Responsibility & Reflection

Here we come to the end of another intense week.

Today’s CAPRICORN MOON begins the weekend with a great deal of emotional attachment to our ambitions, our ability to organize, and make use of our resources.

We may be surprised at the end of the day to see how far we have come, how much has been accomplished.

In the early morning hours The MOON makes stressful contact with the infamous URANUS SQUARE PLUTO transit that presents a perfect reflection of the irrevocable shifts, sinkholes, and transmutation of our world.

This reflection is clearly evident in our personal lives, our families, our communities, our nations, our planet, and even our Universe!

This evening also brings us to the FIRST QUARTER MOON (CAPRICORN).

Last Friday’s NEW MOON (exactly connecting with Uranus Square Pluto) was a very significant point in time.

Wow! It certainly uprooted my life! Funny how everything can change on a dime!

Look at your own personal circumstances. What began in your life, what came forth last weekend that now needs to be addressed in a serious manner?

Where in your life is it time to step up to the plate, accept your position of authority and responsibility and move forward with maturity into the unknown future.

Facing this reality will bring more beauty, grace, and balance to your life.

What is the appropriate action to take at this time in order to follow the path begun at last Friday’s LIBRA NEW MOON?

That is today’s consideration.

Virgo New Moon

Today’s VIRGO NEW MOON is exact at 7:36AM EDT.

I just love the energy of the past few days that led us into this month’s Virgo New Moon!

For several days we have been in the Dark of the Moon; a time of quiet preparation, a time of introspection and of closing doors that we no longer need to go through.

Each month as the Lunar Cycle comes to a close, and the Moon draws closer to the Sun (the New Moon occurs as the two unite), the Moon releases all but the deepest seed kernel of wisdom from the previous cycle.
The final aspect made by the Moon before she entered Virgo was a sweet Sextile to Venus, the planet of love and beauty (at 1:53PM EDT on Tuesday).

Following the connection to Venus, the Moon was VOC (void-of-course) for 16+ hours, between 1:53PM EDT on Tuesday and 6:44AM EDT on Wednesday) offering a gentle entry to guide us into this month’s New Moon phase.

Today, consider what Virgo means and how we can best work with the energies presented.

This is the time to begin new habits, to pay attention to the details, to clean up clutter that is within our minds and/or our environment.

Mercury rules Virgo; Mercury reflects all that relates to our minds, our way of thinking and communicating. This is a great time to develop new habits of mind.

Develop routines and habits of mindfulness, pay attention to your mind, to what you think about and what you speak about.

Bring simplicity to your thought processes, release complications. Spend the next few days exploring where you want to go and how well the details of your life and your habits support your direction.

Consider how we develop habits and how we can change them to better support our lives!

There is one more very important thing to consider at this Virgo New Moon. Virgo is the most selfless of the signs. Virgo wants to perfect something within itself to offer as a service to all of humanity. Consider what there is for you to perfect for the benefit of others.

First consider your potential to be of service to others. How can you help in this world? Who needs what you have to offer?

Ask yourself: how can my life serve the betterment of humanity?

Whatever it is that you can do does not have to be huge. It can be as simple as a kind word to the cashier at the grocery store, a helping hand when it is needed but not expected.

What can you do to help? It doesn’t have to be profound. The tiniest acts of kindness can change everything!

Remember the butterfly effect! e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park. The small things we do can be of great impact!

Have a lovely day!

Opportunity for Stabilization

The MOON enters the moody emotional waters of CANCER at 7:33 AM EDT slowing down our minds, after the very busy state of our thinking during the past few days of Gemini Moon!

As we search for a resting place, we turn toward our families, loved ones, the past, and the deepest tender places of vulnerability within.




Today you are likely to encounter an opportunity to stabilize your situation in several ways.

There is nothing to suggest that you will,  necessarily, accept that opportunity, or travel the path that is generously presented. Your own free will determines your response to what is offered.

However, if your eyes are open, and your mind is alert, you will see the offering.

Your job is to take what is offered today.

Consider the issue of Vulnerability. We all try to avoid those places in our lives where we sense our deepest vulnerability, and yet, if we pay attention it becomes clear that our deepest opportunities, creativity, and ability to move forward come when we courageously face those internal vulnerabilities.

Perhaps facing our inherent vulnerability is the very definition of courage.

Virgo Full Moon, Consider Motivation

Monday, February 25, 2013


A FULL MOON brings with it an ability to see, with clarity, our emotional connection with the Cycle of Relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

Today the Sun is in the mystical, sensitive, intangible sign of PISCES. The light of the SUN fully illuminates the MOON, currently holding court opposite the Sun in the hard working an proper sign of VIRGO.

Let us consider VIRGO, she has an interesting reputation which precedes her. She is considered to be prudish, critical, overly concerned with details, and unable to see the big picture.

Virgo has a bad rap!

Virgo knows what she is capable of and doesn’t easily settle for less. She may understand, better than we do, what we are capable of as well. She may feel the need to push us. She is only trying to help!

Virgo understands the importance of keeping our world organized, keeping order in our environment. She understands the importance of discrimination and doesn’t suffer fools lightly!

There is no harder worker than someone with productive, efficient,meticulous Virgo energy!

The purpose of all that work, organization, and refinement must be fully understood.

Why does anyone works hard?  Of course we all need those paychecks, but what is the motivation that work gratifies in each of us, or rather for each sign?

I hope it goes without saying that this is very simplistic. We are so much more than the Sign of our Sun our Moon or any single planet, but this will give us something to consider.

What motivates effort for the twelve signs?

ARIES works hard to prove that he is number One!

TAURUS works hard to establish security!

GEMINI works hard to gather more stories and more information!

CANCER works hard to open her heart to love.

LEO works hard to procure adequate appreciation!


LIBRA works hard it to be charming and to create beauty.

SCORPIO works hard to gain control and/or power.

SAGITTARIUS works hard at exploring new physical, mental, and emotional territories.

CAPRICORN works hard. His ambition will bring him to the Top!

AQUARIUS works hard for humanitarian causes and to have a social significance.

PISCES works hard ?? to create magic, music, or art.

Of all the Signs I see Virgo as the most selfless! All that work, all that drive toward perfection is for the sole purpose of being of service to others or to humanity as a whole.

There is a level of kindness in Virgo that isn’t immediately obvious. Anyone with a strong Virgo component must find something within themselves to perfect. They must find the one thing, perfect it, and offer it for the betterment of the world and their fellow humans.

On this Full Moon we have an open pathway to view the connection between deep spirit, deep mysticism (PISCES) and the need to serve our fellow humans (VIRGO).

Today we are able to see, at least a shadow of our place in this puzzle. Today we can make out the still blurry outline of what it is we have to offer.

Regardless of how large or small it may be, it is a gift. Today we open our eyes and see, we can’t expect crystal clarity as Neptune is busy clouding everything. 

 We are able to make out the outline. For now, that is enough!

 Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and about to join with Mars. This is a day to pay careful attention to, not only our words, but our intentions, and all that lies below the surface.

Watch anxiety or any anger that wants to creep in around the corners we may not be vigilant about.

Let is slip right on by. Don’t hold on, don’t try to control. Just rest and let it go.

A few more weeks with all this PISCES!   REMEMBER… we are learning to understand on a deeper level, and to trust that which is not seen. 

© by Laurie Farrington
February 2013

Enjoy a LEO Full Moon on a Saturday Night!

January 26, 2013:

What luck to have a LEO FULL MOON on a Saturday night!

We think of the phases of the Moon as being about the Moon. The visual of it is so dramatic.  As we watch the changing shape it seems that it really is all about the MOON!

However, what we are seeing is simply the Relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

Let us consider the relationship itself.

The Cycle repeats itself each month, beginning at the New Moon when the SUN and the MOON come together at the same degree of the Zodiac. This is the NEW MOON, the conjunction of the SUN and the MOON. 

Two weeks ago, on January 11th, we began this particular cycle with the NEW MOON in CAPRICORN.

At the time of the NEW MOON, a New Cycle in the Relationship between the SUN and the MOON is born.

Two weeks following a NEW MOON, the MOON has circled half way around the Zodiac and is in exact OPPOSITION to the SUN; this gives us the view of  the FULL MOON. 

Today we come to the FULL MOON in LEO! The SUN is now in AQUARIUS exactly opposite the MOON!

From the time of a NEW MOON until its corresponding FULL MOON we are in a process of building. (Please see more about the lunar cycles in this earlier post)

When we reach the moment of the FULL MOON, the building process is complete. We are now able, and it is now necessary, for us to release the creative energy that has been intensifying throughout the process.

 At the FULL MOON the relationship between the Sun and the Moon comes to Full Expression, Full Illumination!

Releasing creative energy is the purpose of a FULL MOON!

What is it that we have been building toward!? What energy are we ready to release into the world?!


I would love for you to share a FULL MOON story here with us!!!

I remember when I was a child, my dad would take the family on drives during the Full Moon. We would head out far from civilization and enjoy the brightness of the night. Just when we would least expect it he would turn the headlights off and we would drive in the silent light of just the Moon. Even with 5 children in the car, when those lights went off it was totally silent in that car! When the lights came back on we would cheer with sheer joy. In retrospect, it was a deep release of some sort of all kinds of family tension.

Today is a great day to begin a tradition of some kind to mark the FULL MOON’S of our lives!

Don’t forget or underestimate the power and joy of howling at the Moon! Literally.

I know it is cold out… but bundle up and get out there! You will be so glad that you did!

Even if it is winter, a picnic by Moonlight is always a great idea! If you can’t handle the cold, do it right on your living room floor! Open the blinds, let the light shine in and open a bottle of champagne! The Moon will show us all in the sweetest light!

Today we open our hearts in full generosity.

Focus the release of that FULL MOON ENERGY! Get out and DANCE! HOWL!

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