Today: Expect the Unexpected!

‘Onion Hearts in Oil’ photo by Laurie
The Moon in Scorpio brings us into a deeper awareness than usual of issues that are below the surface.
Often a day with Moon in Scorpio is a day that we keep our emotions hidden underground. Perhaps the intensity being too much to see the light of day.
However today the energy of Mars is going to ensure that there is more activity above the surface than we may expect as we start our day. Mars comes to a 90 degree square with Uranus today. bringing energy that is unpredictable, vibrant and highly energized.
Expect pressure to be released where it has been held tightly. Restlessness and irritability can lead to impulsive actions as we feel a need to rebel against routine or convention. Expect the unexpected.
Find a way to use this energy! It is explosive, it is excitable and it needs a safe outlet! Something new, something different, go to a place you have not gone before, tap into Energy!
Physical energy or sexual energy will be the best expression to utilize!
Be careful not to fly off the handle, be aware when driving or handling other equipment. Safety first in all things.
Ready or not, tension must be released. However much Scorpio Moon wants us to hide our feelings this aspect between Mars and Uranus will not allow it.
Make it a fun exciting day! Break out of your routines! Do something new! Use the lightning bolt of Uranus well – point it where it will assist in your life and others.
Feel, enjoy and make the most of this electric energy.
‘My Room’ Photo by Laurie, Tye-Dye by Frieda

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