Wake up, heat up, rise up
Gather your resources around you

Fire by Astrup Jonsokbål via wikicommons

Fire by Astrup Jonsokbål via wikicommons

Build a fire in your yard, in your hearth, in your heart
Watch the flames leap up, torching the kindling of last winter’s debris
Using the detritus to make a new beginning
The energy of the newborn, demanding to survive
Demanding to move forward in this world
This is the energy of spring
The revitalization by the all-powerful Sun, beginning to heat the soil at our feet
Calling the green kingdom to life
Seeds deep in the dark, softening soil, hear the call
Feel the heat
Rouse out of transformational slumber
To crack open the hard shell of winter, trusting, begin
To extend the root into the mother soil
To extend the green finger of life towards the light above
A struggle
A survival
The warmth and fire of existence
Mobilize, activate, stride forwards
Into the first phase, as the Earth Mother calls us to
Wake back up to new possibilities.
Here in New England, the Sun graced us with a warm, optimistic presence for the Vernal Equinox, igniting an inner stirring deep down in my roots. I spent the day meandering through the leafless yet promise-filled woods, before returning home to rebuild the stone wall around the fire pit. Using last year’s fallen debris for fuel, I built a robust, spirited fire in the circle.
The Equinox (for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere) is when the Sun finds zenith over the equator on its steady journey northward. From this northern perspective, the Sun is just peeking over the curve of the Earth to light up the muted landscape. Cultures that straightforwardly revere the Earth consider this a natural starting point for the new year. It makes sense, doesn’t it?
One of the things that I love about Astrology is its commonality. Truly, it is a rich, descriptive, deeply layered language that weaves together strands of art, storytelling, origin mythology, and our connection to the planet. It compellingly reminds us about our natural heritage in connection to the Earth.
The Western culture, in its linear and patriarchal-based paradigm, tends to ignore the truth of our human requirements for the cyclical and relational aspects of being. Astrology links us directly to the concept and reality of cycles in multiple ways, starting right off the bat with the seasons. It honors the seasons, announcing the Spring Equinox with the entrance of the Sun into Aries. Aries, that most vigorous of fire signs, is the cardinal energy of mobilizing resources, starting new things, and the activation of the seeds in the Earth. This is why Aries depicts the original story of survival.
Fire on Riverbank by Astrup Jonsokbål via Wikicommons

Fire on Riverbank by Astrup Jonsokbål via Wikicommons

In Greek mythology, we recognize Ares as the god of war. But not necessarily war in the violent, power-over sense, but in the sense of gathering and advancing active forces. We need this archetype to rise up against all that is unjust. We need it for the revolution of peace, kindness, and compassion.
Take all your Aries energy and channel it onto your mediation mat, into your garden, into your community circle. Feel the effort, love, and energy this takes. Use this time as a starting point, a time to motivate and take some kind of action. Go outside and build a fire.