much easier to keep the status quo, not rock the boat. Consider the boat rocked; there is no going back! We can no longer avoid what we now see – on a universal level, a cultural level or a personal level. Today our emotions and values are further demanding that we look deeply and cut through the walls that we erected, thinking they would protect us from the transformation we are now facing. There is confusion and a layer of fog over our afternoon, however we are blessed with Mercury moving into Sagittarius this evening providing us with the ability to face the future optimistically. Embrace the knowledge that we can move forward joyfully, no matter what Saturn and Pluto demand of us! Do what needs to be done.