Saturday, November 10, 2012:

Yesterday was a lovely day with a great deal of energy and space in our lives for cooperation, diplomacy, and simple enjoyment of beauty and love. It was a day designed for lovers and for all types of friendly positive connections between ourselves and those around us.

We wake this morning riding the wave of that lovely energy which was brought to us by VENUS TRINE JUPITER!

The issues and enjoyment of sensual pleasures, beauty, and general goodwill stay with us this morning and are enhanced by the MOON ENTERING LIBRA while we slept!

Get out into the world and connect with others. Go to a beautiful space for breakfast this morning; go to a museum or a garden. Find beauty in nature, in art, or in loving human connections.

This afternoon brings potentially rough issues that can’t be avoided. The beauty, the love, the connections that have been made, could possibly awaken some questions that may have laid dormant for some time. Perhaps we become aware of past wounds that are seeking resolution. MOON OPPOSE URANUS, MOON SQUARE PLUTO

Let’s agree NOT to sweep these issues under the rug, but please, let’s also NOT engage them with anger or upset. Keep our eyes open and remember that everyone has a very different perspective on all the important issues of life!

We may encounter a disconnect, or a deep anxiety between our self and someone else this afternoon. We could use this as a very valuable opportunity to attempt to deeply understand someone who thinks and sees the world through a very different filter than we do.

How another person sees and experiences the world is not a threat!  It is not our job to change or judge the other person. The very best that you can do is to understand that they, like yourself, are doing the best they can to be happy and to avoid suffering. Work hard today on respecting the right of everyone to hold the opinion that resonates with them due to the experiences they have encountered in this life.

None of us want to be judged by others for our beliefs or how we live our lives! Today we get to practice how this works in our real world.  Today let’s work to understand someone who seems very foreign to us. Really try to understand, deeply. It could change our lives!