Venus Meets Mars; We Begin Again

Love meets passion; beauty meets aggression; social graces meet survival instincts; attraction meets frustration.

Aggression is softened and diplomacy is energized.

Approximately every 2 years we reach a point in our process when we are given the opportunity to reevaluate our values and our relationships. We begin a new cycle regarding relationship, our considerations of gender identity/awareness, love, passion, beauty, creativity, resources, and pleasure.

We have reached that time once again.

What issues regarding relationship, beauty, personal values, or creativity are requiring consideration and review? Are we contemplating a significant change in our relationship/s? Are we considering the way in which we relate to the people we are in relationship with?

At this new cycle we plant a seed (consciously or unconsciously); over the next two years we must pay attention to, and nurture that seed.

It is important to take the entire cycle of Venus and Mars into consideration. To do so, it is helpful to understand the past cycle in order to prepare for the one we are now entering.

Spring of 2011 (May) was the start of the cycle we are now ending. Were we beginning a new relationship? Had we recently ended a significant one? Were we involved in a consideration of our gender expression? Are we aware of the need to more fully express a more masculine side of our personality? Or perhaps we need to work more deeply with our feminine side. Consider the yin/yang balance of our expression over the past few years.

 Was the most important issue, at that time, less about personal Relationship and more about our relationship to money, resources, or our own creativity?

It is easy to track these cycles if we keep a journal!

If we don’t keep a record of the ongoing trajectory of life we can go back and look at calendars, credit card statements, or other places that will give us clues about what we are up to at different times.

The first crisis point, or demand for action, in their cycle came at the first Square aspect between them in October of 2011. At that time we were faced with a struggle regarding the issue at hand. Action was necessary in order to reach our goal, we worked diligently.

February 2012 brought us to a full expression of the work/the issue we had been engaged in since the beginning of the cycle. This was the Opposition, a time of full illumination! It was clear at that time if the work of the cycle was a success or not.  At this time creative energy is powerfully released. At the Opposition we see the purpose we have been building toward throughout this cycle.

Between April and September 2012 we came to realize that the cycle we had been so engaged in was ready to be assimilated and released. It was clearly time to let go, to reconsider, to spend time alone or to simply contemplate our situation before attempting to rebuild our values or relationships.

And now we begin again!

One of the true values of Astrology is the ability to observe the planetary cycles and to work with them with awareness and objectivity.

All of our lives consist of cycles that begin, grow, release, let go, and ultimately die.

This is the way of life and can be worked with in a deeply conscious manner, leading to deep levels of growth and self understanding.

What are your bringing into life today? What seed of love or change are you planting?

Take the time to consider carefully what seeds are being planted. Honor them; plant them in fertile soil, care for them well and the cycle will progress with deep learning.

6 Steps to Navigating Mars Retrograde!

#1   Do not question where your energy went – follow where it takes you

With nearly 2.5 months left of MARS RETROGRADE (MARS turned retrograde, in VIRGO, on Tuesday, January 24th) are you wondering where your energy went?

You may notice that you no longer have access to the energy that, until recently, has kept you moving forward in a relatively clear and particular direction.

Now a point has come where it is important to pause and pay careful attention to the direction that is calling for attention.

It may take a few days, or more, to adjust, but the way will become clear as you move forward, careful not to block it by holding on to a determination to stay on the path you were committed to!

Allow your direction to shift!

#2  Allow all frustration to slide off your back

During this time it is best not to take frustration too seriously. Perhaps you could find some humor or amusement in your own and others level of frustration. The frustration will settle down as you make the adjustments that need to be made and find  the new direction that is currently waiting for you to allow it to show itself. If you insist on holding onto the frustration, you will not find the new direction, so let it slide off your back.

#3  Face the past squarely when it comes knocking

As our concentration turns in other directions, we may encounter a certain amount of frustration as we try to shift gears because we are unable to find the energy to do what we expected to be doing! Apparently there is something else that needs our attention. It may be something that we had previously let fall to the wayside. Perhaps we should explore areas that we have not stuck with, things that we have given up on in the past.  Whatever the issue is, we must now dedicate time to facing with precision and in detail.

Another possibility with MARS RETROGRADE is finding ourselves newly embroiled in a past conflict, or difficult conversation, that we thought had been shelved for good. It is important to dedicate yourself to the details. Discrimination is key.  Tie up whatever loose-ends are enabling this issue to still be lurking!

#4 Find out where Mars is transiting in your chart

Notice the areas of your life that are struggling for your energy.
If you know where in your horoscope MARS is traveling and what other planets are being affected it will help you to  understand your current process.
Contact me for a consultation

Our meeting can be: In person (Burlington, VT area), by telephone or on Video Skype!

#5 Rest more than is normal for you

Our assertive energies are not strong right now. Our focus has not only shifted but we feel less physical energy. We may need more sleep, desire warmth and serenity. Sleep is like chocolate; sometimes it is the only thing that helps! Get 7 – 8 hours a night and let me know how you feel!


#6  Do something that matters

Do something that makes a difference. Do something that is bigger than  you think you are! Find something within yourself to perfect; something that you can offer, as a service. to others.  This is your offering to humanity.

Optimistic Ideas, Temporarily Blocked

With the MOON IN PISCES until 9:51PM EDT last night, we likely spent yesterday in a bit of a fog, unable to focus or really keep our minds on whatever we were trying to accomplish.  Or perhaps we used the energy well, in some sort of mystical, compassionate or spiritual endeavor, making music or playing in fantasy! If our day was based in more grounded pursuits than these, it may have been a struggle.

Last night at 9:51PM the MOON left those idealistic and sensitive waters of PISCES for impulsive, dynamic ARIES where she will spend the next few days.

Whatever sign the MOON is in creates the general emotional mood, or environment of the day.

With THE MOON IN ARIES, our interactions with others can heat up quickly, we may be short-tempered or impatient, we are also more energetic, independent and courageous than at other times. During an ARIES MOON it would be best not to assume that those around will be passive or willing to be pushed around, or to take the short end of the stick!  During these times we may be surprised by an aggressive or combative streak we didn’t know we, or someone else had.

With the SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY (still retrograde) IN SAGITTARIUS  today there is a strong focus on communication and the sharing of information. Our thoughts are on hopeful and optimistic solutions to our current situations.  We are also functioning under a FIRST QUARTER MOON indicating the need to take the first steps in a project whose seed was planted at the NEW MOON (November 25th).

Adding to the communication issues of the day MERCURY SQUARE MARS (VIRGO).  Our optimistic ideas and expansive thinking may have gotten ahead of our energy, determination or ability to act on those thoughts. We see where we want to go but are not yet ready to, able to, or are somehow blocked from take the steps that are necessary to put these ideas into action. This may result in frustration and a possible sence of self defeat.

It is important that we honor the process of our thinking right now and pace ourselves in action. I know how hard that can be with the ARIES energy breathing down our neck! … But slow down, do some research. For now it is important to build on our ability to exercise patience.

Take what steps are necessary to ensure that our frustration does not cause a breakdown in communications with others.  We will need others (the entire community) to be part of this project when the time is right.

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

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~ Laurie