Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: June 12, 2017 through June 18, 2017


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Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh


Monday, June 12, 2017:

Monday’s determined Capricorn Moon is a great source of support as you head into the week fully engaged and focused on effort and accomplishment. However, as the day goes on, your ability to maintain that focus may be impacted by last-minute changes in direction.

At 2:46 PM EDT, when the Moon squares Uranus, the planet of upheaval, the entire direction of your work may shift. Do your best not to let this derail you. This is only a Moon transit; please remember that this will pass quickly. Take an extended coffee break and allow innovative ideas to come into your awareness in order to get back to work with renewed excitement and energy.

At 7:45 PM EDT, the Moon enters unpredictable Aquarius, encouraging you to continue developing the surprising innovations that nudged at you earlier in the day. The conventional methods you initially were working with can now shift and allow new ways of viewing the project at hand.

Happy Birthday to Ann Frank, Aaron Farrington, Emily Walter, Chick Corea, and John Steinbeck!

The Capricorn Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 2:46 PM EDT until she enters Aquarius at 7:45 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.



Tuesday, June 13, 2017:

Tuesday brings a day full of mental activity, a busy day of thinking and articulating what is on your mind.

Mercury is considered to be the Winged Messenger of the Gods, and is seen as carrying messages between the planets. He moves quickly, activating all forms of communication, intellect, reasoning, and awareness; all of these are within the realm of Mercury’s domain. Pay attention to the nature of your thought processes and the content of your mind.

At 11:44 AM EDT, Mercury forms a flowing trine aspect to philosophical Jupiter, bringing optimism and enthusiasm to your thinking. Then, shortly before bedtime (at 11:29 PM EDT), Mercury forms a challenging square aspect to elusive, dreamy Neptune. What message of optimism is Mercury bringing to your deepest dreams or your spiritual path?

I think Mercury is offering a message of hope to areas of confusion within your soul. Allow yourself to hear the messages that come from your dreams. Meditate and listen in silence to the persistence voice that calls you to the deepest understanding of Universal Love.

With the Moon in innovative Aquarius, your open heart perceives a progressive humanitarian view of your world.

Happy Birthday to William Yeats, Paul Lynde, and Tim Allen!




Wednesday, June 14, 2017:

Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass by Vincent van Gogh

With the Moon in progressive Aquarius, forming a flowing trine to the Gemini Sun, you will want to express yourself in a highly individualistic manner on Wednesday.

You will be more interested in new experiences that are outside the arena of what has become familiar. If there are areas of your life where you have felt stuck and have been unable to move forward, this is a good time to say what needs to be said in order to facilitate the initial step forward. Listen as others speak, you will hear the originality beneath the ordinary.

Open your mind and allow your most exciting thoughts to gain momentum. At 7:49 PM EDT, when the Moon forms a sweet sextile aspect to Saturn, your wild thoughts and conversations are stabilized. Consider what lasting value is being created as you courageously express your most unusual ideas, your most unique self, or your beliefs regarding individual freedom.

Happy Birthday to Gilda Seelke, Vivian Van Natta, and Burl Ives!




Thursday, June 15, 2017:

Don’t be surprised if no one at your breakfast table seems particularly chipper on Thursday morning. At 6:17 AM EDT, the normally upbeat Gemini Sun opposes restrictive Saturn; immediately on the heels of that challenging aspect, the Moon slipped quietly into Pisces.

It will take focus and attention to use these energies productively, it would be all too easy to fall into self-pity or victim type behaviors. Don’t go there!

The Pisces Moon would rather avoid reality in any number of ways while Saturn opposing the Sun (this transit will last throughout the day and into Friday) demands that we face reality and make a solid effort to take responsibility for the rough places we still find ourselves.

Meditation will help but deep levels of compassion for yourself and others will be your best means for managing this day.

Happy Birthday to James Belushi, Newt Gingrich, and Waylon Jennings!

The Aquarius Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 1:40 AM EDT until she enters Pisces at 6:18 AM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.




Friday, June 16, 2017:

You may be up and seemingly functioning on Friday morning without being fully aware that you are not still dreaming!

As Neptune stations retrograde at 7:10 AM EDT and is closely followed by the Pisces Moon joining her at 14° Pisces, things are not as they seem. It is possible that you will feel particularly vulnerable and emotional, or perhaps you feel suspicious or confused.

The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are retrograde for long periods of time and are not challenging the way the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are during their retrogrades. The reversal of this passive, sensitive energy may take a few days to adjust to.

You may need to take a closer or more prolonged look at some of your more unrealistic plans and dreams.

You will definitely want to take a new look at what needs adjusting in your meditation practice.

The Moon remains in imaginative, mystical Pisces (ruled by Neptune) throughout the day. Have a restful evening in preparation for the weekend when you will have must more energy to work with.


Paysage by Piet Mondriaan via Wiki Commons


Saturday, June 17, 2017:

Saturday begins slowly; with the Third Quarter Moon in elusive Pisces. It may be hard to shake your dreams or move beyond a profound level of sensitivity. Under this influence, it is best to refrain from expectations of yourself or others.

At 1:55 PM EDT, impulsiveness or excitability will change your mental picture, as the Moon enters dynamic, impatient Aries. This will be a good afternoon for outdoor physical activities. Hiking, skydiving, or biking come to mind. Use your body to keep this powerful energy from getting stuck in anger or aggression. You may feel strongly motivated to start something new; the Aries Moon also providing the courage to step forward and take on whatever challenge you put your mind to.

Don’t plan for a quiet night at home with food and loved ones. You will do better to join your less sedate friends in a loud bar for a few beers!

Happy Birthday to M.C. Escher, Kelly Hurd, Barry Manilow, and Dean Martin!

The Pisces Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 7:33 AM EDT until she enters Aries at 1:55 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.




Sunday, June 18, 2017:

Sunday is likely to be a complex day. The fiercely impatient side of the Aries Moon will be on display as the she forms challenging aspects to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto pushing us to deal with challenges we may rather avoid. Pay attention and don’t let yourself be swept into passionate anger. Go for a walk to cool off if you feel that type of distress arising.

Conflicting messages are suggested by two major aspects perfecting on Sunday afternoon. At 2:47 PM EDT, the Gemini Sun forms a delightful sextile to Uranus which offers an opportunity of excitement, individuality, and freedom.

The conflicting message comes in when Mercury opposes Saturn at 3:07 PM EDT, this will likely feels much like a limitation being put on your thoughts and ideas.

Push and pull. Freedom vs. restriction.

Don’t allow yourself to fret in frustration. Allow both sides to exist side by side. A major key to living this life with joy is to allow and embrace paradox!

Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney, Sylvia Porter, Aaron Hirka, Kecia Gaboriault, and Beth Hopwood!




* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 2, 2016 through May 9, 2016

I don’t think there’s much we can do to keep this week simple.  We’re going to have to work with what is currently on the table.  The week begins with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in retrograde motion.

That is a lot of energy telling us to pay attention to all unfinished business, unresolved issues, and lingering doubts that are holding us back.  Now is the time to deeply focus on cleaning up and resolving issues from the past.

Моя Cемья by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

Моя Cемья by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

If you have been following astrology for any amount of time, you are familiar with the way Mercury retrograde tends to manifest in our lives.  If we are not paying attention, if we continue to push forward into new territory regarding communications or projects, then we are apt to run into problems, detours, and delays.

During this time, choose your communications carefully, double check details, and most of all, practice patience with all people (including yourself), and in all circumstances.

Mercury retrograde is not a terrible time!  If you consciously spend the time cleaning your desk, your mind, and your heart of old projects and overdue communications, this can be a time of great accomplishment.

The Mars retrograde is not so simple.

Mars is the planet of assertiveness, anger, leadership, courage, impulsive action, sexual energy, violence, and the power of will.

Consider that when a planet is retrograde, we are asked to look honestly at where we have fallen short in utilizing the energy of that planet.

The last time Mars was retrograde was between March 1, 2014 and May 19, 2014.  If you keep a journal, it will be helpful to go back and check that period of time in your life.  This can give you a good idea of how you personally respond to Mars retrograde; although you must keep in mind that where the retrograde is occurring in your own chart is also highly significant. The current Mars retrograde begins at 8° Sagittarius moving back to 23° Scorpio. If you want help in understanding this contact Jennie or me (Laurie) for a consultation!

Consider how you have utilized this strong Mars energy since May 2014.  What areas in your life have you misused powerful energy or been out of integrity?  Think about how you have used the power of your will, your sexual energy, and the power you wield over others through leadership or other methods of control and/or power.

It is now time to wake up and learn to better use your own powerful energies.

Pay attention to any disruptions that occur during this time.  Understand that disruptions now reflect the need to consciously wake up and use power and will with integrity and kindness to others.


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Make your appointment today! 

Together, we will work with your individual horoscope to explore your hopes, dreams, goals, your current path, and the reality of your life purpose.

Our conversation will offer you a profoundly renewed perspective on your life and circumstances.




Monday, May 2, 2016:

Monday would be a great day to stay home from work.  The Pisces Moon forms aspects that do not help pull us out of the space we may find ourselves in with sluggish energy and lack of focus.

At 8:23 AM EDT, the Pisces Moon opposes Jupiter and we may feel pulled between the fantasy world of Pisces and Virgo’s insistence that we fulfill our duties, and get back to work and accomplish something!

At 11:39 AM EDT, the Moon squares Saturn reaffirming the fact that we simply do not want to be at work.  If your work is highly creative, you may be able to use this to your advantage by thinking of it as putting effort into bringing the dream into reality.

Spend the evening in meditation, with a fantasy novel or movie, or go ahead and indulge in that extra glass of wine.  It is an evening for soft dreams, an evening to not only allow but enjoy the lack of clarity that holds sway.

Yes.  Go ahead and indulge your dreams.



Tuesday, May 3, 2016:

Buoyant optimism takes over on Tuesday with the Sun trine Jupiter in the wee hours of the morning.  The Moon then enters impulsive, energetic Aries at 12:05 PM EDT.  This is a welcome change after the sluggishness we had to manage on Monday.

The cycle between the Sun and Jupiter is a cycle of self-expansion and growth.  What seed of personal growth did you plant in late August of 2015?  Did you see a new possibility that could bring you into a broader understanding of your self and your place in the world?  Did you take action to bring clarity to your own growth in mid-December?  The full creativity of that seed was evident in early March and now you are able to accept the gift of higher understanding and an expansive ability to support others.

It would be good to move your body and expend physical energy this afternoon.  Go for a run, a bike ride, or a swim.  Use the assertive powerful energy of Aries in a way that will tire you out.

With the Aries Moon trine Mars around bedtime, you may have a hard time getting to sleep if you do not physically tire yourself out.  Of course, the best use of this energy would be to engage in a passionate romp in the hay.  If you have an interested, willing, and enthusiastic partner, make it a date.  If not, make a date with yourself.

You may stay up later than is customary on a weeknight but the sleep you get on the other side of enjoying a deep sexual connection will be worth more than a sleepless night with this energy blocked in your body.

There is much to enjoy in this day.  Keep your eye on the prize.


Alcazar desde Parque Safon by Angel Oliveras Guart via Wiki Commons

Alcazar desde Parque Safon by Angel Oliveras Guart via Wiki Commons


Wednesday, May 4, 2016:

By the end of Wednesday, you may feel that you have spent the day on a roller coaster.  In the midst of such a day, it may be helpful to maintain awareness that we are heading into the ‘dark of the Moon’.  Remember, the importance of quiet introspection over the next few days as we prepare for the Taurus New Moon on Friday.

The day begins under the influence of the Moon trine Saturn, stabilizing that powerful Aries Moon.  With courage and assertion, you should be able to get a great deal accomplished during the morning hours.

Remember, with Mercury retrograde to stick with already established plans and projects; do not start any new projects at this time.

The late afternoon brings us face-to-face with the stress and difficulty of the Moon square Pluto and later in the evening, the Moon conjunct Uranus.  Emotional concerns, disruptions, and struggles could easily rock the boat.  As much as possible do not lay blame; take responsibility for where you find yourself, and look deeply at what needs to be transformed to bring your life to a higher level of personal growth and understanding.

Work with this internal process; fighting against it could backfire into interpersonal dynamics that would only cause more difficulties on the path ahead.  In any and all interactions with others on Wednesday evening, offer kindness.  Get out of your own way.  Look into the eyes of those you encounter and see your reflection.



Thursday, May 5, 2016:

You may wake up on Thursday with the uncomfortable sense that you didn’t deal with Wednesday’s challenges as well as you wish you had.  You may have had a difficult night’s sleep as well.  There is no doubt that Mars retrograde adds to the difficulty of all challenging aspects to a sometimes overly aggressive Aries Moon.

Don’t let it get you worked up; things will smooth and energies shift dramatically as the Moon enters Taurus at 12:11 PM EDT.  We gratefully settle into a more peaceful emotional space and may even wonder what had us so stressed on Wednesday.  Whatever the cause of anxiety, it just doesn’t seem so important once the Moon is in steady, dependable Taurus.

The planets are very quiet for the rest of the day.  There is nothing to do but feel the calm, steady energy of Taurus, enjoy the desire for peace, comfort, and sensual touch.  Embrace the slower pace; get comfortable, and ‘stop to smell the roses’.  Offer a massage, a home cooked meal, or bring flowers to a friend.



Friday, May 6, 2016:

Lovely aspects to the steadfast Taurus Moon prevail throughout the day.  This is very significant with the New Moon exact at 2:30 PM EDT.  The aspects to a New Moon tell us much about the cycle we are beginning.

At this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 16° Taurus.  Together, the Sun and Moon form a Grand Earth Trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo.  This is a powerful configuration offering creative determination, resourcefulness, and the steadfast energy required to make powerful progress toward our most practical goals.

Please take time to do a simple New Moon ritual.  You want to complete the ritual after the exact time of the New Moon and within 24 hours.  This is a powerful New Moon for practical goals and accomplishments.  You should make a plan regarding real world desires; money or love come to mind.

Don’t neglect your New Moon ritual.  Keep it simple.  Take a moment to write down what you wish to begin or create in the upcoming cycle.  What do you want to see increase over the coming month?  Have two candles available for your ritual.  Light the first candle to represent yourself, just as you are at this moment in time.  Light the second candle as an aspiration of what you want to create.  Each day, take a moment to focus on yourself as you light the first candle.  As you light the second candle, focus on drawing to you what you are creating as you bring the two candles closer together.  At the Full Moon in two weeks, bring them fully together and see the results of what you have created.

Share this ritual with your friends and loved ones.  I have been using this process for some time now and find it amazingly powerful. 🙂


Mope by Aleks Vol via Wiki Commons

Mope by Aleks Vol via Wiki Commons


Saturday, May 7, 2016:

After the stabilizing New Moon on Friday, Saturday brings us the full empowerment of Sun trine Pluto.  This brings to our core an intense, free flowing energy of transformation and transcendence.

The current cycle between the Sun and Pluto (a cycle of personal empowerment) began in early January. At that time you planted a seed or set an intention intended to increase your personal power through dismantling some inner force; purification and rebirth required.

Whatever you did early in April to push forward with this dismantling and transformation has put you on a path now where you can flow with the change.

Look deeply and you will see what is being worked upon.  You will probably find the answer within the issues of Mars retrograde; issues of how much integrity you bring to your physicality and sexuality.  The trine aspect allows change to occur far more simply than you may expect.  It is not necessary to get in your own way.

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:35 AM EDT and with Mercury, (ruler of Gemini) retrograde, it would be easy to share this powerful internal process without realizing that others may not hear things in the way you intend.  Be sure that your reasons for sharing do not have complicated or unkind overtones.  Once you are clear on your integrity, go ahead and share, but double check that you are truly heard and understood.



Sunday, May 8, 2016:

Sunday the Gemini Moon is very active and your mind may be moving faster than you can keep up.  If you have a meditation practice, this is not a good day to skip it! Whatever you can do to stabilize your thinking early in the day will help you to make the most of it.

If you find yourself restless and agitated (the Gemini Moon is square Jupiter at 8:50 AM EDT), get out for an early morning walk.  Talk to yourself, your dog, and any inanimate objects; don’t bring the agitation into any of your domestic or family relationships.

The Moon opposes Saturn at 11:31 AM EDT allowing negativity and a judgmental attitude to attempt to sneak in.  It is a Moon transit so it won’t last long.  Go off by yourself, there is no point is stirring the pot when the energy will be gone if you simply allow it.  This is a good day to simply engage with a variety of activities. Keeping yourself busy will keep out of with unnecessary and problematic communications.

Remember, you are not alone in this.  Give everyone around you space to make mistakes.  Let it go.  If something is said that is upsetting to you, wait to discuss it later.  Today is not the day.

As long as you have managed the day without mishap, you can anticipate the late evening to loosen things up and allows space for some playful fun.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.





A Passionate Dance offers a New Cycle of Love

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: February 16, 2015 through February 22, 2015

There is much interesting activity and shifting energies throughout the upcoming week! The Sun enjoys its final days in the sharp, intellectual clarity of Aquarius before entering the watery sensitivity of Pisces on Wednesday evening.

As we move deeper into the week, Mars and Venus are dancing closely together in Pisces. We intuitively understand and work with releasing the expression of desire and beauty that began in April 2013. Perhaps the cycle beginning at that time brought with it a new romantic connection, a new direction in art or expression, or a new focus of our financial concerns (on a personal note, I finally gave up all outside work to focus on my astrology business in April 2013!).

Porto, Portugal by André Burian

Porto, Portugal by André Burian

In the last degrees of Pisces, you can expect this release to bring with it a certain amount of suffering. The process will bring less stress if you can let go of your need to control the opinions of others. If you find yourself in a victim/savior role; step aside and work on building healthy patterns of relating with yourself and others. Maintain an awareness of your patterns of alcohol and drug use.

As Venus and Mars enter Aries (exact on the powerful Aries Point – zero degrees Aries) shortly after midnight on Saturday; watch for the fireworks.

Once the past has been released, you are free to firmly take the reins on a new project, a new relationship, or a new development and focus of your desire. This brings us to a new cycle between Mars and Venus.

Where is Zero Degrees Aries in your personal horoscope? Can you anticipate what this new cycle means regarding your desires, attractions, and deepest values?

Attraction and a powerful pull toward relationship can be very compelling and significant at this time.

By the end of the week, we are immersed in the powerful element of Fire. Remember, Fire moves very quickly, is powerful, enthusiastic, and hot. With the Sun in Pisces approaching Neptune, use this time to work with your meditation practice to keep from being overwhelmed by the passionate energies coursing through our environment.


Monday, February 16, 2015:

The week begins as the serious Capricorn Moon offers us the opportunity to deal with the practical realities of releasing what was once deeply important to us. It is time to approach and/or manage the practical and financial side of dissolving a business or personal partnership.

As you change the entire structure of your life, bring to mind-full consideration to the reality, the finances, and the possessions you want to retain and what you are willing/able to leave behind.

The more you are able to release at this time, the more you will open yourself to the fresh expansive future you are being called to. The Moon is VOC* following an opposition to Jupiter at 8:59 PM EST. Tuesday we will have that VOC* with us throughout the entire day!

Keep your mind awake and aware through daily meditation so you do not miss the breadcrumbs that are there for you to follow. Assist others with awareness and kindness.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015:

Tuesday begins with an opportunity to stabilize our emotional nature in the midst of intense change. The morning would be best spent with organizational focus as we approach uncertainty. The effort put into stabilization will be helpful over the next few weeks.

Tuesday afternoon and evening expect the seriousness of the morning to give way to excitement. We know that no matter what the difficulty, these changes will ultimately breathe new life into every cell of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Tuesday evening provides an opportunity for socialization. Find folks whose passions and interests align with your own. This community is important to have in place as we reach ever closer to the final culminating aspect of the Uranus Pluto square.

Allow radical change.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015:

Wednesday begins with the Aquarius Moon, having been VOC* since Tuesday at 8:59 PM EST when the Moon opposed Jupiter. This is a helpful aspect to begin such a long VOC* Moon time, allowing us to hold an open and expansive awareness.

As we come ever closer to the Uranus Pluto square, it would be very helpful if we could take advantage of these very long VOC* periods. Life would work better for all of us if we could take Wednesday to simply care for ourselves in whatever way soothes and quiets our spirit.

Femme nue dans un paysage by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Femme nue dans un paysage by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The Aquarius New Moon (6:47 PM EST at the final degree of Aquarius) starts us on a cycle that will potentially bring public awareness or exposure. Your most hidden desires may come to light, or be publicly exposed in a way that changes your perspective. Keep your eyes open and your awareness sharp.

Immediately following the New Moon, she enters Pisces. Two minutes later, the Sun follows the Moon into Pisces. As you head toward sleep on Wednesday night, anticipate powerful dreams and remember them when you awake Thursday morning.

As the Sun enters Pisces, awareness shifts from sharp intellect to deep sensitivity. We become aware of silent secrets and sensitivities in the deepest resources of our souls. The upcoming month brings sensitivity, imagination, and dreams. We go inward, we long for silence to explore what is unseen. It is time to go deep, to see with the inner eye, to accept the ability to feel our way through the world.

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are deep in the coldest part of winter. It comes easily to enjoy an extra glass or two of wine or to seek escape in ways that may be less than healthy. In these cold climates, perhaps some form of escape may be necessary. Make it a healthy one. Explore new kinds of music; explore the benefit of meditation or mysticism.


Thursday, February 19, 2015:

Thursday is the first full day with the Sun in Pisces. With both the Sun and Moon in this watery sensitive sign, you can anticipate a day of working with imagination and fantasy.

With Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus each holding court in a different Fire sign, this influx of sensitive Water energy may feel stressful to manage. You want to take major dramatic action, and yet on the other hand you simply want to dream, lick a few old wounds, and nap! Work on finding a way to manage and balance these energies.

Remember it is you that is on each side of every equation. All kinds of trouble will be created if you project one side onto a friend, child, parent, or partner. If you are acting out drama and heat and your partner is acting out dreamy sensitivity, you can expect that both sides are part of the energy we are all living in. Do not play the blame game.
Be patient and loyal.

At 8:05 AM EST, Mercury sextile Saturn encourages us to look back to the last week of August 2014. What was your most serious consideration at that time?

Now it is time to explore and investigate where you want that path to lead you. A serious decision will need to be made on this issue in mid-March. Now is the time to gather the information to make the appropriate decision and take the appropriate path in mid-March.

At 7:11PM EST, Mars enters Aries, the sign of his ruler-ship where he will remain until March 31st. Utilize this time; much can be accomplished.

Venus will follow Mars into Aries on Friday and we will push forward assertively. If your health has suffered over the past few months, this should help those issues move forward and you should begin to feel much stronger.

Following a sextile to Pluto at 6:02 PM EST, the Moon will be VOC* until Friday evening at 6:12 PM EST when she joins the pack currently gathering in Aries.


Friday, February 20, 2015:
The Moon is VOC* in Pisces for another full day on Friday! This VOC* follows a sextile between the Moon and Pluto on Thursday evening. When a VOC* is preceded by such a powerful and active aspect, we are able to function well on a deep intuitive level. Our emotions and ambition are activated. Hold steady; internal self-work is called for.

At 6:12 PM EST, the Moon follows Mars into Aries and is quickly joined by Venus as she enters Aries at 3:05 PM EST. We now have four planets plus the South Node in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.

That is a lot of Fire; a lot of assertiveness and aggression. We are being asked to access deep levels of courage.
With the Moon, Venus, and Mars all gathered at 0° Aries, I can’t help recommend that we keep an eye on what is happening in the greater world as well as the aggression in our personal lives.

Be aware of what is public and what is private. Be aware of the energy you may encounter in the public.
With the Sun closing in on Neptune, we may not see reality as clearly as we would like to imagine.

Watch your own internal aggression, work with what is real in your life, and maintain a focus on kindness, compassion, and self-care.


House and Garden of Claude Monet by Claude Monet

House and Garden of Claude Monet by Claude Monet

Saturday February 21, 2015:

I suggest that each of us takes clear responsibility throughout this weekend for our behavior and our tendencies to run roughshod over others.

Don’t play the victim. Don’t leave space to be put in the role of victimizer.

This is an excellent weekend for high physical activity, release anxiety through intense physical drive. However, please be mindful, do not be reckless in the face of physical activities.

On Saturday, the Aries Moon comes in contact with Uranus square Pluto as they come ever closer to their final contact point in March.

Shortly after midnight (technically on Sunday), Venus and Mars connect at 1° Aries. This ends the cycle between them that began in April 2013.

When Venus and Mars come together, our minds turn to relationship as each of these planets play a major role in our most intimate partnerships. Think of Venus softening the energy of Mars while Mars activates the beauty and love of Venus. The fact that this cycle begins at the Aries point suggests that there is something profoundly public within partnership and asserting the self.

We are beginning a new two-year cycle of working within partnership. We are completing a relationship even as we begin a new one, or we are ending one phase of a relationship even as we begin a new phase to the partnership. Approach this with fully open eyes and mindfulness.

The Moon goes VOC* at 7:36 PM EST following a trine to Jupiter. There is nothing to accomplish but plenty of energy to expend. Find a useful and healthy outlet for that energy!


Sunday February 22, 2015:

For Saturday’s post, I talked about the Venus Mars conjunction, which technically happens very early on Sunday morning. As you awake on Sunday, contemplate your relationship status. What is beginning? What is ending? How do these two support each other?

Allow your desire for beauty and harmony to calm the fiery flames of Mars in Aries. Allow those flames of Fire to bring the issue of beauty, love, and harmony out into the world with determination and courage! The Moon is VOC* in Aries throughout the day following the trine to Jupiter on Saturday evening.

You may want to consider Sunday to be a day of play although you must be more cautious than you may like. This is not a quiet day to sit and read a book or watch movies. This is a day to use your body, exert yourself, stretch your boundaries, and continue the process of developing courage in your life.

At 7:28 PM EST, the Moon enters Taurus. We need the bit of calm Taurus may provide! All in all, this has been a very powerful weekend.


This week: The VOC* Moon!
VOC* (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!

Do you have questions about what is appropriate to do or not do during the VOC* moon? A simple way to think about it is to ask a simple question. Do I hope that this activity will amount to something? If the activity does not need to amount to anything go ahead with it! If you have an expectation or desire that this action is going to amount to something, do not do it while the Moon is VOC*. Think about the time you bought a book you were certain you were going to love and you never could finish it! Think about the time you bought the perfect article of clothing that you ended up never wearing; that is the Moon VOC*!

Monday, February 16, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Capricorn) following a sextile to Mats at 3:17 PM EST and ending at 7:12 PM EST when she enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Aquarius) following an opposition to Jupiter at 8:59 PM EST and ending on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 6:47 PM EST when she enters Pisces.

Thursday, February 19, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Pisces) following a sextile to Pluto at 6:02 PM EST and ending on Friday, February 20, 2015 at 6:12 PM EST when the Moon enters Aries.

Saturday, February 21, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Aries) following a trine to Jupiter at 7:36 PM EST and ending on Sunday, February 22, 2000 15 at 7:28 PM EST when the Moon enters Taurus.


* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions.
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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