Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Today we open our eyes to a deep powerful beauty that is possible for us to encounter as we face major destruction/transformation in our lives. We are able to find immense power and value in the process of decay.
I am not speaking of the death of these human bodies we reside in (we will save that topic for another day).
There are many deaths that we face in preparation for that ultimate ending. We face the death of pets we have grown to love, the death of self image as our lifestyle changes in unexpectedly abrupt ways, the death of relationships we truly thought would last throughout our lives, and yes, the physical death of parents, friends, and loved ones.
In all of these instances we experience the intense pain of death, and through these experiences we learn to welcome the new birth that invariably follows.
Our lives are constantly changing and we must accept the changes just as we must accept the process and the cycles of life and death.
Without major transformation, or the finality of death there would be no space for new growth, for new life. We are clearly aware of this fact and yet when we find ourselves facing the immense power of mortality, or the loss of something or someone so vitally important to us, it is not so easy to embrace it’s reality.

We struggle mightily to accept the inevitable!
And yet, ultimately, most of us are able to come to that point of acceptance, and once we reach that point, we may even be willing to open to the utter beauty in the cycles that bring such transformation.  
The beauty of what is new in our lives is only possible because of the reality of endings and death.

All of life and all planetary pairs go through the same cycles:

Birth – Growth – Full Expression – Release – Death.

Today VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO.  The Goddess of Love embraces the Lord of Darkness.
This is a passionate encounter! We go deeply into passion, love, obsession. Venus brings her special brand of love and beauty to the intense transformational energy of Pluto.
Perhaps today Passion will find us. Secrets may be revealed. We may stumble upon a way to open a door of trust. 
Today a new cycle begins. Pay attention. Trust your own inner voice of passion and love.  What is done is gone, it is time to let go in order to welcome the new.
Today we end the cycle between Venus and Pluto that began a little over a year ago. Consider what began in December 2011, a crisis likely occurred in February 2012 regarding the growth of what had begun, then we saw the full expression of the cycle in August 2012, and began to release the issue in November 2012.

Look carefully at these dates. Go check your calendars and journals. let me know if you see a clear example of how this worked in your life.  For me it speaks of the growing illness, death, and ultimate release of my father and of  my role as a daughter and a sister as I had played those roles throughout my life. The process is now complete and I am ready to begin a new intensity of viewing life, love, and beauty.

What was your situation in December 2011? What power dynamics were begun at that time in relationship?  Perhaps for you the cycle was focused on finances, resources, or wealth? What issues of relationship, love, sexuality, money, or resources have been through the cycle of birth, growth, expression, and release over the past year?

What has now been released?  What has been boiled down into seed form to be replanted and is now beginning in a new form?
Under this influence we may connect very deeply with others. Go ahead open your heart. Allow vulnerability. A broken heart is a tender heart. Compassion does not grow without a depth of suffering.
Begin the Cycle again. Discover once again the transformational power of love!