Saturday, November 17, 2012:
MARS ENTERED CAPRICORN last night! This brings a major change in our energy level and the seriousness of our approach to what we are working to accomplish.
Yes, I know, Mercury is still retrograde! Did you make that list we talked about? If not, take time to do that now! With Mars in Capricorn we can get a lot of serious issues off our to-do list.
As a matter of fact we may feel like a dog with a bone right now as we move toward a goal. No one will stop us! Nothing will stand between us and what we want. That is MARS IN CAPRICORN.

It is also a good idea not to stand in the way of someone else’s goals or desires at this time!
Again, remember! Don’t start anything new! There are plenty of projects still unfinished on that list! How great is it going to feel to cross them off! With this energy we can get a great deal done!
MARS will be in CAPRICORN until December 25, 2012!

MERCURY (RETROGRADE) THE SUN AND THE NORTH NODE all gather at 26degrees of of SCORPIO today. The powerful light and heat of our SUN shines on our thoughts and the direction we are moving them in.
Be aware of  all communications today. Observe what your mind is resting on and working toward! Don’t let your mind wander unconsciously.

Keep eyes open for mysterious, compulsive, or dark thoughts, communications, or issues that may be revealed. Look around and within; mind and heart. What is hidden? Where are the secrets?
Reveal what needs to be revealed. It is always best to air our own dirty laundry rather than having it brought to the table by someone with an ax to grind.
If we have secrets that would extract a high cost were they to come to light, you can be you can be pretty sure they will come to light. Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but Saturn’s movement through Scorpio will open those windows and allow fresh air in. It will hurt less if you open the windows yourself.
Be forewarned.