By now we have all seen the pictures of today’s Venus transit.  This is a spectacular and rare event that has everyone sitting up to take notice.
Although Venus comes to the same degree as the Sun each year, it is a rare occurrence for this to happen in such a way that it is seen from earth in a manner similar to an eclipse.
The last time this occurred was in 2004 and will not occur again until 2114. It is unlikely that we will be here to witness another such event.
Because of Venus’ orbit, the visible transits of Venus happen in pairs separated by 8 years, with the following pair between 105 and 122 years later. The last pair occurred in 1874 and 1882.
There is no doubt that this is a beautiful event! However! I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but I don’t expect a return of The Goddess. I don’t expect love to suddenly fill the air and cure the ills of our societies and cultures.
This is a period of such incredible intensity, transformation, and upheaval! The upcoming square between the giant planets of transformation, URANUS AND PLUTO has it’s first exact ‘hit’ on June 24th! 
I believe that this summer is the game changer! This is a time that we will be changed by, in ways that we are only beginning to conceive of. This is a time that we will look back on in awe.
URANUS brings revolution, ‘fingers in the electric socket’ type of energy.
PLUTO brings transformation; destruction followed by rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ash.
The Square between these plants is upon us. This period of time, colored by these forces, will not pass away quickly. We will work with these energies in our culture and in our selves for the next three years and will be assimilating the results of, for may years to come!

There is much work that must be done to bring positive change on the heals of the transformation we are encountering.
My hope for this Venus transit is simple. I hope that this occurrence will shine a light on the need for more compassion and more love in each and every one of us.
With the major changes that are imminent in our world the greatest need we have will be to care for each other. To help where we are needed and to love each other without condition. To see fully and completely that we really are all in this together.
That is my simple hope for this Venus transit. Perhaps that is the return of the Goddess after all.