The Expansion of Jupiter (turning retrograde) Seeks Meaning

Rays of Jupiter Striking Phaeton

Rays of Jupiter Striking Phaeton


Let’s talk about Jupiter!


Jupiter is a large, jovial, happy-go-lucky character with expansive and impressive reservoirs of faith, optimism, and humor. Keep in mind that Jupiter constantly seeks meaning.


Jupiter spends 12 years moving through the zodiac; therefore spending approximately one year in each Sign. As the planets moves from one Sign to another, they change their style, presentation, and their manner of dress; they change how they function in our lives and in relation to the other characters (planets) on the playing field.


A Planet entering a new sign remains the same Character, but with a different agenda, and a different way of showing up in the world and in our lives.


Last July Jupiter left the nurturing world of Cancer behind and entered the fiery world of Leo. Jupiter put his/her apron away and put on her/his most glamorous finery; ready for drama and FUN!


Great Red Spot of Jupiter

Great Red Spot of Jupiter

I clearly remember a day in mid July telling a friend that I was ”done making myself small; done being quiet and polite”.  Although with 6 planets in Leo was I ever small, quiet, and polite? Probably not, but as Jupiter moves through Leo everything expands! We won’t mention the 8 – 10 pounds I’ve gained!


Leo demands expression. During this time we watch the expansion of creativity, drama, and generosity. Where is Leo is in your horoscope? Where did you begin a great expansion approximately five months ago?


Today, December 8th, Jupiter turns retrograde. Slow down the excitement, Jupiter must rest and we must examine where we find ourselves. A great deal has changed in the course of this time.


Are things in this area of your life growing too quickly? Have you taken on more then you can manage, are you trying to change too much, too fast? Have you overlooked something important? Remember that the other part of Jupiter is the need for ‘Meaning’!


Detail of Triumphant Jupiter from the Salon of the Muses in the Villa Medici in Florence

Detail of Triumphant Jupiter from the Salon of the Muses in the Villa Medici in Florence

For the next four months as Jupiter appears to move retrograde we have the opportunity to re-examine, and get a more solid perspective. Jupiter, still wearing his/her regal attire goes back to re-examine the path we have been traveling. It has been fun but now we must find the meaning, the deeper value of this expansion. We take the time now to determine the deeper meaning of this area of largeness in our lives.


It is time for us to contemplate the area of joyful play and how it provides a pipeline into the deepest meaning of our lives. It is time for us to find profound meaning in our pleasure and full expression.


On April 8, 2015 as Jupiter turns direct we will be ready to move forward with more understanding and confidence. If we succeed in seeking out and developing deep philosophical meaning and wisdom in this area we will blast forward at that time with deep joy and greater meaning in our lives.


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