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During Eclipse Season we must rethink and reconsider our normal Full and New Moon rituals. Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in perfect alignment. This occurs between two and four times each year.

We need to talk about eclipses

Think about what the eclipse actually means. This alignment creates a situation where the light of the Moon (during the lunar eclipse) or the Sun (during a solar eclipse) is obstructed. Thus, the power of the cycle is compromised.

The luminary involved (Sun or Moon) is in the other’s shadow and is not functioning as it usually does

Generally, New Moon and Full Moon rituals are a great way to stay connected to the lunar cycles. However, the Eclipses bring very different energies. Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in perfect alignment. This occurs between two and four times each year. There are two types of eclipses. Lunar eclipses happen during a Full Moon and Solar Eclipses happen during a New Moon. Eclipses generally come in pairs and we refer to these times as Eclipse Season.

Rethink your usual Full Moon and New Moon rituals during Eclipse Season

During an eclipse, there is the potential for swift developments and intense periods of growth. Look at your own natal chart to determine what house and at what point the eclipse falls. If it falls at a particularly sensitive point (conjunct a personal planet or angle) watch for the eclipse to impact you directly related to the planet or point involved. If it does not fall at a sensitive point, you may be off the hook for major change. You may not be able to count on that so do take note of any unexpected revisions in the area of life suggested by the house placement over the coming months.

Unanticipated occurrences in your life during these times are pulling you toward a realignment with your truest path forward. These turning points can be chaotic, destabilizing, and challenging.

Hold off on your rituals during eclipse season.

Try a more passive wait-and-see observational approach. Allow the energy of the eclipse to move you without interference. Instead of pushing your own agenda by performing a ritual, stay open and curious about where the universe is taking you. Do a tarot spread, journal, meditate, take a walk in the woods. Stay open to the energy of self-reflection, allow the universe to move you.

Take time to stabilize yourself exactly where you are, listen to the messages that come rather than trying to direct your future.


Today’s Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees of Taurus and is exact at 3:58 AM EST. Adjust for your time zone.

Full Moons offer a time of illumination, a time of celebration as we reach the pinnacle of the cycle that began six months ago and the shorter cycle that began two weeks ago. Think of the Full Moon as the apex of two cycles, look for what connects the two. Because this is also an Eclipse. Hold off on the celebration. This is a time for observation and allowing.

In the monthly lunar cycle, the Full Moon brings us to the illumination of what began two weeks ago at the Scorpio New Moon on November 4th. Regarding the larger cycle consider this the point of awareness from the Taurus New Moon on May 11, 2021.

In reading these small morsels of information, read the one for your Rising Sign and your Sun Sign
  • If you have Aries Rising this Full Moon falls in your 2nd House, illuminating the need to build your resources and self-worth with calm, steadfast, patience.
  • If you have Taurus Rising this Full Moon falls in your 1st House highlighting the need to express your personality with unflappable serenity.
  • If you have Gemini Rising this Full Moon falls in your 12th House illuminating an unconscious depth of immovable tranquility.
  • If you have Cancer Rising this Full Moon falls in your 11th House, highlighting your ability to find harmony, reverence, and beauty within a community of like-minded folks.
  • If you have Leo Rising this Full Moon falls in your 10th House, illuminating your desire to find or create peace and harmony in your place of business, your career, or your reputation.
  • If you have Virgo Rising this Full Moon falls in your 9th House, highlighting the need to develop or honor the simplicity of your worldview and philosophical understandings. Travel to places that offer tranquility, self-indulgence, and serenity.
  • If you have Libra Rising this Full Moon falls in your 8th House, illuminating your quiet acceptance and lack of drama when others have opposing values and beliefs from your own.
  • If you have Scorpio Rising this Full Moon falls in your 7th House, highlighting your desire for harmony, peace, and simple pleasures in partnership with equals
  • If you have Sagittarius Rising this Full Moon falls in your 6th House, illuminating your level-headed, practical, serene approach toward routines and self-care practices that support your physical and behavioral health.
  • If you have Capricorn Rising this Full Moon falls in your 5th House, highlighting the beautiful, quiet, solid manner in which you approach your creativity and your ability to give love to others.
  • If you have Aquarius Rising this Full Moon falls in your 4th House, illuminating the quiet serenity, patience, and harmony you bring or intend to bring to your relationship with home and family.
  • If you have Pisces Rising this Full Moon falls in your 3rd House, highlighting your need and ability to communicate with unflappable restraint and level-headed practicality.

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