Cancer Full Moon – Release Emotions of 2012

December 28, 2012:

As 2012 comes to a close we encounter one final challenge, one final emotional upheaval to remind us of what an intense year we are ready to put behind us.

Within the next few days we will be putting to rest an issue that began a year ago, culminated at the end of June and is now ready to be released.

Give that some thought and we will revisit it in a few days.

For now we want to consider today’s FULL MOON IN CANCER. Our emotions are so close to the surface.

We are given the opportunity for an emotional cleaning that will enable us to move more freely into the coming year.

The emotional issues that have haunted us throughout this year (as expressed through the SQUARE between URANUS AND PLUTO) are building; today’s FULL MOON provides a time of release.

It is important that we are conscious in this release to channel the power in a positive, life affirming manner.

This CANCER FULL MOON SQUARES URANUS IN ARIES (representing an impatient warrior) and OPPOSES PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (representing explosive, or transformed power). 

These are dangerous waters if we are not awake in our lives. We must keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open to the transformational power of love, kindness, and basic human goodness.

If we allow ourselves to slip into negative, ugly spaces we will wake tomorrow with deep regret. Take time to sit in quiet meditation this morning and create a day filled with love. Honor the life of those in your world. 

Give a ton of slack to anyone who is struggling. Do not expect perfection from yourself or others. For this moment, good enough is excellent!

SATURN IN SCORPIO is in a sweet supportive TRINE to this FULL MOON suggesting that we are able to go very deeply into the feelings that are presenting.  Ride the waves of deep sensitivity and deep emotion, we can handle more than we may realize. We have built a structure that is able to support us.

It is not necessary to hold emotion at a distance. Feel it fully, let go of whatever story is behind the feelings, stay with the emotions, let the story go.

We are able to  shift and transform pain to exquisite emotion.

Today we are presented with the opportunity to free ourselves from much of the hurt we have gathered throughout the year. Let it go. Come cleanly to 2013!





Each Horoscope Equals One Unique Life

Thoughts On Genuine Individuality!

Having just had carpal tunnel surgery several days ago. I know, I shouldn’t be typing. But how much reading and listening to podcasts can I do?

I have several consultations to prepare for. So I sit at the kitchen table with my charts, my lists of aspects, transits, solar arcs. It is a beautiful late winter day. I pour my afternoon cup of coffee and  watch as the Sun slips behind the mountains. With no leaves on the trees I can see Lake Champlain and the mountains of New York from my kitchen table.

Perhaps I should go for a walk but the charts call me. red pen. blue pen. ruler.

For years now I have approached each chart in the same way. Taking one methodical step after the other. 1.. 2.. 3..

A moment comes when I feel something click inside me. It is a feeling I am familiar with, something tangible comes into view. I ‘feel’ this person, the one whose chart I have before me, the person who was born on a particular day, at a particular moment, in a particular place.

This unique person, one of a kind, comes into view. This moment, like the moment you put the last piece of the puzzle into place, feels like a moment of magic. This person brings into their life the pattern of the heavens, at the moment of their birth, in their soul, in their blood. It shows a clear representation of their life development, of their life potential.

At the moment this unique infant was born the planets were in their places. Each planet was in a sign, a particular distance from the horizon, a particular distance from each other planet. Each planet represents a certain function of the human experience.  Each aspect formed between these planets is like a relationship between the parts of ourselves. Some of those relationships are clearly and simply a benefit to our lives, others create stress and the requirement of ongoing hard work.

The Planets:

  • The Sun represents the core energy that we have at our disposal
  • The Moon represents the emotional needs that drive us
  • Mercury represents how we communicate and what we think about
  • Venus represents our personal values, what we see as beautiful
  • Mars represents our assertive drives
  • Jupiter represents our faith in life and our expansive nature
  • Saturn represents necessary controls and restrictions
  • Uranus represents our individuality and where we are unique
  • Neptune represents our dreams and  inspiration
  • Pluto represents our power and our darkness

A chart is never repeated, even twins will show slight differences in the horoscopes. Given that the chart shows potential, we give honor to the mystery that determines what a particular person will do with this potential.  What we see in the chart is not immovable fate, there are the many variables of upbringing, genetics and luck or misfortune.

I will never tire of the moment when I feel the spirit of the chart and I am deeply honored each time I have the opportunity to work with another unique person in this way.

Whats Next?

Contact me! Let’s take a look at the unique blueprint that is your horoscope. In person or on Skype we will have an illuminating conversation about the unique soul that resides in your body at this time!

I’ll fix you a cup of coffee (or tea) and we can watch the lake and the mountains as we explore the unique person that you are!

Be in touch soon!

~ Laurie

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