Venus Meets Mars; We Begin Again

Love meets passion; beauty meets aggression; social graces meet survival instincts; attraction meets frustration.

Aggression is softened and diplomacy is energized.

Approximately every 2 years we reach a point in our process when we are given the opportunity to reevaluate our values and our relationships. We begin a new cycle regarding relationship, our considerations of gender identity/awareness, love, passion, beauty, creativity, resources, and pleasure.

We have reached that time once again.

What issues regarding relationship, beauty, personal values, or creativity are requiring consideration and review? Are we contemplating a significant change in our relationship/s? Are we considering the way in which we relate to the people we are in relationship with?

At this new cycle we plant a seed (consciously or unconsciously); over the next two years we must pay attention to, and nurture that seed.

It is important to take the entire cycle of Venus and Mars into consideration. To do so, it is helpful to understand the past cycle in order to prepare for the one we are now entering.

Spring of 2011 (May) was the start of the cycle we are now ending. Were we beginning a new relationship? Had we recently ended a significant one? Were we involved in a consideration of our gender expression? Are we aware of the need to more fully express a more masculine side of our personality? Or perhaps we need to work more deeply with our feminine side. Consider the yin/yang balance of our expression over the past few years.

 Was the most important issue, at that time, less about personal Relationship and more about our relationship to money, resources, or our own creativity?

It is easy to track these cycles if we keep a journal!

If we don’t keep a record of the ongoing trajectory of life we can go back and look at calendars, credit card statements, or other places that will give us clues about what we are up to at different times.

The first crisis point, or demand for action, in their cycle came at the first Square aspect between them in October of 2011. At that time we were faced with a struggle regarding the issue at hand. Action was necessary in order to reach our goal, we worked diligently.

February 2012 brought us to a full expression of the work/the issue we had been engaged in since the beginning of the cycle. This was the Opposition, a time of full illumination! It was clear at that time if the work of the cycle was a success or not.  At this time creative energy is powerfully released. At the Opposition we see the purpose we have been building toward throughout this cycle.

Between April and September 2012 we came to realize that the cycle we had been so engaged in was ready to be assimilated and released. It was clearly time to let go, to reconsider, to spend time alone or to simply contemplate our situation before attempting to rebuild our values or relationships.

And now we begin again!

One of the true values of Astrology is the ability to observe the planetary cycles and to work with them with awareness and objectivity.

All of our lives consist of cycles that begin, grow, release, let go, and ultimately die.

This is the way of life and can be worked with in a deeply conscious manner, leading to deep levels of growth and self understanding.

What are your bringing into life today? What seed of love or change are you planting?

Take the time to consider carefully what seeds are being planted. Honor them; plant them in fertile soil, care for them well and the cycle will progress with deep learning.

The Transformational Power of Love

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today we open our eyes to a deep powerful beauty that is possible for us to encounter as we face major destruction/transformation in our lives. We are able to find immense power and value in the process of decay.

I am not speaking of the death of these human bodies we reside in (we will save that topic for another day).

There are many deaths that we face in preparation for that ultimate ending. We face the death of pets we have grown to love, the death of self image as our lifestyle changes in unexpectedly abrupt ways, the death of relationships we truly thought would last throughout our lives, and yes, the physical death of parents, friends, and loved ones.

In all of these instances we experience the intense pain of death, and through these experiences we learn to welcome the new birth that invariably follows.

Our lives are constantly changing and we must accept the changes just as we must accept the process and the cycles of life and death.

Without major transformation, or the finality of death there would be no space for new growth, for new life. We are clearly aware of this fact and yet when we find ourselves facing the immense power of mortality, or the loss of something or someone so vitally important to us, it is not so easy to embrace it’s reality.

We struggle mightily to accept the inevitable!

And yet, ultimately, most of us are able to come to that point of acceptance, and once we reach that point, we may even be willing to open to the utter beauty in the cycles that bring such transformation.  

The beauty of what is new in our lives is only possible because of the reality of endings and death.

All of life and all planetary pairs go through the same cycles:

Birth – Growth – Full Expression – Release – Death.

Today VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO.  The Goddess of Love embraces the Lord of Darkness.

This is a passionate encounter! We go deeply into passion, love, obsession. Venus brings her special brand of love and beauty to the intense transformational energy of Pluto.

Perhaps today Passion will find us. Secrets may be revealed. We may stumble upon a way to open a door of trust. 

Today a new cycle begins. Pay attention. Trust your own inner voice of passion and love.  What is done is gone, it is time to let go in order to welcome the new.

Today we end the cycle between Venus and Pluto that began a little over a year ago. Consider what began in December 2011, a crisis likely occurred in February 2012 regarding the growth of what had begun, then we saw the full expression of the cycle in August 2012, and began to release the issue in November 2012.

Look carefully at these dates. Go check your calendars and journals. let me know if you see a clear example of how this worked in your life.  For me it speaks of the growing illness, death, and ultimate release of my father and of  my role as a daughter and a sister as I had played those roles throughout my life. The process is now complete and I am ready to begin a new intensity of viewing life, love, and beauty.

What was your situation in December 2011? What power dynamics were begun at that time in relationship?  Perhaps for you the cycle was focused on finances, resources, or wealth? What issues of relationship, love, sexuality, money, or resources have been through the cycle of birth, growth, expression, and release over the past year?

What has now been released?  What has been boiled down into seed form to be replanted and is now beginning in a new form?

Under this influence we may connect very deeply with others. Go ahead open your heart. Allow vulnerability. A broken heart is a tender heart. Compassion does not grow without a depth of suffering.

Begin the Cycle again. Discover once again the transformational power of love!

From The Depths We Choose Expansion

Saturday, December 15, 2012:

Yesterday and most of today the MOON has been traveling through the serious, authoritative, ambitious, and sometimes harsh land of CAPRICORN. Her encounter with PLUTO & URANUS brought us the intensity and power struggles we had to deal with yesterday.

Later yesterday afternoon our minds encountered something unusually intense as MERCURY TRINE URANUS.

Whatever is on our minds at this time is intensely stimulating, bringing to our minds the sense of an electric jolt to our system.

Have you had wild, unexpected insights or unusual conversations? There is still time for this throughout today. What new directions of thought and new cultural awareness are we aware of at this time?

Where are we being asked to open our minds to new insights and awareness?

The universe is requiring that we open our perspective to each other and the world around us. It is time that we more deeply understand the differences and the similarities between us. We each see the world from a very different perspective and yet we each have so much similar within our nature.

If we can truly understand in every cell of our being, how similar we are, it will change us fully. When that awareness is complete we finally understand that there is no space to judge another.

Regardless of the appearance of the situation or how justified we feel in our judgement!

Now is the time to open our understanding of others wider than we ever thought possible, wider than seems wise!

Today the MOON shifts into AQUARIUS at 4:53 PM. Bringing the energy of URANUS to greater heights. We are somewhat detached emotionally; feeling more concerned with the fate of humanity than with the individual.

This is a great evening for social engagement. Consider putting your energy into a community endevour.

Just before midnight Venus, the planet of beauty, love, romance, and cooperation, enters Sagittarius after moving through Scorpio, where she has been since November 21st.

We may have encountered some dark intensity while Venus was in Scorpio. Perhaps we have dealt with obsessiveness and difficulty letting go of situations or relationships that we are aware have not been healthy for us.

Now we will be willing, able, and ready to move to the next phase in that area!

We no longer find the obsession or darkness calling us. We are more interested in freedom and expansion of ideas. We can let go of the darkness and look clearly at what we have learned during our time there.

From the depths of darkness we open outward, heart accepting the next step along the path.

Enjoy the weekend. Gather with others, show gratitude and kindness!

What Is The Most Important Thing?

URANUS brings change we can not prepare for. PLUTO rumbles from below our consciousness. These forces come together to change the world. Earthquake within. Earthquake without.

URANUS AND PLUTO are closing in on the contact that we have been talking about for so long. The astrological signature of this generation. 2012. This week we are having a taste of it.

URANUS SQUARE PLUTO exactly on these dates:

June 24, 2012  – September 19, 2021 – May 30, 2013 – November 1, 2013 – April 21, 2014 – December 15, 2014 – March 16, 2015

These planets move so slowly, this is a total transformation.We have a lot of time ahead to work with, absorb, and help these changes along. During these years, keep a vision of a surfer in your mind. Watch how he/she rides a wave. No panic, only calm, moving toward the huge wall of transformation, intensity, revolution, and upheaval ahead. Learn from the surfer how to approach life during these years.

VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS (Thursday, february 9), SQUARE PLUTO (Wednesday, February 15), brings the energy of the larger pattern of Uranus and Pluto to the foreground this week! We see it coming. It is more intense than we had expected.

Clean and simple, we get to see, within the events of our lives and our culture, this week, a mirror image of the planetary pattern and vise versa. Fascinating times indeed.

Death is close. I help my dad clear out file cabinets full of papers from a well lived life. His realization of letting go. Releasing attachment, all the trappings of a life fully lived, a life that is very close to completion.

“What is the most important thing?”, I asked him today.

His reply: “You really want to know?”


“What is the most important, are the times you make someone else happy. That is what matters most in the long run.”


Finding Joy In Maturity & Responsibility

The MOON WILL BE IN LIBRA until Tuesday morning providing us with the energy to make connections with others. The SQUARE BETWEEN VENUS AND SATURN, which began yesterday is with us throughout today as well, asking that we continue to pay close attention to those areas of relationships that may not be fun but are necessary in order to sustain the love/companionship between the parties involved.

We somehow grow up believing that love and relationship should be all fun, pleasure and passion. We see folks sporting t-shirts and sweatshirts that proclaim “If Its Not Fun, Why Do It?” In a climate/culture that can ask such a question, it is no wonder it is difficult to gain maturity in ourselves and in our relationships!

It seems rather naive to believe that we can function through our lives and only do what is “fun”. It seems equally naive to believe that our relationships can fulfill our needs and yet not demand something from us. It is important that we come to understand our responsibilities toward ourselves and those we love. Self respect is at issue here as well. Don’t we instinctively know that we can not throw others under the bus without ourselves being run over in the process? The sooner we deeply understand that our own fate is intricately tied to the fate of others the sooner we may reach some maturity in our relationships and as a culture.

The connection between VENUS AND SATURN asks that we pay attention to where either our own or a loved one’s needs are not being met. Where is our responsibility to those we love and care about? With Saturn continuing his trek through LIBRA, we continue to ask about our place in supporting our needs and the needs of our partners.

We may have the sense of a cold film enveloping our heart as we struggle against unwanted obligations and responsibilities for the next several days. Rather than trying to escape these difficult feelings, allow space to feel the energy without allowing space for the story that wants to make it someone else’s fault.

In the very core of that heavy feeling of struggle, duty, personal values and love, there is deep wisdom to be found. As this passes we may find the core of kindness that allows lovers and friends to care for each other without resentment but with a true sense of unselfish service and the wish for what is best for the other as well as for the self. Resisting responsibility for others is resiting personal growth and responsibility for the self as well. We really are all in this together!

The VENUS SQUARE SATURN also comes at the perfect time to alert us to the way we are managing our finances during this holiday season. If we are spending frivolously, without caution as though it were 1990, we will likely be experiencing depression and guilt. Our shame will increase as those credit card bills come due. The time is upon us to become aware of the amount of our work lives that are dedicated toward our debt rather than toward our living!! The time is upon us to take responsibility and develop the maturity to confront these issues on a personal and cultural level.

Today the SUN SEXTILES SATURN as well. This is a supportive aspect to what we have just talked about. The warmth and light of the Sun lends its support to the maturity that must, at this time, be developed in our relationships to our loved ones and to our resources and finances. Our lives do not work well if we shirk our responsibilities. Right now we have the support necessary to at least begin to face those responsibilities.

As we head toward the CAPRICORN NEW MOON on December 24th we have a bit of time to make some adjustments in these areas of our finances, our values and relationships. Let’s take a moment today to see what adjustments are possible, make those adjustments and then rest in the knowledge that we have done what is possible and we now proceed forward. Once the adjustments have been made, simply observe, without interference what is now transpiring.

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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