As the movement of planets shift our moods and circumstances day by day, and we can almost forget the powerful, intense energy of the slower moving transformational planets that are driving the deep changes in our culture, our world, and our personal lives.
As URANUS AND PLUTO square off against each other our lives go along. Are we aware of the battle raging around and within us?
Depending on how the transits are encountering our individual horoscopes, we may feel the battle going on within our gut, our spirit, our circumstances, or we are simply observing it in the lives of others!
We live in a time of conflict, grave uncertainty, and our own personal anxieties. We instinctively know that there is no turning back, that whatever changes we have seen will continue moving us in a forward direction. Life will never lead us back to familiar territory.
Despite the uncertainty and turmoil we understand that the changes at hand are important, even necessary, for the survival and upliftment of humanity’s future.
We continue to live our very personal and individual lives: we love, we bear children, we work to conquer our fears and to open our hearts, to learn to understand self and others, and simply continue to put one foot in front of the other.
On a personal level you may wonder what happens, in our very real lives, when these planets (Uranus and Pluto) impact a personal planet or vulnerable area of your horoscope?
There are so many factors, so many personal circumstances that come together to determine the outcome of these times.

There are several things we can be sure of: change, disruption, empowerment, changing directions, and new opportunities.

A great question to ask is: Do we know when to fight against the changes and when to surrender to them? Learning this discernment is an important place to begin.
I think about the struggle to Free Tibet that so many Americans have involved themselves in over the years. How horrible that such a sacred country was lost to its people, that so many gentle souls were killed, scattered, and suffered such unimaginable hardships. From our perspective there could be no possibility of a joyful or meaningful outcome.
Now, many years later, we see the another result of that horrible genocide. Without that heart-wrenching tragedy, Tibetan Buddhism would never have come to the west in the manner that it has. Spirituality in America has a very different face today because of the atrocities of that time.
I often think of my mother speaking of the horrific abuse she suffered in her childhood as a positive thing. Due to the suffering she encountered, as an adult she was able to connect with women and girls who needed her understanding and compassion. Her heart of compassion was opened by her suffering. It is hard for us to understand when we are going through traumas that there may be a very beautiful outcome.
Perhaps that is the silver lining we hear about!

“Pain in life is inevitable but suffering is not. Pain is what the world does to you, suffering is what you do to yourself. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” ~ first noble truth of Buddhism

Are you ready to gain some insight into how these planets are affecting you? Are you ready to get a new perspective on what is happening in your world, your life, your circumstances?

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