The Tide Has Turned – Time To Move Ahead!

Yes! MERCURY has turned DIRECT (yesterday – Tuesday, at 9:42PM). It will take a few days before s/he is in full motion, but the tide has turned. The next few days will be spent adjusting to the view as Mercury re-acclimates to it’s forward motion.

All the ‘things’ (projects, relationships, purchases, conversations, announcements) we have been putting off, are now ready for consideration. Many ‘things’ have vied for our attention in the past weeks and it will now begin to be clear which need to be put aside, and which need to be moved onto the “to do” list!

MERCURY IS IN SAGITTARIUS, and with the forward motion, will now bring our thoughts and ideas to new levels of questing for knowledge, truth and philosophical expansion! Now that our ability to communicate begins to move more freely we can open our minds and enjoy new understanding as we are able to listen and share more clearly with others!

The MOON ENTERED LEO last evening as well, after several days of swimming through the emotional waters of Cancer. In Leo we move away from the protective, sentimental connections of Cancer and into more creative, expressive and exuberant displays of love and relationship.  We want to be appriciated, we want to express a vital playful energy.  We want to love and be loved without reservation!

Enjoy the simplicity of the next few days.  Enjoy the flow as communication begins to open again with the direct motion of Mercury.  Notice how it is becoming easier each day to articulate your thoughts, to speak, reason and explain your ideas. Notice how clarity is returning in our observations and perceptions.  Enjoy the ability to open our minds and allow the communications to flow freely!  Speak what needs to be spoken.  Say what needs to be shared.  No holding back.  No need to hold back now!

Enjoy. Love. Freedom!

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