Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 5, 2014 through May 11, 2014

Here we are entering a new week with the Cardinal Grand Cross behind us.

Clearly that does not mean that everything goes back to normal! We move forward, not backward. Nothing ever returns to what it was before!

This feels ever so true in these days. Our awareness has opened beyond what we could have expected. We are able to see our connection to each other and the greater Universe like never before!

There are many people, and situations, in our immediate surroundings and in the world that will take a great deal of time to assimilate what has happened over the last several weeks.

This week The Moon begins her travels in the warm, emotional Sign of Cancer and ends in the diplomatic, connection oriented Sign of Libra.

Last week was a time of full self-engagement, our care and concern was with ourselves; this week we become more aware of others and proceed with a bit more care and compassion for family, children, and intimate partners.

Mercury, the planet of our thinking, communications, and the workings of our minds has been in Taurus since the 23rd of April.  This week Mercury (Wednesday night) moves into Gemini, a Sign that is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury is very happy in Gemini and is moving along at a very quick pace, suggesting speediness of our minds. Our curiosity is intensified and will expand greatly following her/his entry into Gemini.

Well Mercury was in Taurus we worked hard to maintain stabilization within our minds. We tried to keep new thoughts to a minimum no matter how strongly those thoughts were pushing on us. Now we find ourselves ready to open our minds with curiosity and excitement; to bring our thoughts to bear on all that has occurred over the past few weeks. We are ready to hear stories and tell a few of our own!

Monday, May 5, 2014:

Monday begins with the Moon in emotional, family oriented Cancer.  She will be VOC* following a Sextile to Mercury at 4:46 AM EDT. Having the work-week begin with the Moon VOC* is less than ideal. A VOC* Moon just doesn’t equate to a day of great accomplishment. The moon will enter Leo at 1:56 PM bringing more focus and ability into the later part of the day. This will very likely play out to be a great evening for a date with someone new.  You will feel a good deal of self-confidence and the desire to fully express yourself. With a beautiful free flowing Trine between the Moon and Venus you may fee ready and able to shine your inner light brightly!   

Tuesday, May 6, 2014:

Whatever began at the Taurus New Moon last Tuesday (April 29th) will need some attention on Tuesday. Whatever you began at that time may feel somehow uncomfortable and unworkable a week later. Rather than tossing that idea aside, consider what action you can take to move it forward. This is the First Quarter Square in the Cycle between the Sun and the Moon. The First-Quarter Square in any Cycle always suggests a problem, with the solution being a particular action. The thing to determine is what that action must be. Think deeply on this today, find the action and take it.

Tuesday has a lovely aspect between the Sun and Jupiter. This opens us deeply, allowing an overflowing sense of expansion, gratitude, and generosity to our outlook. Last year on June 19th the Sun and Jupiter came together at 28 degrees Gemini. What expansion began at that time? Whatever began at that time has come a long ways toward completion. Today you are able to begin letting go of what began then as you will soon begin another Cycle (July 24, 2014) of deepening fulfillment. This is a day of high-energy, high activity, and the potential for a great success.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014:

On Wednesday we come upon another very long VOC Moon. This VOC Moon is in Leo throughout the day following a square to Saturn at 6:51 AM. Keep in mind that  a VOC Moon suggests that that this is a time ‘between’. This is a time when ‘what we do’ is not as important as ‘who we be’. These are times to keep a low profile, rest, rejuvenate, and go inward.

At 10:56 AM EDT Mercury enters Gemini; Mercury rules Gemini, therefore s/he is delighted to enter this active, curious, nervous Sign. Throughout the intensely stressful time of the Cardinal Grand Cross Mercury was in Taurus. This helped us to maintain some stability of mind throughout time. Now our minds, our curiosity, and our communications will get more active and engaged in understanding the process we have recently come through.

Thursday, May 8, 2014:

We wake Thursday morning to the Moon having entered the Sign of high discrimination and order: Virgo. This brings our consideration to issues of refinement, perfection, and highly detailed work. The Moon in Virgo is a time to consider our own judgments of ourselves and others. As we pay attention to the conversation within ourselves we may notice the critical and judgmental side of the archetype of Virgo. Notice how the judgements and criticisms turn most powerfully on ourselves. Friendliness is not something to direct only to others. Unconditional friendliness towards the self is of crucial importance. Thursday evening the Virgo Moon connects with Neptune for an evening of imagination, sensitivity, and inspiration

Friday, May 9, 2014:

Friday the moon is in Virgo throughout the day making lovely aspects with Pluto, Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturn.  Step aside from all of your expectation on Friday and look clearly at the details of your life; work on organization of the whole. There is a clarity and kindness in Virgo that we can open to at this time. This is also a day when we can feel very accomplished and productive. When we leave the office at the end of the day we know we have put in a good days work and are ready for the weekend.

Following a Sextile to Saturn at 6:08 PM EDT the Moon is VOC until Saturday morning. This encourages us to take quiet Friday evening, save your energy for the  up-coming weekend.

Saturday, May 10, 2014:

Not too long after midnight on Friday night the Moon entered Libra. Our connection, we long for that perfect partner. Do not mope around if you do not have a partner; make contact with others in the morning. Find someone to go to lunch or a movie with.

Saturday afternoon (2:27 PM EDT) the Taurus Sun Opposes Saturn (Scorpio). This is a powerful suggestion of dissatisfaction or a time to build a serious structure in your life. Consider what happened between November 5th and November 7th of 2013.  What was very serious or very important that began at that time?  Now you are able to see where the choices you made at that time have brought you. This is the time of full expression of what began then. Consider this and take the next logical steps forward in the process that began then. If you find that you are not where you hoped you would be on this situation, now is the time that you can make new choices on that situation.

Sunday May 11, 2014:

Sunday may prove to be the most stressful day of the week. Early in the morning while you are sleeping Venus Opposes Mars. Consider the Cycle of Venus and Mars as a reflection of the Cycle of Relationship. This Cycle began in early April 2013.  Did you begin, deepen, or otherwise change a significant Relationship at that time? Where do you find that Relationship now?  There may be a good deal of stress involved but you should have a clear view of reality regarding this relationship at this time!

Sunday morning at 8:33 AM EDT Mercury squares Neptune. It may be easier for you to put those rose-colored glasses on then to look at reality. This will be your choice for today. Are you able to see this Relationship with clearly opened eyes or are you looking at it from a perspective of illusion? Time spent in meditation, getting lost in music or poetry would be a nice way to conclude the day. The Libra Moon does make contact with what is left of the Cardinal Grand Cross adding a certain amount of stress to the afternoon. Don’t let it slow you down; prepare for the week ahead and move forward.

Paintings by: Paul Gauguin

ca. 1849 – 1903

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Responsibility & Reflection

Here we come to the end of another intense week.

Today’s CAPRICORN MOON begins the weekend with a great deal of emotional attachment to our ambitions, our ability to organize, and make use of our resources.

We may be surprised at the end of the day to see how far we have come, how much has been accomplished.

In the early morning hours The MOON makes stressful contact with the infamous URANUS SQUARE PLUTO transit that presents a perfect reflection of the irrevocable shifts, sinkholes, and transmutation of our world.

This reflection is clearly evident in our personal lives, our families, our communities, our nations, our planet, and even our Universe!

This evening also brings us to the FIRST QUARTER MOON (CAPRICORN).

Last Friday’s NEW MOON (exactly connecting with Uranus Square Pluto) was a very significant point in time.

Wow! It certainly uprooted my life! Funny how everything can change on a dime!

Look at your own personal circumstances. What began in your life, what came forth last weekend that now needs to be addressed in a serious manner?

Where in your life is it time to step up to the plate, accept your position of authority and responsibility and move forward with maturity into the unknown future.

Facing this reality will bring more beauty, grace, and balance to your life.

What is the appropriate action to take at this time in order to follow the path begun at last Friday’s LIBRA NEW MOON?

That is today’s consideration.

Uranus and Pluto, Ramping-Up Intensity and Transformation

Uranus and Pluto are heading back into the limelight again!

We are moving into a very active and intense few weeks as we move ever closer to the next exact Square between Uranus and Pluto (May 20th).

Our attention is drawn, or perhaps riveted, to the energy of this combination as it is being activated by Mars, Venus, and the Sun. 

Mars made contact with Uranus last Friday and will Square Pluto on Tuesday, the day before the Full Moon (Libra). Over the next two weeks both Venus and the Sun will follow suit as they make connections with this intensely powerful pair.

As these planets, all in ARIES, move toward Uranus they will activate the energy that is so intensely stretched. They effectively provide us with a graphic preview as they pave the way toward the upcoming URANUS AND PLUTO Stand-off! 

Pay attention, during this time, to our own processes, the stories we hear about the lives of those around us, the local, national, and world news! Look for truths to be revealed, secrets to be uncovered.

Can we feel the intense vibration of power, anxiety, and revolution?  Can we sense the demand for independence, for revelations, the demand for clarity and honesty?

We don’t have to look far to see the clash of energies in the world or in our own hearts. We long for the stability of what we know and yet we require change and revolution. We know that the old order must be brought to an end or we will annihilate ourselves, yet we can’t bare to to face the fear of leaving the past behind.

We want the excitement of moving ahead but are afraid of what is real change will bring. We want to see revolution and yet we are afraid to lose the power we now hold in our own hands.

To deeply understand astrology it is important to realize that each planet is in relationship with every other planet. Each pair of planets goes through cycles of relationship.

Consider about what you know about the Moon Cycle, review that information if necessary.

The current cycle between URANUS AND PLUTO began in 1965/1966 when they came together in a conjunction. The conjunction between any two planets correlates to the New Moon in that it is the beginning of a New Cycle; something new is created at this New Cycle.

Two powerful energies came together in 1965-66 reflecting an amazing birth of new energy in our world and in our hearts. Everything felt new and all things felt possible in the 1960’s! If you were there you remember the power in those years. If you have read your history books you may have some glimmer.

The 1960’s were perfectly reflective of the energies of these two planets. Uranus = Revolution, Pluto = Transformation. The 60’s were born.

Now we are in the First Quarter Phase of the relationship between these two planets.  Always the first Square in a Relationship between two planets brings the issues that were born at the Conjunction to a point of Crisis and a Demand for Action!

Every issue of the 1960 is back on the table, we are clearly at a point of Crisis, all these issues are demanding action and growth.

Let us each put our strongest efforts into our response to these times.  It is time to work toward our future as humans on this planet. 

What can we do to help?

We must each make the effort to be true to ourselves, to be kind to each other, to let go of the patterns we have been stuck in of selfishness and look to where we can be of service.

We must come to understand that in order to help ourselves and the planet we must serve each other. Only in lifting each other do we all reach higher ground.

Let us work to respond to this time of Crisis in a manner that will bring us to a powerful Full phase when Uranus Opposes Pluto in 2046!

If we can work it well this time, I think I’ll try to stay around that long to see the full illumination of this amazing cycle!  I can almost imagine!!

The Lunar Phases and How to Use Them – Part 1

I think today is a great day to begin to talk about the Cycles of the Moon.

Funny that we call it the Lunar Phases, or the Moon Cycles when it is really the relationship between the Sun and the Moon that is being discussed.

The Moon does not go through the visual changes we see on her own. It is  through her  relationship with the energy and the light of the Sun that changes how we see the shape of the Moon throughout the month.

Understanding these Cycles and learning how to use them, provides us with a powerful tool that can be used to assist in the organization of our lives.

As we work with these cycles we come to an important understanding of cycles in general. 

As we follow the path of the Moon we come to see how all pairs of planets, and, indeed, all of life, progress through these same cycles. 

The visual drama of the Moon Phases enables us to see and understand how these cycles work and how they relate to the cycles of all planets and all of life.

The Lunar Cycle begins at the NEW MOON which represents and speaks to us of birth and beginnings. This is a time to begin projects, to plant  seeds, to breath life into something that we hope will expand and grow.

Friday, January 11th was the first New Moon of 2013.

When the Moon is in the New Phase it is aligned with the Sun. Therefore when the Sun is in Capricorn, it stands to reason that the New Moon is also in Capricorn.

Next month when the Sun is in Aquarius the corresponding New Moon will be in Aquarius, and so on through all the signs of the zodiac. This cycle actually begins at the Spring Equinox with the New Moon in Aries.

The Full Moon follows the New Moon each month when the Moon has traveled half way through the zodiac and is opposing the Sun.

It takes approximately 2 weeks for the Moon to move from New to Full, to move half way around the zodiac.

In this way the Full Moon is in the sign opposite where it was at the New Moon. Therefore the next Full Moon falls on January 26th in Cancer (the opposite sign to Capricorn).

In February the New Moon will be in Aquarius and the Full Moon will be in it’s opposite sign of Leo.

As we learn to work with these Cycles it is best to begin with month sized projects so that it will be clear how the cycles works. 

For the time being lets present a simple listing of the Phases of the cycle and an explanation of how to work with each of the eight phases.

The New Moon begins the Cycle. It is the birth, the beginning, the emergence of something new. This is the time to place your intention on a particular action. During this phase a seed is planted, stimulated by vision and inspiration. Time alone in meditation or visualization is of value.

The Crescent Phase (3.5 days after the New Moon) This is a time of expansion, growth, and opportunity. This is the time to investigate, research, and gather information to support the idea that was planted at the New Moon. Write an affirmation, commit to the goal, light a candle.

The First Quarter Phase (a week after the New Moon) This is the time in the cycle to take an important action necessary to proceed toward the goal. This is a time of action, growth, and expression of the direction you are moving.  Contact others for assistance, help, and support. Act now.

The Gibbous Phase (2.5 days after the First Quarter) This is the time in the cycle to keep your eyes wide for adjustments that should be made as we await the full bloom of our goal. At this point it is important to continue preparations and trust the coming bloom! Rest in the wait, analyze, wait without judgement or worry. Continue to analyze and trust.

The Full Moon Phase (2 weeks after the New Moon) is the time when you are given a full view of the results of the seed that was planted at the New Moon. Here we have full illumination, full understanding of the process, and yet still the ability to make adjustments. Open your heart to the understanding of others, and the expression of what you intended at the New Moon. Allow full expression, awareness, and understanding.

The Disseminating Moon Phase (2.5 days after the Full Moon) is the time of the cycle when we see how much we have learned and are ready to share our new understanding with others.  By teaching others we gain much clarity and more expansive awareness. At this time we give back to those who have supported us in the process and distribute our love and knowledge. Share with others.

The Last Quarter Moon (1 week after the Full Moon) At this phase we realign, revision, and begin the process of letting go of this portion of your goal. Here we take action to close, to complete the activities we have been involved with in this process. At this point we are able to see what has and what has not worked in our plan for this goal and this cycle. Take responsibility for what you have created.

The Balsamic Moon Phase – the Dark of the Moon (2 – 5 days after the Last Quarter Moon) Now we are brought to the ending of this cycle. It is time to begin the action of releasing, transforming, and renewing our position. Now we  reflect on the passage of time and the passage of the cycle in order to prepare for the end of this cycle and the beginning of another. At this time we boil down all our understanding into the seed form that will be planted for the next cycle. It is time to let go, to trust, to prepare for the next phase that is coming. Become still.

More on these Cycles in the coming week! Stick with me! :)

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