‘Carriage Shadow’ Photo by Laurie

Okay, so this is the week. Finally, Venus is turning direct after 6 weeks of retrograde motion. Whether we have been aware of it or not, we have been waiting and yet now that the time is within sight, what have we learned? Have we given clear consideration to the issues of Venus?*(see below) Are we ready to move forward? Do we have the slightest idea the direction we are about to move in? The clarity is not with us yet. There are still a few more days to dwell in this uncertainty. A few more days to work on keeping our eyes and our hearts open to what we need to see.

Can we expect that the questions will suddenly answer themselves in the moment that Venus turns direct (Thursday, November 18th 5:17:36PM)? Perhaps these questions been answering themselves all along? Have we been willing, or ready, to listen? Do we believe that we are strong enough, courageous enough to take the path that is insisting we look it in the eye? Are we so weak as to be enslaved by the path we have followed for all these years without finding lasting satisfaction?

In these last few days of Venus’ retrograde cycle, we still have the opportunity to look directly in the eye of the question at hand.

What do we value most dearly? What is worth the focus of a lifetime?

Shortly after Venus turns direct it is opposed by the Moon in Aries (1:32AM Friday, November 19th), bringing courage to our aid. We each have an idea of the choices that are ahead of us. We may not want to make them, but in one manner or another, they must be made. Always remember that the lack of a choice is, in fact, a choice.

Our choices of who, and what, we focus our attention on determine the path of our lives. Our deepest values are in question here. It is not an easy path we are being asked to follow. We must make our choices with an awake, alert mind. Our minds are always focused on something. It is ultimately our choice where we place that mind.

We can close our eyes, close our minds, take the easy path, knowing it will have the same results… those ruts become so deep over time, it is hard to find our way back. The Moon in Aries as Venus turns direct brings courage. The courage to face fear, alone – to look it in the eye, to allow that fear to rise, so fast and strong – and to allow the courage to swells from below.

Perhaps now you could open your heart as a Warrior, place your mind exactly where you want it to dwell and move forward with Courage into the life you know is yours to live.

Happy Venus direct…. very soon.

*issues of Venus:
ability to form partnership
personal values

‘Couple Shadow’ – Photo by Laurie