Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: April 7, 2014 through April 13, 2014

As I look at the week ahead I see that the individual days do not appear to have nearly the intensification and pressure that I think we will actually encounter. 

However, we all need to be fully aware that April 2014 is not an ordinary time. By themselves these days look relatively ordinary and we will consider them in that light.

But, we would certainly be remiss to forget that behind the simplicity of daily changes of the Moon Signs and Aspects there is such intensity building that cannot be denied! We are in an unprecedented time of energetic building pressure, as we get ever closer to the focal point of the Grand Cross later this month.

We are reaching the point where the demand/excitement for transformation overrides the fear of transformation. These are powerful days. Please keep your eyes open and let kindness be your overriding focus in each and every day.

Monday, April 7, 2014:

Monday starts with the Moon in Cancer and this is the First Quarter Moon. On Sunday, March 30th was the New Moon. I hope you were paying attention to what seeds you were planting at that time.

Today you want to think about those seeds that you planted. Spend some time now to water them and make sure they are getting the Sunlight that they require to grow!

Following a smooth Trine to Saturn at 2:14 PM the sensitive Cancer Moon is VOC* until early Tuesday morning. Whatever action you need to take to encourage those seeds to grow must be done before 2:14 PM EDT.

We may notice that we feel more self protective, inward, and emotional than we expect. Our thoughts easily turn to nostalgia, thinking back to the past. Perhaps considering the past with an unrealistic sentimental overlay.

At 11:34 AM EDT Mercury (the planets of the mind and communication) leaves the soft imagination of Pisces behind and enters Aries (the Sign of courage and assertiveness). With Mars (ruler of Aries) still retrograde we may experience frustration as our minds are anxious to move forward and yet we are still stymied by the ongoing Retrograde (Mars). Over the coming weeks as Mercury moves through Ares our thinking and planning is energized and wants to move forward far quicker than is really available to us. Mars turns direct at 9:31PM EDT on May 19, 2014.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014:

Tuesday morning, before 6 AM EDT the Moon enters Leo! Ah, I always love a Leo Moon! With the Moon in Leo we have a situation where the emotional environment matches our thinking with Mercury newly in Aries.

At 5:03PM EDT the Sun Opposes Mars (Libra). I can imagine this being a day were there is great stress as you believe you need to take ACTION now and yet something holds you back! You are ready to open your mouth to say something you know is better left unsaid. If you keep a journal, take a look at any entries you made last year (2013) between April 16th and April 18th. What were you highly energized or angry about? How was this issue re-engaged between January 1st and January 3rd, 2014? Was there a reoccurrence of a problem or a recommitment to a vast project? Now look at what has developed from that initial situation. You should now see clearly how you have managed that particular situation.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014:

On Wednesday we will still be under the influence of the Sun impacting Mars from yesterday. With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Leo there is the potential for fiery volatile energies.  You may experience this as powerful excitement and enthusiasm or as intense anger and frustration. The Leo Moon makes lovely aspects to Uranus, Mars, and the Sun. throughout the day. This is a powerful day to take action. Take advantage of this fiery energy, get of the house, use your energy in a physical way, get out for a hike, a run, or a bike ride.  Enjoy your ability to move your physical being.

Thursday, April 10, 2014:

On Thursday the Moon makes her final aspect while in Leo; a Square to Saturn, while we sleep (2:26AM EDT). Following this stressful interaction with the Father-of-Time, of structure, of resistance; the Moon goes VOC until 6:08 PM EDT when she enters Virgo. This gives us the bulk of the day to keep our own counsel without a lot of expectations of others or even ourselves. The excitement and over-the-top energy of Wednesday isn’t sure how to manage itself. It may be rough to feel accomplished or like you can focus easily. When the Moon enters Virgo this evening we can anticipate feeling more stable, contained, and we can look forward to a more productive day on Friday.  

Friday, April 11, 2014:

Friday is a day made for accomplishment. This is the day to deal with the details that must be managed as you proceed forward with the coming changes in your life! The Virgo Moon encourages us to be aware of the potential of what we are moving toward. So often we see the changes as we approach them and we see very little as we are in the eye of the storm. Friday provides us with an opportunity to open our eyes to an awareness of the larger potential that we are involved in creating!  Don’t get caught up in the details of bringing this potential to life. Venus (having entered Pisces last week) makes contact with Neptune on Friday evening. The Conjunction between these planets begins a new cycle in their relationship. In this case the relationship between Venus and Neptune is a lovely one! When Venus and Neptune come together there is a soft glow and a romantic edge to all that we value and love. Create a romantic evening, or an evening of connection to music, poetry, art, and beauty. See a performance, go to an art opening; seek beauty, love, and love of beauty. Open you heart to the vast experience of aesthetics and sensuality. This connection between Venus and Neptune brings us to a new appreciation of beauty, a new relationship, new love and appreciation for a long time relationship, or new understanding of our own connection to Spirit. With the beginning of a New Cycle an Old Cycle has passed away. The Cycle that is passing away began at the end of February 2013. What began at that time that is now being released? This could be the passing away of some addiction, the passing away of something beautiful in your life in order to make space for what is now presenting itself in this new cycle.

Saturday, April 12, 2014:

This is a Saturday that will be best used in very practical ways. Home projects or offering yourself to the service of others will be ideal. The Moon is in Virgo throughout the day making her final Aspect; a Sextile to Saturn at 1:12PM EDT. Following that supportive Aspect the Moon will be VOC* until very early Sunday morning. This will not be a weekend of wild times or much successful socializing. However this will be a great day for important structuring, organizing, and stabilizing. If you haven’t gotten your taxes done (in the USA taxes are due on April 15th) this will be a great time to accomplish that! Again remember that with the Virgo Moon VOC we don’t want to take on any new projects; it will be best to stick to the mundane tasks associated with whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Sunday, April 13, 2014:

Sunday looks like an amazingly quiet day! The Moon enters Libra at 4:34 AM EDT and does not make a single Aspect until tomorrow morning! With the Moon in Libra it would be a great day to quietly make art or spend time with friends or loved ones who know how to be in calm harmony together. No wild parties or high expectations. Don’t try to get a lot done on Sunday, consider this a day to enjoy the calm before the storm! Next week will bring us into more intensification. Here we go. Ride the waves as they come, enjoy the calm when it is presented.

paintings by Jan Vermeer
ca. 1632 – 1675 

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Illumination: Uranus Square Pluto

Yesterday seemed quiet, eerily quiet, perhaps. The eye-of-the-storm.

Consider what is below the story we keep telling ourselves.

Don’t try to find (or make up) another story-line; that would simply complicate the issue.

What is the energy below the story-line? Intense emotion is powerful and not easy to clearly see.

Two days ago the LIBRA SUN SQUARED PLUTO(CAPRICORN) and we were allowed to (or forced to) see both sides of an issue. 

Our desire to be helpful, compromise, and bring beauty to the world has been at an impasse with the power structures that believe they have the right to intense levels of power and control.

Think about this on both the large, national, and world stage, as well as in your own individual and private life.

If we keep our eyes open we see the reflections of the clash between these powerful energies in nearly every sector of life.

Today’s LIBRA SUN OPPOSES URANUS(ARIES), we are no longer able to avoid or deny the strain (and/or powerful excitement) on all systems, personal and universal.

Let us take responsibility for making good use of this unexpectedly powerful energy.

We must take hold of this energy before we become afraid. 

Move with it, ride it, for all it is worth; in the direction of excitement, anticipation, and joy.

The world, our culture, and our lives are changing, there is no doubt.

We can be afraid or we can open with curiosity to the excitement and possibility of what is new.

This is a time of great opportunity!

The world is ready for brilliant innovations and intense transformation of our world. 

Stay alert. Help others. Be patient. Be kind.

Innovation and Cultural Transformation

When Uranus and Pluto join together by Major Aspect, they bring revolutionary transformation. Plain and Simple. There is no doubt.

In the Summer of 2012 we encountered the first exact ‘hit’ of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO; the most powerful Astrological Transit of our times!

Every pair of planets (e.g. Sun&Saturn, Mars&Venus, Mercury&Neptune etc.) has its own relationship and its own cycle.

These cycles move in the same manner as the Moon Phases (which is the cycle of relationship between the Sun and the Moon). 

Each Cycle begins as the two planets connect in the same spot of the Zodiac (The Conjunction); this is the NEW phase of birth/beginning. The following phases (CRESCENT, FIRST QUARTER, & GIBBOUS) are the phases of preparation and building. At the Opposition we reach the FULL phase of illumination, this is followed by sharing, questioning, adjusting, and breaking down (the phases of DISSEMINATING, THIRD QUARTER, & BALSAMIC).

These are the Cycles that all of life, including our relationships and the relationships of the Planets, pass through.

In 1965/66 Uranus and Pluto began a New Cycle as they joined in conjunction at 16-17degrees Virgo. This conjunction represented the beginning of  a new revolution in human consciousness.

Due to the retrograde motions of these very slow moving outer planets there are a full Seven exact ‘hits’ of the Square between these planets which we are now working our way through. The First three ‘hits’ occurred in June 2012, September 2012, and May 2013. The next ‘hit’ occurs on November 1, 2013; followed by 3 more, extending into early 2015. Keep your eyes open to the changes that are still to come!

Here at the FIRST QUARTER PHASE of this Cycle; our lives, our culture, and our world are being revolutionized. We encountering intensity, destruction and transformation, not only within our individual lives but in the life of the culture as we have known it. Whatever stands in the way of change, whatever blocks the transformation, must be annihilated in order to bring a new world and a new consciousness into focus.

There is so much to consider in this changing world we live in. What should we focus on, how should we live our lives? Often it may feel overwhelming!

Today I want to offer you the opportunity and encouragement to look at, and explore, some of the amazingly wonderful and innovative changes that are upon us. Our culture is changing dramatically and how we live in this world is changing along with it!

So often we give our attention to the things that are difficult, frightening, or wrong in the world.  We hear the word transformation and we feel fear and expect terrible things. Let’ look on the brighter side of transformation and change!

Let’s look at where we are bringing our resources, our love, and our lives back to where we can support others within our communities. Let’s see some evidence that we the people are able to rise up from beneath Big Business and Corporations.

Let’s explore where we are able to expend our energies to our communities and families. With the new innovations that are being built, we are ready, able, willing, and delighted to help each other make our lives work with more integrity, more excitement, and more joy!

What changes are you seeing in the world? How are you living your life differently from the past? Are you ready to make more changes and to see new ways to do the things that we thought we knew how to do?

Consider and explore these changes! They will continue to grow. There is simply no doubt about it!

Can you imagine a world where you can borrow (and lend to those reliable people in need) what you need without big banks and finance companies?  The Lending Club provides a place for just this!

Have you used AirBNB yet? It is a wonderful way to spend less when you travel, give your money to real people (as opposed to big corporations), meet amazing people, and have a sweet place to stay!! I had a wonderful experience through AirBNB recently and eagerly anticipate more in the future!

Speaking of travel; How fun to have someone plan and design a travel experience for you that lives in the area you are visiting!  Create a unique travel experience by having a local person help you plan and design your trip with Vayable

The way we get around in the world is also in upheaval and change, as more and more folks realize there are better options, than previously conceived, for getting around their cities! Uber seamlessly connects riders to drivers, making cities more accessible. Uber is now in over 35 cities and is rapidly expanding as it connects people and their cities!

The list goes on and on….

Farmer’s Markets and Farm Shares are cropping up even in relatively small towns, bringing consumers and farmers together.

Car Share programs enable people to use a car when they need it rather than being stuck with the burden of ownership. Check for local Car Share programs as well!

Buying clothes has taken an interesting turn with sites like Poshmark to buy and sell clothes from the closets of others!!

How about finding safe, reliable help in your neighborhood for anything from raking your yard, shoveling your driveway, or taking your mother to lunch!! Taskrabbit is here to help!

There are so many examples of unique innovations that are changing our world in profound ways.

Consider ‘the unstoppable rise of the share economy‘; farm shares, green burials, car shares, micro job sites!

What other examples can you think of? We are becoming unplugged from large corporations in very interesting and significant ways. What innovations can you help to develop, or help to move forward, in your own life or community? These are very exciting times! Take a bit of time to explore these innovations.

Our lives, our communities, our world, is transforming before our eyes! Keep your awareness sharp and your eyes open! You have a front row seat!

Open to Simplicity & Deep Connection

As we come to the end of another deeply intense week, there is much to contemplate, much to consider as we chose our path forward.

As Sunday brings the FIRST QUARTER MOON we seek the appropriate step forward, the action that is necessary at this juncture.

The old is gone, the new continues to beckon.  We wait for clarity.

The bridge to our future vision seems unclear.  Although, it may be right in front of us; simply not as yet recognized or acknowledged!

Are we able to deeply trust our minds? Do we clearly perceive the reality of our situation?

Without a solid trust of our minds and our perceptions how can we choose our path forward?  How do we develop an unshakable trust in our minds?

The clouds that obscure our vision seem numerous.  This is the condition of our minds.  Beyond that veil is a clear blue sky; one that we know is simple and true.  How do we see beyond the veil of those constantly shifting forms?

It is interesting to watch as we attempt to accommodate, and understand, the new reality of the current WATER GRAND TRINE!

For so long we have been held tightly in the grip of the Square between URANUS AND PLUTO!  The tension between URANUS AND PLUTO is still very much with us, and is not ending anytime soon!  However, it is important to understand that the current GRAND TRINE gives us a way to work with the reality of where we find ourselves and a way to see beyond the clouds that obscure our vision and our clarity of mind.

When times are challenging it is easy to think that nothing will ever get better! Last Fall we may have had a glimpse of remembering that nothing stays the same, that these times of stress are changing, even as they continue to transform the fabric of our lives.  Last October Saturn first came into Trine aspect with Neptune.

Are we beginning to understand that it is now our choice to transcend the limitations we perceive; that we can rise above what has been holding us back?

The personal planets are now moving into, and through, CANCER, connecting with SATURN (SCORPIO) AND NEPTUNE (PISCES) forming a GRAND TRINE.

The opportunity to transcend the difficulties we have been immersed in (through a softening of our internal walls) is reflected and supported by this ongoing Grand Trine.

Look around! You may be amazed at the number of people who are moving in the direction of emotional healing and spiritual transcendence. As a collective we are opening our hearts deeply to an understanding of the profound interconnectedness of our world!

Each day I talk with amazing people. I hear incredible stories of love and of new found understanding of our interconnectedness. I witness people having breakthroughs, realizing that kindness, generosity, overwhelming compassion, and love are the most important things we have to offer to all of the world. 

The awareness that as we offer this love and compassion to the world, the cold places in our own hearts are healed as well. With this healing, this softening comes an amazing freedom to our souls!  In this freedom come the trust and openness of MIND. We understand that MIND and HEART are ONE.

Last week both MERCURY and VENUS took their place, forming the first of a full expression of this GRAND TRINE.  Mind and Heart open to transcendence of boundaries and stabilization of transcendence.

Throughout the next six weeks The Sun, Jupiter, and Mars will cycle through this space.

This reflects our availability to engage in deeply significant  levels of love and connection throughout our Summer season.

Stay tuned for more information as we move into the coming weeks ahead. For now, enjoy this weekend with the lovely MOON IN VIRGO.  Seek and deliver selfless kindness.

Allowing Upheaval, Riding the Wave! Uranus Meets Pluto

Here we are, once again, or still… heading into very intense waters. 

Actually if we open our eyes we may find we are already deeply submerged!

Perhaps it has happened very quickly! We knew this change was coming but we weren’t really expecting it yet!

This is a crucial juncture in our journey. It is time to take a REALLY clear look at the reality of our circumstances. 

After all, the idea that we could avoid or hide from reality is ludicrous!

I have been contemplating recently how I would live my life if I knew this were my last year to live in this body.  Consider this! How would YOU live if this were truly the last year of YOUR life?

What actions are necessary in order to move in the direction YOU know would bring YOU the deepest satisfaction?

What would enable you to take on the higher purpose of your life?

Do you know what that purpose is? Consider where in your life you feel a flow that makes you lose track of everything else. Consider what feeds your soul on the very deepest level and makes your heart sing!

These are important considerations and questions we need to be asking ourselves and each other.

Lets get clear enough with ourselves that we can live a life of great beauty, great love, great passion, and great service to others.

It is time that You find your passion, your flow!

Where are Uranus and Pluto transiting in your natal horoscope? Where in your life is empowerment being offered, and transformation being demanded? 

What are YOU doing to create the space for this change?  How are your decisions and personal transformation assisting in the transformation of the entire human race, in some profound or subtle way?

On Monday, May 20 (EDT) we reach the third of seven exact hits of this powerful life changing and culture altering transit!

Contact me for a consultation! These are wild times we are navigating! Together we can explore what these times are asking of you. 

An astrological consultation will reveal a larger perspective and will show where and how you are being impacted by theses changes.  We can help you to a deeper understanding of your place in the patterns of these Universal changes.

Sending love and gratitude to each and every one of you,


Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

Let's talk. There is so much to learn and understand.

~ Laurie