Astrolore’s weekly astrology weather: April 28, 2014 through May 4, 2014

Are you still feeling overwhelmed by the intensification, drama, compulsions, or power struggles of the past few weeks? The Cardinal Grand Cross is now over. If you have been doing the work necessary in your own life, you have probably released a lot of energy that has been holding you in place. Do you feel the ground, and your being, shifting into new spaces? 

The week begins with the Sun and Mercury in Taurus; with the Moon joining them on Monday morning. This suggests a deep need to develop consistency and solid ground beneath our feet. We long for stabilization and steady routines following the past few wild weeks.

However, the Solar Eclipse (and the Taurus New Moon) on Tuesday continues the momentum of change, adding a new twist to the already changing scenery.

Whatever the change these past few weeks has been insisting upon, it is time to allow that deep level of shifting to be accomplished in order to find the predictable comfort that Taurus seeks.

Two weeks ago the Libra Full Moon was also a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are always two weeks apart, one at the Full Moon one at the New Moon. The point between these two events is very often a time when the most dramatic shifts occur.

The Moon begins the week VOC* in Aries, travels through Taurus, Gemini, and ends the week in Cancer. These are the most personal signs. Our hearts connect with our own personal needs. We want what we want; this is a week to consider your own needs and take care of yourself first. We are at the center of our own lives this week.

As Mars and Jupiter pull away from their place in the Cardinal Grand Cross we are ready to move into a deeper connection with the earth and out reverence with her.

Mercury is in high activity mode! This is a week of functioning from logic and thought. We may have occasion to speak up about things we have been previously silent about. We may have the opportunity to expand our thinking or our ability to express the more innovative contents of our minds! We have a great deal on our minds!

On Friday Venus will end her time of happily drifting through the deep silent waters of Pisces and enter into the firey, impulsive, independent space of Aries. Over the coming weeks our values become very clear and we may be called upon to assert our beliefs!

Enjoy this week. It is like a holiday in a park after the past few!

Monday, April 28, 2014:

The week begins with the Moon VOC *in Aries. This has been an very long VOC* period, which began early Sunday morning. The Moon enters Taurus, preparing for Tuesday’s New Moon, at 10:24 AM EDT.  This is a day to practice patience and a deep steadfast reverence for all of life. Consider the importance of slowing down, resisting drama, seeking comfort and deliberate consistency.  With the New Moon tomorrow, we are in the Dark of the Moon. It is important to take the time to go inward and consider what seeds you want to be planting in your life over the next 24 hours. Don’t stop with just the consideration, take the time to get your aspirations down on paper. Formalize your projections for the month. Make a plan.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014:

Tuesday we have a Solar Eclipse along with our Taurus New Moon (9degrees Taurus). The New Moon brings us to a new monthly Lunar Cycle. This is the time that we plant the seeds of what we want to grow over the coming month. Do you know where 9degrees Taurus lands in your horoscope? What do you project for the upcoming month? Where do you want to build and maintain stability, strength, dependability, and reverence?

However, The Solar Eclipse (and the Taurus New Moon) on Tuesday brings one more push to the momentum of change, adding an unexpected twist to the already changing scenery. Eclipses can act as a bit of a wild card. Whatever these past few weeks has been pushing us toward, it is time to allow the change its full expression, in order to reach the predictable comfort that Taurus seeks.

At 1:29 PM EDT Mercury Trine Pluto. Consider back to December 31, 2013. At that time Mercury and Pluto began a new cycle in their relationship. Something very powerful was on your mind, perhaps an important communication or project was in its beginning stage. Now it is possible to clearly see an important element that is ready to push forward into that project or relationship. You can successfully push forward on that situation now.

Do not underestimate the importance of what ever is on your mind regarding this situation. What are you trying to create? Consider carefully, understand the power of your mind, and push forward.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014:

Wednesday begins with the Moon still in Taurus, continuing our emotional need for rest, stabilization, and strength building.

In the morning before we awake Mercury Sextiles Jupiter, suggesting another day of powerful and positive communications and/or work with the mind.  This is an aspect of opportunity and potential. Big and important information may be revealed or exposed.

Our minds and our communications are ready to open and express more belief, empowerment, wisdom and generosity that we ever knew we had access to!  All that we have experienced over these past weeks has enlarged the capacity of our minds!

At 11:54 AM EDT the Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to Venus. The Moon then enters chatty, active Gemini at 4:56 PM EDT.  The afternoon should certainly be a busy one; either in actual activity or within the mind.

There are so many people to talk to, articles and books to read, so much information to absorb and understand.

Your expectations may be high. Be easy on yourself and others.

Thursday, May 1, 2014:

Thursday begins with the Moon in Gemini making contact with Neptune. It may be difficult to get up and out of bed this morning. We may feel sleepy and called back to our dreams and fantasies. However, once we get ourselves moving it will likely be a lively day with friends, new acquaintances, and activities of all sorts.  As the Moon makes positive aspects to both Mars and Uranus it may be difficult to sit still as every cell within us is on alert with heightened perception. Our curiosity level may be restless and quick. Make sure you have some physical activity on your agenda to keep from tumbling into frustration and simple hyped up energy. Go to a lecture, take a class, find others to engage with this evening!

Friday, May 2, 2014:

Friday the Moon is in Gemini VOC* all day! The final aspect was a Sextile to Uranus at 7:32 on Thursday. This is another very long VOC* Moon. After the empowerment and expansion of thinking and planning earlier this week, we come to a bit more reality based information and communication this evening.  At 8:55 PM EDT, Mercury Opposes Saturn. Our conversations, communications, and thinking head to more serious matters. Consider what began at the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn (October/November 2013). What serious issue at hand at that time; were you feeling stuck or restricted in some endeavor?  Now you have a full view of where you thinking at that time has brought you.  If you are not where you want to be on this issue /project, now is the time to make a serious and well considered change in direction.

At 9:20 PM EDT Venus leaves Pisces behind and enters Aries. Venus has been in Pisces since April 5, 2014.Venus loves the soft, sensitive, dreamy, and romantic waters of Pisces. Now as she enters Aries she leaves her flowing scarfs and robes behind and dons her armour and weapons of war.  Our romantic nature may take a very different turn as Venus in Aries does not take ‘no’ for an answer; she is determined and passionate. Venus will remain in Aries until May 28th. Prepare to assertively go after what you want regarding love, resources, or finances!

Saturday, May 3, 2014:

Saturday morning, long before we awake, at 2:13 AM EDT, the Moon enters Cancer. If you have family or loved ones nearby, make plans for a project that will engage everyone. Cooking together is always a good way to spend time with loved ones when the Moon is in Cancer. You could also get out the photo albums and reminisce about those who are far away or no longer with us. This is a day of soft emotional connections to loved ones, home, and the past.

At 8:36 PM EDT the Taurus Sun Trine Pluto bringing power dynamics to the table. This should be able to be managed with just a bit of attention. Each person in your dynamic this weekend is feeling driven to personal empowerment. They each seek individual, vital significance. If you can keep your eyes open and your ego from getting in the way, it can be amazing to see the power expressed in each individual.

Sit off to the sidelines and watch as you empower everyone you encounter with love and kindness.

Sunday, May 4, 2014:

Sunday offers another day with the Moon in Cancer. However, this will be a bit more challenging as the Cancer Moon connects with the ongoing Square between Pluto and Uranus. We may all feel a bit cranky, moody, or defensive early in the day. Don’t take anything personally, particularly in the morning. Later in the day the energies lighten up and by evening all should settle into a simple and gentle time of preparation for the week ahead.

Paintings by: Evelyn De Morgan

ca: 1855 – 1919

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Sun = Aquarius: Week of January 20, – January 26, 2014

This is going to be an abbreviated post. I am simply too preoccupied to do much writing. I am in New Jersey for The Famous Annual Seminar for the students of The Noel Tyl Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology. Noel Tyl is an amazingly powerful teacher, as are many of his students, and the seminar is deeply intense with little time to focus on anything else!

This is a significant week with the Sun entering Aquarius just as the week begins!
On Sunday night, January 19th, at 10:51 PM EST the Sun leaves the serious, matter-of-fact Capricorn world and steps forward into the excitement, innovation, and emotional detachment of Aquarius! This is a powerful shift. The sun will remain in Aquarius until February 18, 2014

Take this period of time to seek out your tribe, to find and develop your truth. This is time to share your ideas and your energies, with others, for the benefit of others. This is a time to bring wild minds together to serve a future goal.

Monday, January 20, 2014:

Pay attention and you will notice the shift on Sunday night as the Sun enters Aquarius! Are you ready to face the responsibilities of the new ideas and innovations that are ready to begin?
As we adjust to the intensely independent and intellectual core energy of the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Virgo allows us to make the shift with a bit of order and stability.
The Moon is in lovely aspect to both Venus and Saturn on Monday, encouraging efficiency and dedication to accomplishment. We have the ability to focus on details, organization, and the refinement of processes and systems.
Remember, however, that Virgo is about more than just organizing our closets. Consider the underlying reason for Virgo’s productivity.  Consider the importance for Virgo of having something to perfect in order to provide a service of value to others.
Following a lovely opportunity for stabilization (Moon Sextile to Saturn) at 3:56 PM EST the moon is VOC . Don’t make any  dramatic plans, spend a low key evening with a good book or low key company.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

On Tuesday the Moon enters Libra at 7:43 AM EST.  This is a day of shifting energies as we adjust adjusting to new set of quirky explorations and exciting new ideas with the Sun in Aquarius! The only aspect to the Libra Moon is a pleasant Trine to the Sun Tuesday morning at 10:41AM EST. There is a free flow between the core energies of the Aquarius Sun and the Libra Moon, presenting us with a great day for collaboration and understanding within partnerships. This is a great day to work with others on innovative and exciting projects that you anticipate will  bring your future into focus. Nurture and develop those relationships. Begin to look toward the future without disregarding the issues of past relationships that have been on your mind over the past weeks with Venus retrograde. Is there something from the past that you expect to gain healing from the current focus on relationship?   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014:

The Moon remains in Libra throughout Wednesday. Today is, however, comparatively far more complicated that yesterday. While we slept Tuesday night the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto bringing the intensification of their connection into our consciousness and into our day. The early afternoon may well find you feeling the dissatisfaction of the retrograde Venus as the Moon Squares her. You can anticipate feeling a bit uncomfortable in your own skin, your clothes don’t fit right, your hair isn’t right, you just don’t feel beautiful or satisfied with yourself. The best way to deal with this today is to look beyond yourself and deliver heartfelt compliments to others. Unexpected compliments to the person checking you out at the grocery store or the person who makes your afternoon coffee can turn shift this issue entirely. Understanding that the folks around you are also feeling dissatisfied with themselves should help you to take your eyes off yourself and consider how to settle that anxiety in others. This will do an amazing amount to settle your own anxiety. Try it. You will be surprised at how much it helps.
The evening suggests a flow of interesting conversation that could well lead to a romantic connection by nightfall. Reach for pleasure!

Thursday, January 23, 2014:

The Moon remains in Libra VOC throughout most of the day, following her final aspect to Mars at last night at 10:51PM EST. Consider how best to take care of yourself today. There may be difficulties in relating to others as we are all left with a bit of agitation or frustration that carries throughout the day. It may simply be difficult to settle into any sort of flow within accomplishment or focus. I think that gentle exercise would have its benefits today. A simple walk in the woods or on the city streets may be helpful to pass the time without expectations while reducing anxiety.  
At 4:44 PM EST the Moon enters Scorpio, ushering in an intensely emotional evening. You will want to spend the evening either alone or with another person who you have a deep emotional connection. This is not a time for casual connections or concerns. If you are going to be with someone make it count as you move together into levels of depth and intensity.  

Friday, January 24, 2014:

Shortly after midnight on Thursday the Moon (Scorpio) reached its third-quarter phase. Whatever you began at the New Moon, was clearly illuminated last week, today asks for a shift of perspective. What adjustments must be made? The Moon remains in the deeply brooding sign of Scorpio all day making pleasant aspects to Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus.
Mercury, in Aquarius Trine Mars this morning encouraging our most unusual thoughts to push forward with unusual agendas within the scope of our relationships. Make connections that support your shifting perspective. Expect to hear unusual ideas. Anticipate surprises and communications that seem to come out of the blue. Be open to speaking up and saying what others may not expect to hear!

Saturday, January 25, 2014:

Right on the heels of the opening to unusual thinking with Mercury Trine Mars yesterday, today Mercury in Aquarius is squaring Saturn in Scorpio. What a difference a day makes! Now our thoughts are being restricted in some manner. Perhaps too much was said, too quickly on Friday and today you have to reel it in and hold your tongue. Did your thoughts or your communications gotten you in a bit of hot water? Today there is a bit of restriction and we must hold ourselves a bit tighter. The Moon (Scorpio) also connects with Saturn today reflecting the sense of difficulty as we move through restrictive and uncomfortable mental gymnastics. The Moon is VOC from 9 AM EST until 10:15 PM EST when the Moon enters Sagittarius. So once again, this is a Saturday that you don’t want to shop for any big-ticket items. This is a day to take time to yourself, rejuvenate, read, go to the movies, enjoy the day without expectation.

Sunday, January 26, 2014:

The Moon is in Sagittarius on Sunday with nothing getting in the way of this being the loveliest day of the week! Get out in the world and find ways to expand your thinking, your ideas, your horizons. Meet with folks who think in ways that will stretch your mind. Consider the need of Sagittarius to travel, explore, and expand the mind and heart! Whatever you choose to do today make it expansive. Make sure you encounter people whose lives, views, and opinions are different than your own. Listen to the stories that others have to tell, open your mind to learn from the experiences of the people you encounter.

Astrology Weather: Week of January 6, 2014 – January 12, 2014

We can anticipate a pretty laid-back week without the intensity we have been engulfed in during recent weeks.
Let’s consider the week in 3 separate section. The first section (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday), contemplate issues of anger and courage. The middle section of the week (Thursday & Friday) contemplate comfort, your resources, and the nature of your desires. The final section of the week (Saturday & Sunday) contemplate thoughts, ideas, and communications.

If you have a project in the works that requires clear ambitions focus get it done by Saturday afternoon! You will likely notice a shift from structuring your personal ambitions to bringing form to your more progressive and humanitarian thoughts at that time.

Over the following 3 weeks (January 11th – January 31st) you will be able to bring your quirkiest, most interesting ideas to the table. You may be surprised that when you express your wildest innovations that others are right there with you, excited to hear your ideas! You will notice more unusual innovative thinking being expressed in the culture at this time. Your thinking may be turned-on in unusual ways, you may be thinking progressively in ways that surprise you.
Insights may surprise us!

Monday, January 6, 2014:

Monday provides an interesting start to the first full week of the New Year!
Mercury (Capricorn) Sextiles Saturn (Scorpio) very early this morning offering us the opportunity to consider and push forward an agenda that has been rolling over in our minds for a time now. Consider what you began to push forward on during the last week of November. This was probably a project or study that got set aside due to the holidays. Today you are able to get back to that project. You may have set it aside but it has been simmering there on that back burner waiting for your returned attention. Today pick up the ball.
The Moon in makes her final aspect while in Pisces (4:44AM EST) a Sextile to Venus.  The early part of the day won’t be a time of accomplishment but there is a sweetness and gentle ease available.
When the Moon enters Aries at 2:46PM EST the sweetness evaporates into a great push to get things done.  Push as hard as you’d like in the time that you have but don’t let impatience follow you home this evening. Release some physical energy as needed. Go to the gym, play a game of tennis, or go for a run!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014:

The Moon in Aries once again tangles up with the cycle of Uranus and Pluto, which we have talked so much about in the past few years. The morning may feel intense as the emotional environment we share seems to have an edge of aggression or anger. Are there issues from the past that are seeking your attention?
Today’s First Quarter Moon is at 17degrees Aries. What was the seed that you planted last week at the New Moon on New Year’s Day? What action can be taken today that will support that seed to fruition?
Aries calls for a strong and courageous step forward. Take the step that requires real courage, the one that makes your heart race. It is likely that the action required involves some form of communication or research. What questions do you need to ask? Ask them; even if you are afraid to hear the answer!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014:

 Wednesday begins with the Moon still in Aries, the sign that requires courage.
Whatever you need to accomplish today will be best managed before 11:22 AM EST. At that time the Moon enters her VOC time* (explained below).
Early Wednesay evening with Mars squaring Jupiter consider how your relationships, or other passions in your life, are impacting your beliefs and your ability to openly express those beliefs.
Keep in mind that while the Moon is in Aries you may seem demanding or you may encounter other people’s demands. You would be well advised to give others a good deal of slack today as you may need it in return.
At 9:24 PM EST the Moon enters Taurus ending the VOC period.
With the Moon newly in Taurus head to bed early, you can anticipate a solid, restful sleep as long as you apply certain conditions. Make sure the room is tidy, bring in a few touches of beauty (flowers would be a nice touch), put clean sheets on the bed, and make sure all issues of comfort have been attended to. The enjoyment of deep comfort and the depth of sleep you get will be worth the effort!

Thursday, January 9, 2014:

Thursday is a day of simplicity! The Moon is in Taurus all day. Once again, pay attention to comfort and beauty. Get an appointment to see your masseuse, or better yet, give a massage to a loved one.
Take all aspects of your life at a slower pace. Find the feeling of reverence toward all that you encounter today. No drama, no looking to the past or the future. Stay right on the dot of your life today (& tomorrow). At 7:27 PM EST The Moon Trines Pluto, allowing you to open your heart on a very deep level of sensitivity. Listen to your inner wisdom, you can find deep intuition hidden in the darkest corners. It would serve you well to go inward and spend time alone. Within solitude you are able to develop a powerful compassion for others. Time spent alone on Thursday will allows the growth of depth that will bring important connections in the future.

Friday, January 10, 2014:

Friday  brings you another day of general calm and stability. You will be able to create a very productive day for yourself. The Moon is again in the very stable realm of Taurus. The Moon Trines The Sun, (in the hard-working sign of Capricorn) at 12:34 PM EST enabling your energy and your needs to move smoothly toward your goals. You can anticipate an afternoon of hard work, you may encounter some resistance but not anything that should interfere with getting a lot accomplished!
The late afternoon may find you dealing with issues of melancholy as the Moon Trines retrograde Venus. Allow those melancholy thoughts of past loves only to the extent that it can help you understand and grow in your current relationships.

Saturday, January 11, 2014:

Saturday looks like the most complex day of the week, holding the potential to be a productive and pleasant day!
Today the Sun and Venus come together at 21degrees Capricorn and each Sextile Saturn.
Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to strengthen and support your relationships or something else that is of deep value to you. This is likely an opportunity involving intimate relationship or finances. Due to the retrograde motion of Venus, there may be some connection to the past.
If an opportunity presents itself today that supports your deepest values, take it! The results will be clear in June.
If your values are not currently being supported by your ambitions it is time to make a serious and well considered change.
The Moon enters Gemini at 7:26 AM. We may spend the day anxiously awaiting a gathering of friends or some social activity.
Keep your eyes and your heart open on this day.
At 4:34 PM pay attention and you can feel a electrifying shift in your thinking as Mercury leaves slow, steady, ambitious Capricorn to enter the excitement of Aquarius! You are ready to shake free your limiting thoughts and ideas.
Mercury remains in Aquarius until the end of January enabling us to work with our most innovative ideas.

Sunday, January 12, 2014:

Who doesn’t love an easygoing Sunday? With the Moon in Gemini, this will be a day to build connections with others. Not intense heavy connections but light and casual connections leading to simple enjoyment. Spend the day gathering information from others, allow yourself to be curious about what makes them tick. Go to a museum, explore ideas that interest you. Take your friends out for lunch, spend time in casual conversation. You never know what you will learn! Each person you meet has stories to tell. Everyone is living a life as full and complex as your own. Find out what you can about others, tell some stories of your own!
Moon is VOC* following a Trine to Mars at 4:34PM EST
This is a great day for communication, write letters, get caught up on emails! Enjoy!


* In my weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*

The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions

The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

New Year – Astrological Weather: Week of December 30, 2013 – January 5, 2013

A Week to begin anew!

December 30, 2013 – January 5, 2013

The heavens present us with a GRAND CROSS this week forming between THE SUN, MERCURY, & PLUTO (all in CAPRICORN) URANUS (in ARIES), MARS (in LIBRA), and JUPITER (in CANCER).
The first day of the New Year offers up a very intense NEW MOON! Any New Year’s resolutions you are considering, be sure they are worthy of a very deep commitment. There are deep levels of power and significance to whatever we commit to at this NEW MOON.

Monday, December 30, 2013:

Several minutes after midnight SUN SQUARE URANUS getting the week off to a unusual, detached, and somewhat eccentric start. By now we probably realize that as any planet tangles up with URANUS , it will very soon make contact with PLUTO as well.
Now MARS (the planet of assertiveness, courage, strength, and anger) joins in the complexity, offering courage and initiative as he comes into a SQUARE ASPECT WITH PLUTO, having opposed Uranus last Wednesday, on Christmas day. It is apparent to me that just about anything could happen during the course of this week. Keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected. Understand that everyone is in the same boat, dealing with the tension and anxiety of these formations.

What do you need to release at this time?
The energies of Monday are perhaps simplified by the fact that the Moon is VOC in SAGITTARIUS all day. Your best bet is to work internally with the energies of the day, go inward. We are in the Dark of the Moon. The necessary work today is internal. The most important requirement is really to simply be kind and deeply compassionate to all…. but first offer this kindness to the Self. Take a walk in the woods today, touch nature.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013:

With MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO and SQUARE MARS on Tuesday, be aware of your words, be conscious of the conversations you engage in. The day starts with the moon VOC in SAGITTARIUS. She made her last aspect yesterday morning at 6:36 AM which was a SEXTILE TO MARS, until 1:01 PM today the moon is VOC encouraging us to simply absorb these intensifications, watch them carefully, and respond consciously.

Responding automatically is bound to bring consequences. Keep awareness centered on your verbal and non verbal responses. At 1:01 PM the MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN bringing an appropriately serious energy to the evening. Whatever these last two days have brought to your life may be very significant, nevertheless, keep in mind that we are in the Darkest part of the MOON; things are simmering below the surface getting ready to start anew. The final aspect to the MOON today is a SEXTILE to NEPTUNE in the early evening.

A SEXTILE BETWEEN MOON AND NEPTUNE bodes well for this evenings celebrations but remember there is a seriousness within the fantasy we would like to engage in.

Our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year are likely to be ambitious and transformative. We have high hopes and high expectations of ourselves moving forward.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014:

This is certainly an impressive day for the first day of the year! 6:14 AM EST we greet a New Year along with the NEW MOON at 10° CAPRICORN. This will bring each of us to a new cycle of seriousness, responsibility, integrity, and ambition. The NEW MOON itself is aspecting The SUN, URANUS, PLUTO, MARS, AND JUPITER.

Your life is ready for change, upheaval, intensification, and forward motion at this time.
We are each encountering a time of extreme change within ourselves and within the culture and the world we live in.
On a personal level, what is it that you want to create in the upcoming year?

Get clear about what it is you want and write it down somewhere that you can refer to it over the coming months. Take a particular practical action on this day to symbolize the manifestation of your future ambitions. Where are your hopes for the upcoming year, what can you do on this day to focus those ambitions?

There is great empowerment available within this day! Take advantage of these energies!
There is great empowerment available.

Thursday, January 2, 2014:

On Thursday the MOON IN CAPRICORN make her final aspect (CONJUNCTION TO VENUS) at 6:11 AM EST. This brings us to a pleasant VOC time of rejuvenation until she enters AQUARIUS at 12:02 PM EST. This is likely to be a slow and pleasant morning, take a friend to breakfast or bring flowers to your desk at work. The late afternoon and evening will prove to be a more interesting time! The MOON IN AQUARIUS brings our emotions into more unusual exciting spontaneous places. Allow yourself to explore issues and ideas that seem unconventional and somehow quirky.

This evening The SUN IN CAPRICORN forms a square pattern to MARS IN LIBRA; expect energy to move rapidly in your own individual consciousness regarding your most significant relationships. The current cycle between The SUN and MARS began in mid April 2013. What started in your life at that time regarding your sexuality, a new or revitalized relationship, or something that you personally felt very passionate about?

Whatever began at that time now must be attended to with a very real concrete assertive step forward! What can you do today to push forward with the agenda that began in April? The action that you take today will lead you to the full illumination of this situation in early April 2014. Look to the areas of your chart that contain 12degrees CAPRICORN and 12degrees LIBRA.

Friday, January 3, 2014:

MERCURY OPPOSES JUPITER on Friday. Consider an expansion of communications or learning that began in late May 2013. What cycle of expansive ideas or communications began at that time? Look to 25degrees Taurus to consider where the cycle began. Keep clear awareness of communications, conversations, and expansive thinking. It may be easy to say more than is necessary. Whatever you were thinking about back in May is now fully in view and fully expressed. Your thoughts may be able to absorb ideas that are more expansive then the ideas you normally expect. Previously these thoughts may have been too large for your mind to comprehend. Today you see clearly with a fuller understanding. This line of thinking involves belief, spirituality, religion, god, or some equally large concept.

The MOON moves through AQUARIUS on Friday, we are able to explore areas of unusual and detached emotional realms. This evening may bring a bit of discomfort if you try to shirk your responsibilities. ha!

Saturday, January 4, 2014:

Now we come to the weekend, a Saturday following very intense transits over this past week. The holidays are now behind us. Today the MOON IN AQUARIUS IS VOC until 11:58 AM EST when she moves into PISCES. The only aspect the PISCES MOON makes throughout the day is a CONJUNCTION TO NEPTUNE (the ruler of Pisces) at 5:27 PM. This looks to be a day of things not quite the way we expect them to be. Our thinking may be less than clear! Things are not as they appear to be.

Whatever you expect, let it be easy. Life will work far better this weekend without major expectations. Enjoy a dreamy day with music, a great film, and a glass of wine.

Sunday, January 5, 2014:

MOON IN PISCES on Sunday SEXTILE PLUTO, SUN & MERCURY; TRINE JUPITER & SATURN. Today offers us the beautiful free flowing energies of a GRAND TRINE IN WATER! This may be a highly emotional day of sinking into love and feelings. Allow yourself to nurture and to be nurtured.

The SUN OPPOSES JUPITER releasing the energy that began in mid-June 2013. Whatever expansion began at that time is clearly illuminated on this day. Our lives and our circumstances seem very expanded, all things feel possible. Watch the level of enthusiasm available, enjoy it without making demands or having set expectations.

Astrology – Week of October 28th – November 3rd

We are heading into a powerhouse of a week! With the 4th exact ‘hit’ of the SQUARE between URANUS AND PLUTO, we anticipate intensity, challenge, and further insistence on transformation on a personal, cultural, and universal level.

Where in your life  are you being driven to transformation? Where do you feel the rug may be pulled out from under you at any moment?

MERCURY (retrograde) is on its way to its second conjunction to SATURN in SCORPIO on Tuesday, October 29. This can be felt as depression, particularly if we are not making the changes in our life that are needed.

We are also moving to the Dark of the Moon, as we let go of the current cycle and prepare to welcome the new seed. Sunday bring us the NEW MOON IN SCORPIO.

Monday, October 28, 2013:

We begin our work week with the MOON in expressive, dramatic LEO. What do you want to express today? Where do you feel the need to shine your warmth and generosity?

PLUTO SEXTILE CHIRON this morning bringing our awareness to an old deeply internal wound. It is a gentle awareness, not with the raw edges that we generally associate with our hurt places. Today there is a sense of workability, almost as though we were being offered the opportunity to simply heal this sad spot with the sheer will of our attention to it. Make an offering today to the sore spot within that is the most deeply damaged. Allow a deep healing to be felt without drama, without hard work, just by attention and intention.

The MOON TRINE VENUS at 8:26AM EDT followed by another lengthy VOC until the MOON ENTERS VIRGO at 11:44PM EDT.

The final aspect that the MOON makes before entering a new Sign colors the VOC period. MOON TRINE VENUS settles a sweet gentleness over the day. Is it enough to settle the tension being built as URANUS AND PLUTO come ever closer to their next Square this Friday? No, but it will certainly help!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013:

MOON IN VIRGO all day encourages us to approach all situations with a bit more attention to detail, and consideration of the ability to refine our thinking, our systems, and our communications. The Moon is very active throughout the day allowing us a wide range of organizational opportunities!

Today, we come to the second (of three) conjunctions between MERCURY AND SATURN (IN SCORPIO). The cycle between them (Mercury and Saturn) began 3 weeks ago on October 8th.  Due to Mercury retrograde, we come back to the serious consideration that began at that time. Consider the details that must be cleaned up before moving forward. When Mercury makes the final conjunction to Saturn (November 25) we will finally be ready to move forward with that project, plan, or study.  When you consider what this project may be, think about something that involves a deep mental transformation, or some sort of investigation (Scorpio). The entire cycle between these planets is a (approximately) yearlong process, so consider that this intellectual investigation will encompass the year!

Today, consider where you need to work with reality, where you thinking must come to a deeper level of maturity. Consider commitment, responsibility, and the (sometimes) heavy hand of reality.

Responsibility and working consciously with that heavy hand of reality brings deep and lasting gifts. Through facing our responsibilities with integrity we develop self respect, and self confidence. We come to trust ourselves and our word. Do not underestimate the importance of this.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013:

Today’s MOON IN VIRGO makes great connections to MERCURY, SATURN AND JUPITER. We are able to work with great efficiency and precision in clearing up those piles on our desk. We are able to see the potential in the work we are doing, or the effort we are making. We are able to make great strides in working with details and analysis.

There is no doubt about the great tension that is building as we move toward Friday’s connection between Uranus and Pluto.

It may not be easy to stay on track but today’s MOON IN VIRGO and her aspects certainly help.

Keep the day as orderly and habit-driven as possible. Be of service to others in any way that you are able.

As the day winds down we may encounter emotional discomfort as our need for precision is challenged by a desire for more freedom and expansion. We are just a bit sick of all this seriousness.  Take a break before bed to make a plan for something fun in the not too distant future! Perhaps a trip someplace new! Get out the atlas! Allow a bit of escape!

Thursday, October 31, 2013:

MARS TRINE PLUTO at 6:49AM EDT, there is the suggestion that our actions are empowered today. Consider the lessons we have learned over the past year with regards to our ability to take action assertively.

Where have you learned to step forward with courage? Keep your eyes/mind open to the opportunity to share this valuable knowledge with others. The lesson indicated is not one that was learned easily or without facing painful truths about ourselves and/or others. Remember the core struggle we were engaged with in late November 2012, this is the issue that you have learned from and now can pass on to another in need of the teaching.

MOON ENTERS LIBRA at 8:22AM EDT encouraging us to see our situation with an eye toward beauty and consideration for what we truly value in our lives. Today find what is beautiful in your environment. Create more beauty around you and notice how it affects your internal view.

How about splurging on a bouquet of flowers for the kitchen table?  For this one evening sit at the table for your evening meal, light candles, and focus on creating an experience of beauty. Observe how this impacts the way the family interacts, how you feel about yourself and your family throughout the evening. Today we may be able to see both sides (even a glimpse) of a situation that we have been stuck with over the past few days. 

Friday, November 1, 2013:

Hard to imagine a day that brings us to such a point as this. The tension of the SQUARE BETWEEN URANUS AND PLUTO that has been playing with us for so long comes to another exact pass at 6:29AM EDT today (this is the 4th of 7 exact square aspects). 

Much has been said about this ongoing restless, transformative, and revolutionary transit. This is the transit between planets that reflects the extreme transformation of the world and our culture at this time. The effect is directly impacting many individuals and yet even if it does not impact our personal chart directly, the changes that are wrought encompass the entire human race and our world. No one misses this!

As our world makes her major shifts we still work with all the daily more mundane shifts and changes of energy.

What is it that needs to be said today? Do you see someone on the wider scale of world news or politics saying something that should have been expressed sooner? Perhaps there is something that needs to be clarified in your own life? Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding that needs to be corrected before you are able to move forward? Be very clear and very kind with your words today.  Mercury (rx) Sextile Mars this morning.

Perhaps you could also identify an old heavy deep issue that could use a bit of simple warmth and light to heal an old pattern or an old suffering.  Speak what you see. There is deep connection at this time between seeing, acknowledging, and healing something from the past.

Watch the outer world stage, and stand ready to help anyone in your circle of influence that is in need of help through this stressful time of change.

Saturday, November 2, 2013:

Spend the morning with a close intimate friend or partner. We want to be with someone who brings comfort, beauty, and pleasure into our life. We want to bring delight and beauty to others! As you create beauty and and bring balance into your environment your relationships will be harmonized. Participate in those things that really make your heart sing. The morning should be slow and easy, spent with good food, minimal expectations, and surrounded by friends and loved ones.

It is also a beneficial morning for working on creative projects or projects of diplomacy. Help your friends out of the bind they are in, or see your way clearly to make a compromise that does not come easily.

MOON begins the day in LIBRA, forming a pleasant SEXTILE to VENUS at 8:46AM EDT. This adds a pleasant energy to the brief VOC period this morning.  No matter how lovely and sparkly some ‘thing’ strikes you as… leave it in the shop. The urge to buy something beautiful will likely not be so strong after the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:34PM EDT.  

The MOON ENTERS SCORPIO joining the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. This is a focus in SCORPIO that must be attended to. Where is Scorpio in your chart? This area of your life will be highlighted at this time as you work on deep levels of intensity. Consider what is hidden in this most intensely deep area of your life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013:

Before we wake up this morning the SCORPIO SUN SEXTILE MARS (in VIRGO) at 3:48AM EST

Today’s NEW MOON at 11degrees SCORPIO occurs at 7:50AM EST. Here we are; beginning yet another cycle; another opportunity to begin a new plan, a new beginning.

With both the SUN AND MOON in SCORPIO this is a time to consider what is hidden below the surface. It is important to take the time and attention to explore what is unseen. We sense the transformational quality of this time. What deeply private sense of self must be transformed as we move forward?

If you are holding dangerous secrets you may want to consider how to bring them to light in the least destructive manner possible. With this grouping of planets in Scorpio, we would be well advised to consider the difference between secrets and privacy. Are we trying to justify unhealthy secrets or is it really a matter of healthy privacy? It is important to try to be honest with ourselves.

What area of your life is demanding change? You may want to hide from the intensity and depth you feel under the surface of life right now. The changes that are coming have not fully surfaced yet, so we are somehow left wondering with, perhaps, a bit of fear and trepidation. Get clear on what you want to create in this new lunar cycle. Begin a serious transformation in the Scorpio area of your life.



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