Everyone wants to discuss MERCURY RETROGRADE!
But first let’s consider the GRAND TRINE forming today in the cosmos! 
THE SUN (CANCER), SATURN (SCORPIO), AND NEPTUNE (PISCES) are all in WATER SIGNS and making 120degree aspects (Trine) to each other.
Today we find ourselves in a flow of deep emotional energy.
CANCER brings us to thoughts of home, family, comfort, tenderness, and protective love. The deep energy of CANCER offers healing through love.

This creates a free flow of emotional energy. We are contained within this space of our own emotions and deepest feelings.
Between Mercury’s retrograde and the containment of this Water energy, today is not the day to attempt to express our emotions outwardly.
This is a solid time of internal processing.
We look to the past for comfort and security.  We want to understand the source of our emotional habits; the patterns that connect us to the past and to our ancestors.
In early Spring there were a number of personal planets in Gemini enabling us to stay pretty safely in our heads; no need to look at those, sometimes, messy feelings!
On May 31st Mercury entered Cancer, followed by Venus, the Sun and now, today, JUPITER!
The focus further expands from thinking to feeling; from our minds to our hearts.
JUPITER’S stay in CANCER will last a little over a year!
During this time there will be no mistaking the focus on family, home, comfort, and deep emotional connection.
During this influence we may notice how we comfort ourselves with food. Watch the tendency to over-eat as a way to feel safe and loved.
The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was between July 2001 – August 2002. If you can go back to a journal of that time it may be a good reminder of what Jupiter in Cancer brings to your personal emotional table.
Jupiter likes his/her time here, as the sign of Cancer provides the setting for expansion of love and caring.
During the coming weeks you may want to explore your old jewelry boxes, files of old letters, and those dusty cookbooks left behind from grandparents or other ancestors.
I will be sending out a separate post on Mercury Retrograde tomorrow!