The Cycle of Life: Reality

As we watch our lives reflected in the movement of the planets against the back-drop of our horoscope, we finally stop cursing our fate. We begin to perceive the inevitability of the cyclic nature of life.

Our lives proceed no differently than the cycles of the Moon!
Birth/Crisis/Challenge/Fulfillment/Teaching /Decline/Letting go/Death

We respond to these cycles in our lives as though the circumstances of our lives were under our control and deeply personal. We are elated when things go the way we desire. We are deeply offended when when the tide turns against us. As our perspective widens we begin to understand that the cycle is simply the REALITY of the cycle of LIFE.  

There is nothing personal about this cycle. It is just: REALITY.

As we accept and become accustomed to the inevitability of the cycle of life and death we are able to relax our grip. We understand, and over time, even begin to see the deeper beauty in this cyclic adventure. We also see that we truly are all in this together.

Our understanding brings a very deep compassion for the other creatures (human and otherwise) that we share space on this planet with! 


Friday, November 2, 2012:

The only exact aspect in the heavens today occurs very early this morning. The MOON still in GEMINI OPPOSES MARS in SAGITTARIUS.  

This is an uncomfortable transit during this time just before the US presidential elections as it ramps up opinionation and anger.

Avoid confrontation unless you are in a situation that you are clear you want to ‘go there’. Best to keep your opinions to yourself if you are at work or the grocery store!

In all situations today we can expect an edginess in our conversations. Say what needs to be said, but watch the edge of anger and the tendency to think that our opinions are the only ones that matter.

Listen to what others say without judgement. It may surprise you to learn that they simply see the situation from a different perspective. Perhaps neither one of you is ‘wrong’! 

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