Things Are Not Always As They Appear!

At first consideration it seems a shame that the last few days he is in LEO, MARS spends his time in opposition to Neptune, the planet of dreams, devotion and delusion. Perhaps the way to look at this combination is to consider that we are being asked to use our energy in realms of compassion and sensitivity to the larger human condition rather than keeping the fun and individual creativity (LEO MARS) to ourselves. MARS in LEO OPPOSING NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS points to the necessity of investing our energies to benefit the larger collective of humanity. With this aspect we are able to touch, and use, selflessness, sensitivity and compassion. The energy of MARS, as it touches NEPTUNE, can bring with it great stores of inspiration and devotion, to a cause or an ideal.

During this time, it is suggested that we must also keep our eyes open to the places our integrity may be less than we expect of ourselves. Watch the places where we may unconsciously behave in a highly habituated manner. Be clear of our intention in a situation and watch how our behaviors may not meet our highest standards. It is important to get to know our own minds and train them diligently!

MERCURY AND VENUS, EACH IN SAGITTARIUS can assist in keeping us alert to the ethical implications of any issue we are involved in. Do not make promises or commitments lightly under this influence.

With NEPTUNE standing still, about to go direct, we are all likely feeling a bit dreamy and disconnected. Particularly if you have planets around 26 – 30 degrees of FIXED SIGNS (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) you will want to stay away from all drugs and alcohol as it is too easy to become confused, bewildered and look for escape routes. The same energy can be utilized in imagination, sensitivity or mystical inspiration.

Chose new friends and acquaintances wisely during this time…. things are not always as they seem. Lay low for a few more days. Read poetry and listen to music. Make no promises, sign no contracts. Wait for the air to clear!

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