Saturn and Uranus face off in opposition today, the 3rd in a series of 5.
(24 degrees Virgo – Pisces)
With the first of this series of oppositions happening on November 4th, 2008, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.  The second, during February  of 2009, demanded that we face the unfolding disaster of our economic system.
We watch now to see what the rest of this series of oppositions will bring. Curently we have the Health Care Reform to watch, the potential conflict with China and many other political and social instabilities in every corner of our planet.

Let us think about what an opposition means and what it calls forth in us, what it requires from us, personally and collectively.

Many years ago, I read (I don’t remember the author) a metaphor for an opposition that has stuck in my mind.  Let us imagine ourselves standing in our home – hearing a knock at the front and back door at the same time.  How do we make the decision of which door to answer?  Do we ignore the back door bell because we only want to see the person we think is at the front door?  Do we answer the back door because it is closer to where we are standing and then forget that there was a knock on the front door?  Do we ignore both and hide in our room because we imagine there will be conflict that we don’t want to deal with?  What if we go to each door, one at a time and invite each guest to sit at the table together?  What if we approach the situation with open curiosity, no matter how confrontational our guests may be?
This particular opposition between Saturn and Uranus happens every 42 to 45 years.  It is important that we not underestimate the importance of this occurrence to each of us individually and as a human family!
The last time this occurred was from1964 through 1967.  These were amazingly significant and intense years.  What are the similarities now to this last Saturn – Uranus opposition?  The sparring of the conservative and the liberal factions of the culture were certainly as intense then as they are now.  The issues of militarization, social issues, human rights issues, are parallel in 2009 to what they were in 1966 and in some inexplicable way, there is a ‘feeling’, a sense of being, which is amazingly similar!  Certainly there were other astrological factors involved at that time (as there are now), but the Opposition between Saturn and Uranus were a huge part of the experience of the 1960’s.
Once again, we watch as the culture polarizes.  Change has been pushing on the status quo with ever increasing intensity.  It is hard to remember what the world was like even two years ago.
It is easy to jump on the band wagon, the one that naturally aligns with our thinking, to be passionately committed to that one side.  We forget that there is an equal humanity on the other side, even though we may not understand their values and ideals.  It seems to be human nature to make ‘the others’, those we do not agree with, into the enemy. We preach to the choir, we become self righteous, we know our side in the conflict is right and the other side is wrong!  I wonder however, about the wisdom of negating the side we most naturally disagree with.
To grow, to move forward we must look at each side in any confrontation, we must invite both guests to the table and listen to what each is saying.  We must, in turn, look each other in the eye and find a way to acknowledge where we are in agreement and look deeply for an understanding and acceptance of the areas where we are in total disagreement.

We must come to an understanding of the humanity behind the issues, to understand that each side holds a separate part of human understanding and the human condition, really just opposite sides of the same coin, of the same issue.  Each side is equally afraid of losing something that is dear and important to their survival and the survival of those they love.

Respect must be given to both the wisdom of stability and the necessity of change.  We must listen, understand, respect and continue to move forward.
Fear is a powerful force that keeps us all stuck, unable to move forward.
The new versus the old, it is all about fear, fear of losing security (Saturn), and fear of change (Uranus).
We must come to understand where we stand, in our culture and in our personal lives.  As Saturn and Uranus oppose we must accept that what was, is no longer.  We have no choice but to change.  No matter how frightening it may be, the past is left behind.  Uranus is the principle that blasts open doors no matter how hard we may try to hold back the force.  It is the blinding flash of electrical power that leaves the past in shatters.  There really is no looking back, no going back.  Everything now must be rebuilt anew.
Saturn represents the Old (the past, stability), Uranus represents the New (the future, change), as such Uranus ultimately has to win – it is the energy that brings the future into being.  However, we must not underestimate the resistance, within the culture or within ourselves.
The dates of this occurrence this time around (note that the first was on the US election day!):
* November 4, 2008 – 18 degrees mutable
* February 5, 2009 – 20 degrees mutable
* September 15, 2009 – 24 degrees mutable
* April 27, 2010 – 28 degrees mutable
* July 26, 2010 – 0 degrees cardinal
If you are going through major changes in your own life that fit the archetypes of these planets, there is a good change that this opposition is occurring in connection with personal planets or angles in your own horoscope.
Are you at a crossroad, feeling the need for major change and yet experiencing great resistance externally or internally?  Are you looking for a new perspective? Are you struggling to accept your life or do you need to find the strength to make radical changes?
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