Open to Simplicity & Deep Connection

As we come to the end of another deeply intense week, there is much to contemplate, much to consider as we chose our path forward.

As Sunday brings the FIRST QUARTER MOON we seek the appropriate step forward, the action that is necessary at this juncture.

The old is gone, the new continues to beckon.  We wait for clarity.

The bridge to our future vision seems unclear.  Although, it may be right in front of us; simply not as yet recognized or acknowledged!

Are we able to deeply trust our minds? Do we clearly perceive the reality of our situation?

Without a solid trust of our minds and our perceptions how can we choose our path forward?  How do we develop an unshakable trust in our minds?

The clouds that obscure our vision seem numerous.  This is the condition of our minds.  Beyond that veil is a clear blue sky; one that we know is simple and true.  How do we see beyond the veil of those constantly shifting forms?

It is interesting to watch as we attempt to accommodate, and understand, the new reality of the current WATER GRAND TRINE!

For so long we have been held tightly in the grip of the Square between URANUS AND PLUTO!  The tension between URANUS AND PLUTO is still very much with us, and is not ending anytime soon!  However, it is important to understand that the current GRAND TRINE gives us a way to work with the reality of where we find ourselves and a way to see beyond the clouds that obscure our vision and our clarity of mind.

When times are challenging it is easy to think that nothing will ever get better! Last Fall we may have had a glimpse of remembering that nothing stays the same, that these times of stress are changing, even as they continue to transform the fabric of our lives.  Last October Saturn first came into Trine aspect with Neptune.

Are we beginning to understand that it is now our choice to transcend the limitations we perceive; that we can rise above what has been holding us back?

The personal planets are now moving into, and through, CANCER, connecting with SATURN (SCORPIO) AND NEPTUNE (PISCES) forming a GRAND TRINE.

The opportunity to transcend the difficulties we have been immersed in (through a softening of our internal walls) is reflected and supported by this ongoing Grand Trine.

Look around! You may be amazed at the number of people who are moving in the direction of emotional healing and spiritual transcendence. As a collective we are opening our hearts deeply to an understanding of the profound interconnectedness of our world!

Each day I talk with amazing people. I hear incredible stories of love and of new found understanding of our interconnectedness. I witness people having breakthroughs, realizing that kindness, generosity, overwhelming compassion, and love are the most important things we have to offer to all of the world. 

The awareness that as we offer this love and compassion to the world, the cold places in our own hearts are healed as well. With this healing, this softening comes an amazing freedom to our souls!  In this freedom come the trust and openness of MIND. We understand that MIND and HEART are ONE.

Last week both MERCURY and VENUS took their place, forming the first of a full expression of this GRAND TRINE.  Mind and Heart open to transcendence of boundaries and stabilization of transcendence.

Throughout the next six weeks The Sun, Jupiter, and Mars will cycle through this space.

This reflects our availability to engage in deeply significant  levels of love and connection throughout our Summer season.

Stay tuned for more information as we move into the coming weeks ahead. For now, enjoy this weekend with the lovely MOON IN VIRGO.  Seek and deliver selfless kindness.

Allowing Upheaval, Riding the Wave! Uranus Meets Pluto

Here we are, once again, or still… heading into very intense waters. 

Actually if we open our eyes we may find we are already deeply submerged!

Perhaps it has happened very quickly! We knew this change was coming but we weren’t really expecting it yet!

This is a crucial juncture in our journey. It is time to take a REALLY clear look at the reality of our circumstances. 

After all, the idea that we could avoid or hide from reality is ludicrous!

I have been contemplating recently how I would live my life if I knew this were my last year to live in this body.  Consider this! How would YOU live if this were truly the last year of YOUR life?

What actions are necessary in order to move in the direction YOU know would bring YOU the deepest satisfaction?

What would enable you to take on the higher purpose of your life?

Do you know what that purpose is? Consider where in your life you feel a flow that makes you lose track of everything else. Consider what feeds your soul on the very deepest level and makes your heart sing!

These are important considerations and questions we need to be asking ourselves and each other.

Lets get clear enough with ourselves that we can live a life of great beauty, great love, great passion, and great service to others.

It is time that You find your passion, your flow!

Where are Uranus and Pluto transiting in your natal horoscope? Where in your life is empowerment being offered, and transformation being demanded? 

What are YOU doing to create the space for this change?  How are your decisions and personal transformation assisting in the transformation of the entire human race, in some profound or subtle way?

On Monday, May 20 (EDT) we reach the third of seven exact hits of this powerful life changing and culture altering transit!

Contact me for a consultation! These are wild times we are navigating! Together we can explore what these times are asking of you. 

An astrological consultation will reveal a larger perspective and will show where and how you are being impacted by theses changes.  We can help you to a deeper understanding of your place in the patterns of these Universal changes.

Sending love and gratitude to each and every one of you,


Uranus and Pluto, Ramping-Up Intensity and Transformation

Uranus and Pluto are heading back into the limelight again!

We are moving into a very active and intense few weeks as we move ever closer to the next exact Square between Uranus and Pluto (May 20th).

Our attention is drawn, or perhaps riveted, to the energy of this combination as it is being activated by Mars, Venus, and the Sun. 

Mars made contact with Uranus last Friday and will Square Pluto on Tuesday, the day before the Full Moon (Libra). Over the next two weeks both Venus and the Sun will follow suit as they make connections with this intensely powerful pair.

As these planets, all in ARIES, move toward Uranus they will activate the energy that is so intensely stretched. They effectively provide us with a graphic preview as they pave the way toward the upcoming URANUS AND PLUTO Stand-off! 

Pay attention, during this time, to our own processes, the stories we hear about the lives of those around us, the local, national, and world news! Look for truths to be revealed, secrets to be uncovered.

Can we feel the intense vibration of power, anxiety, and revolution?  Can we sense the demand for independence, for revelations, the demand for clarity and honesty?

We don’t have to look far to see the clash of energies in the world or in our own hearts. We long for the stability of what we know and yet we require change and revolution. We know that the old order must be brought to an end or we will annihilate ourselves, yet we can’t bare to to face the fear of leaving the past behind.

We want the excitement of moving ahead but are afraid of what is real change will bring. We want to see revolution and yet we are afraid to lose the power we now hold in our own hands.

To deeply understand astrology it is important to realize that each planet is in relationship with every other planet. Each pair of planets goes through cycles of relationship.

Consider about what you know about the Moon Cycle, review that information if necessary.

The current cycle between URANUS AND PLUTO began in 1965/1966 when they came together in a conjunction. The conjunction between any two planets correlates to the New Moon in that it is the beginning of a New Cycle; something new is created at this New Cycle.

Two powerful energies came together in 1965-66 reflecting an amazing birth of new energy in our world and in our hearts. Everything felt new and all things felt possible in the 1960’s! If you were there you remember the power in those years. If you have read your history books you may have some glimmer.

The 1960’s were perfectly reflective of the energies of these two planets. Uranus = Revolution, Pluto = Transformation. The 60’s were born.

Now we are in the First Quarter Phase of the relationship between these two planets.  Always the first Square in a Relationship between two planets brings the issues that were born at the Conjunction to a point of Crisis and a Demand for Action!

Every issue of the 1960 is back on the table, we are clearly at a point of Crisis, all these issues are demanding action and growth.

Let us each put our strongest efforts into our response to these times.  It is time to work toward our future as humans on this planet. 

What can we do to help?

We must each make the effort to be true to ourselves, to be kind to each other, to let go of the patterns we have been stuck in of selfishness and look to where we can be of service.

We must come to understand that in order to help ourselves and the planet we must serve each other. Only in lifting each other do we all reach higher ground.

Let us work to respond to this time of Crisis in a manner that will bring us to a powerful Full phase when Uranus Opposes Pluto in 2046!

If we can work it well this time, I think I’ll try to stay around that long to see the full illumination of this amazing cycle!  I can almost imagine!!

The Transformational Power of Love

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today we open our eyes to a deep powerful beauty that is possible for us to encounter as we face major destruction/transformation in our lives. We are able to find immense power and value in the process of decay.

I am not speaking of the death of these human bodies we reside in (we will save that topic for another day).

There are many deaths that we face in preparation for that ultimate ending. We face the death of pets we have grown to love, the death of self image as our lifestyle changes in unexpectedly abrupt ways, the death of relationships we truly thought would last throughout our lives, and yes, the physical death of parents, friends, and loved ones.

In all of these instances we experience the intense pain of death, and through these experiences we learn to welcome the new birth that invariably follows.

Our lives are constantly changing and we must accept the changes just as we must accept the process and the cycles of life and death.

Without major transformation, or the finality of death there would be no space for new growth, for new life. We are clearly aware of this fact and yet when we find ourselves facing the immense power of mortality, or the loss of something or someone so vitally important to us, it is not so easy to embrace it’s reality.

We struggle mightily to accept the inevitable!

And yet, ultimately, most of us are able to come to that point of acceptance, and once we reach that point, we may even be willing to open to the utter beauty in the cycles that bring such transformation.  

The beauty of what is new in our lives is only possible because of the reality of endings and death.

All of life and all planetary pairs go through the same cycles:

Birth – Growth – Full Expression – Release – Death.

Today VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO.  The Goddess of Love embraces the Lord of Darkness.

This is a passionate encounter! We go deeply into passion, love, obsession. Venus brings her special brand of love and beauty to the intense transformational energy of Pluto.

Perhaps today Passion will find us. Secrets may be revealed. We may stumble upon a way to open a door of trust. 

Today a new cycle begins. Pay attention. Trust your own inner voice of passion and love.  What is done is gone, it is time to let go in order to welcome the new.

Today we end the cycle between Venus and Pluto that began a little over a year ago. Consider what began in December 2011, a crisis likely occurred in February 2012 regarding the growth of what had begun, then we saw the full expression of the cycle in August 2012, and began to release the issue in November 2012.

Look carefully at these dates. Go check your calendars and journals. let me know if you see a clear example of how this worked in your life.  For me it speaks of the growing illness, death, and ultimate release of my father and of  my role as a daughter and a sister as I had played those roles throughout my life. The process is now complete and I am ready to begin a new intensity of viewing life, love, and beauty.

What was your situation in December 2011? What power dynamics were begun at that time in relationship?  Perhaps for you the cycle was focused on finances, resources, or wealth? What issues of relationship, love, sexuality, money, or resources have been through the cycle of birth, growth, expression, and release over the past year?

What has now been released?  What has been boiled down into seed form to be replanted and is now beginning in a new form?

Under this influence we may connect very deeply with others. Go ahead open your heart. Allow vulnerability. A broken heart is a tender heart. Compassion does not grow without a depth of suffering.

Begin the Cycle again. Discover once again the transformational power of love!

Cancer Full Moon – Release Emotions of 2012

December 28, 2012:

As 2012 comes to a close we encounter one final challenge, one final emotional upheaval to remind us of what an intense year we are ready to put behind us.

Within the next few days we will be putting to rest an issue that began a year ago, culminated at the end of June and is now ready to be released.

Give that some thought and we will revisit it in a few days.

For now we want to consider today’s FULL MOON IN CANCER. Our emotions are so close to the surface.

We are given the opportunity for an emotional cleaning that will enable us to move more freely into the coming year.

The emotional issues that have haunted us throughout this year (as expressed through the SQUARE between URANUS AND PLUTO) are building; today’s FULL MOON provides a time of release.

It is important that we are conscious in this release to channel the power in a positive, life affirming manner.

This CANCER FULL MOON SQUARES URANUS IN ARIES (representing an impatient warrior) and OPPOSES PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (representing explosive, or transformed power). 

These are dangerous waters if we are not awake in our lives. We must keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open to the transformational power of love, kindness, and basic human goodness.

If we allow ourselves to slip into negative, ugly spaces we will wake tomorrow with deep regret. Take time to sit in quiet meditation this morning and create a day filled with love. Honor the life of those in your world. 

Give a ton of slack to anyone who is struggling. Do not expect perfection from yourself or others. For this moment, good enough is excellent!

SATURN IN SCORPIO is in a sweet supportive TRINE to this FULL MOON suggesting that we are able to go very deeply into the feelings that are presenting.  Ride the waves of deep sensitivity and deep emotion, we can handle more than we may realize. We have built a structure that is able to support us.

It is not necessary to hold emotion at a distance. Feel it fully, let go of whatever story is behind the feelings, stay with the emotions, let the story go.

We are able to  shift and transform pain to exquisite emotion.

Today we are presented with the opportunity to free ourselves from much of the hurt we have gathered throughout the year. Let it go. Come cleanly to 2013!





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