In keeping with our exploration of the MOON-CYCLES, here we are again looking up at the beautiful illumination of the FULL MOON, this month in TAURUS!
Two weeks ago, September 27th, we had the New Moon in Scorpio. What seeds did we plant during that time? If we are paying attention, we can now see the results of the effort we have put into supporting the growth of those seeds in the past two weeks.
Now is the time to open our hearts with acceptance and look clearly into the very real results of what we have brought into creation.
There is so much intensity during this time of year, as the SUN moves through SCORPIO our desires for intimacy and passion are deep, oftentimes deeper and more intense than we know how to manage well. As we approach issues of intimacy we may encounter and be asked face issues that we would really rather avoid. The intensity and tension build as we watch the days become short and the darkness close in. Somehow with the TAURUS FULL MOON we sense the stress easing up, we begin to see the value of settling gently into this dark time. Under the light of the FULL MOON we are able to determine if the seeds we planted were free of jealousy, control issues and/or manipulation.  We are able to see if our care for those seeds continued to be free of these influences in the past few weeks. If our motives were clear we can now rest in the simplicity of Taurus. If we were motivated by our need to control others it will be abundantly, and unhappily, clear!
The TAURUS FULL MOON  gives us permission to rest in simple reverence for sensual and earthy pleasures. Let the complexities wait. If we planted our seeds with love, if we watered and cared for them with great depth and sincerity , now we will enjoy the strength and stability of what has emerged.
The result may not have the luster or passion that we thought we were looking for, but the depth of comfort and earthy sensuality has far greater value than we may initially understand. If we look around we can see that this world is in need of  simplicity. Let it start today with us.