The Power of Water to Heal!

A powerful wave of WATER is upon us! 

Early in the week we may have been aware of our mental activity diving into open spaces of sensitivity and deep emotion.


A GRAND TRINE creates a free flow of energy that is overwhelmingly independent! A GRAND TRINE IN WATER brings us to a flow of emotion and sensitivity.

Today we move even deeper as VENUS, now in CANCER moves into place to join the WATER GRAND TRINE.

We have been aware of WATER (emotion) lapping at the edges of our minds, now that WATER (emotion) comes closer, enveloping us on yet another level.  Sensitivity now encompasses our deepest personal values; who and what we love.

Over the next few months Jupiter, the Sun, and finally Mars will bring us into a territory of unprecedented depth and emotion.

We may notice an increase in our need for privacy, we may feel the need to protect ourselves or those we love, but mostly we will experience an increase in our ability to touch upon profound levels of love, compassion, and deeply intuitive connections between ourselves and others.

Boundaries may dissolve and we find ourselves connecting deeply with others and yet we are equally independent and self-contained.

The line between heart and mind, between ourselves and others meld as we reach depths of connection that may surprise us after these past months, and possibly years, of internal coolness and restriction.

There is a space of healing that is opened  with this Water Grand Trine. A free flow of energy that we are welcome to float into.  Engage the flow of Water, allow spontaneous heart healing. Open mind and heart.

Engage all your emotions without judgement.

What emotional patterns have you been fighting for many years to release? At this time you may be surprised at how simply they are able to just slip away!

Deep healing does not always have to involve hard work and determination. Sometimes it is as simple as opening and releasing.

Allow the full power of love, vulnerability, sadness, suffering, healing, release, and compassion. Welcome tears of sadness just as much as the tears of joy!

We have talked so much in recent times of the difficulties and challenges of the ongoing Uranus Square Pluto.

I think we can take our eyes off that stress for a time and simply enjoy this amazing flow of heartfelt emotion and overwhelming love!

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

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~ Laurie