Passion, agitation, edginess…. but hasn’t the SUN entered TAURUS? Can’t we have a bit of a rest?!
Even with the SUN having entered TAURUS on Wednesday we continue to be in a time of great abundance of FIRE!  FIRE is exciting, fast, impulsive and often dramatic.
As the SUN moved out of ARIES , VENUS promptly moved into ARIES!  Rather than tearing things down, we may now see a different set of possibilities and begin the process of building… but we still want it done NOW!  Patience is sorely lacking!
With the shift of the SUN into TAURUS we are more able to find a balanced state in HOW we direct our core energy and yet in issues of love,  relationships, values and resources we are suddenly HEATED UP (VENUS IN ARIES)!
VENUS enjoyed her 3 week stay in PISCES but now she is done with quiet times, done with poetry and sweet sensitivity.  In ARIES, VENUS wants our relationships to come alive with passion! No holding back, take that risk that you have been afraid to take, initiate where you would normally wait for another. ARIES is bold and must move forward with courage and assertiveness. This is not the time to hesitate.
On Friday we get an increase in the intensity of this energy as VENUS joins with URANUS!  This throws an unexpected twist into issues of relationship, our personal values and resources.   We may feel the need to begin something new, or relate to someone in a different way than what is expected of us.  We are ready to open to the unexpected, we are willing to surprise ourselves and those around us.  We feel reckless and impatient in love/relationships; we are ready to take risks.  We may find ourselves drawn to people, situations and values that surprise us.  We are attracted to things/people who have been foreign to us in the past.  We possibly feel drawn to those who are from a very different social class,  of a very different age or from a culture other than our familiar one.  If someone new shows up in your life during this time, they could bring great changes to your way of thinking and bring you into a different future than what you have been expecting.  Keep in mind that relationships that start suddenly often end the same way!  So enjoy anything new for what it offers in the present!

Watch for financial extravagance with this placement, it is easy to be reckless regarding your money & resources during this time.  The SUN in TAURUS has such a love and appreciation for things of beauty that we could easily end up with “stuff” that was not a practical purchase!
Also on Friday MERCURY turns and resumes direct motion.  I hope you have gotten caught up on many of the projects and paperwork left over from the past few months.  Now we can feel more comfortable moving into new plans, new projects, getting new ideas on the table.
Get out and enjoy your weekend!  I plan to!  It should be a good one!