Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 23, 2016 through May 29, 2016

Nothing but the dailies this week!

Monna Rosa by Dante Gabriel Rossetti via Wiki Commons

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Monday, May 23, 2016:

I hope you took my advice to have a quiet evening and an early bedtime on Sunday night. It will make Monday work much better for you. There is not a lot of activity among the planets on Monday, but what there is may take us off guard.

In the past weeks, we have had an abundance of planets in the Earth signs. This has supported us in developing stability and consistency within our internal process. Venus and Mercury remain in Taurus even as the general movement flows toward the excitement and action of Fire and Air.

The freedom loving Sagittarius Moon forming a trine aspect to the intensity and defiance of Uranus (11:37 AM EDT) alerts us to the need to express our most unique individuality. If you are living far from the mark of your most authentic self, you will feel either terribly excited as you push in that direction or you may experience deep levels of anxiety as you struggle against the tide that pulls you there.

Being that this is a short-lived transit, nothing huge needs to come out of it. Pay attention to where it calls to you, even in its smallest voice. That voice will return with the same message repeated over time.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016:

Tuesday morning, we may wake feeling a return of the stability we had before the Full Moon last Saturday.

The Moon enters Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning. The anxiety we experienced on Monday seems like a dream as it has now moved on with only a minor trace left behind.

But, what we really need to talk about here is Venus. Venus is the planet of love, money, and all that we most deeply value. Venus provides what is necessary in order to create meaningful connection to another and to deepen our ability to experience authentic pleasure. Venus has been moving through Taurus (one of her favorite places to be) since April 29th. During this time, our inclinations for pleasure have been grounded and body focused.

On Tuesday, Venus enters Gemini, where she will remain until June 17th.

During her time in Gemini, Venus focuses on communication and intellect. She wants us to explore how our intellect and communications can draw pleasure, love, and resources more deeply into our lives.

Emotions may be running high and we are likely more aware than usual of what brings us meaningful pleasure. Passion is close at hand and can readily express itself through words and action. Awareness and expression is the key.



Банный день by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

Банный день by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

Wednesday, May 25, 2016:

With both the Sun and Venus firmly in Gemini and the Moon waning on the other side of full, we would really like to have a moment to catch our breath. But, please don’t try and wait for it!

With the Moon in Capricorn, we are emotionally supported by our more serious and ambitious nature. We really want to ‘get stuff done’.

Long before you start the day, the Capricorn Moon forms an Earth Grand Trine with Jupiter (the planet of expansion and wisdom) and Mercury (the planet of communication and verbal expression). This offers a powerful opportunity to bring practical ideas to light. Watch how easily you are able to articulate what is on your mind early in the day.

If you have any writing to do this week, I recommend getting up very early on Wednesday morning to do that work. It will save you a ton of time later in the week.

If you are still writing at mid-morning, your communications will head into darker waters at the Moon conjuncts Pluto at 10:21 AM EDT. Do not shy away from topics of intense depth. However, in actual conversations with real people, exploring deep topics could be more problematic.

Remember, this is a transit of the Moon. It will not cause difficulties if you are able to simply be patient with your own mind and allow the energy to pass. You do not need to express everything that stimulates your mind. At 9:19 PM EDT, the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus challenging you to work with this challenge from a more humanitarian perspective.

Challenge yourself, your work ethic, and your integrity. Are you on a path that highly honors these principles? If not, you have work to do.

This evening is a good time to sit with yourself and get crystal clear on the true state of integrity in your work and in your life. No matter where you find yourself it is fine. No self-criticism necessary.

Simply take action to move in the direction of increased integrity and authenticity.



Thursday, May 26, 2016:

Jupiter squaring Saturn is exact at 8:27 AM EDT which is one of the major influences of the year 2016. This is a long-term transit, which first came into effect in August 2015. Consider that Jupiter wants to teach us to expand and grow in wisdom and understanding. Saturn, on the other hand, requires that we form boundaries; hold onto stability with self-discipline and structure.

When these two planets form a challenging aspect, we struggle to understand which way to go. Structures and long held beliefs may feel restrictive and no longer sustainable. Areas in your life that you always assumed would maintain an air of freedom and openness my need to be reeled in and controlled in some way. Where does your freedom feel curtailed? Where does your stability feel threatened by growing understanding?

Being pulled in these two directions can result in uncertainty and lack of clarity. How can we move forward when we are being asked to move in two directions that are at cross purposes to each other?

It is easy to see how this is reflected in the world culture and politics as well as in individual lives. In your personal life, learn to respect and love both sides of this dilemma. There really is no need to choose sides.  We each must learn to recognize and reject false dichotomy wherever we see it. Holding dichotomies is a practice well worth your time. Recognize that there are always options in the grey space between what seems clearly divided in two. There are always more options that what we initially see.

At 10:27 AM EDT, the Moon enters Aquarius. This highly supports this conversation about dichotomies. Aquarius opens us to a bigger picture of what is possible and is not narrowed to situations of individual significance. Opening your mind to a humanitarian perspective will allow you to see this internal struggle as a necessary part of learning to move forward in a truly healthy way. Moving forward requires both the expansion of Jupiter and the structural hold of Saturn. We are now learning to hold both realities in our lives together.



Friday, May 27, 2016:

When Mars turned retrograde on April 17th, we talked about bringing our thoughts and attention to our most dynamic energies. During this phase (Mars will turn direct on June 29th), we are asked to bring deep integrity and high purpose to our power of will and our use of sexuality. Mars sometimes forgets what is important and can get caught up with aggression and selfishness simply in order to get his own way.  Where have you used your direct energy without integrity, hurting yourself and others with an unhealthy use of your strength or determination?

On Friday, Mars backs out of Sagittarius and returns to Scorpio. Whereas we have been considering these ideas since mid April, now we must go deep and get real about our own responsibility and need to develop more solid values to inform our integrity. Take a risk and probe deeply into your motivations and desires.

Remember, we can only make improvements to our circumstances and ourselves by first getting very clear on the reality of where we are now. While Mars is retrograde in Scorpio, allow deep vulnerability as you face yourself unflinchingly.

The Moon remains in Aquarius throughout the day, helping us to remain clearheaded and easygoing as we face that vulnerability.  It is all a part of the path forward and Aquarius can move forward with easy detachment.

Free Will by Alberto Bertoldi via Wiki Commons

Free Will by Alberto Bertoldi via Wiki Commons


Saturday, May 28, 2016:

When you wake up on Saturday morning, it may seem like a good idea to plan a social evening. I would encourage you to think twice before you set that in motion. The morning begins under the very exciting energy of the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus. Think outside the box and get a party together for breakfast! Go for an early morning hike with friends. The early part of the day may hold much delight.

However, at 4:19 PM EDT, the Moon squares Mars. When your feelings get hurt or anger arises seemingly out of nowhere, allow the feeling without the reaction. There is no need to ruin a perfectly fine Saturday evening. This is a Moon transit, thereby a quickly passing issue. Breathe deeply to manage your reaction and take time alone until it passes. Do not play the story attached to the initial anger or hurt over and over in your mind. Let it go.

At 5:05 PM EDT, the Moon enters Pisces allowing us to easily let go of the slight that had us so worked up just a few hours earlier. Suddenly, our priorities have changed and our harsh edges soften. Our compassion and empathy are heightened and we choose to avoid turmoil and stress.

Ultimately, you can enjoy a quiet evening with friends, make art, watch a movie, or meditate. You may be more sensitive and intuitive than usual. Your soul will respond beautifully to poetry, music, or film.

You may have an inner sense of the surreal; don’t grasp too tightly to the form that it takes. Allow your imagination room to expand into creativity.



Sunday, May 29, 2016:

The Third Quarter Moon phase is exact in Pisces at 8:12 AM EDT. This brings the Moon to the closing phase of the lunar cycle even as she is in the last sign of the zodiac. The focus is on the process of release, bringing to an end, and closing.

Consider all that must be released in your life in order to move into the new phase of growth that you know is just ahead.

At 2:13 PM EDT, the Moon joins Neptune, offering assistance in the letting go process. However, when the Moon square Saturn at 4:00 PM EDT, our resistance to letting go shows its face. The opposition to Jupiter at 5:30 PM EDT confirms that the process requires not only more effort than we had hoped, but also an effort that can be deeply challenging.

As the Pisces Moon impacts Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter, she is shining a light on the long-term T-square between the three of them. Here, we are encouraged to look under the surface and acknowledge the importance of challenging habitual patterns and moving beyond fear and intolerance.

Finally, as the day comes to an end, the Moon forms a sextile aspect to both Mercury and Pluto. This is a happy way to end the day – and the week. Anticipate the opportunity to more deeply understand how powerful your mind is and your ability to put that power into service for the highest good for yourself, your community, and the world.


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* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 16, 2016 through May 22, 2016

La Soiree Huile Sur Toile by Daoud Peintre via Wiki Commons

La Soiree Huile Sur Toile by Daoud Peintre via Wiki Commons

The week begins with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus; the Moon and Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. That’s 6 out of 10 “planets” in Earth signs. We can expect the week to begin with a sense of slow deliberation.

On Monday afternoon, the Moon enters Libra where she remains until the wee hours of Thursday morning. Saturday at 1:49 PM, she enters Sagittarius where she will remain through the end of the weekend.

The early days of the week (Monday through Thursday) are quite uneventful. Of course, there are the general ups and downs reflected by the lunar aspects but there is nothing terribly significant to speak of. Remember, that the aspects made by the Moon pass by very quickly. When the slower moving planets aspect each other, we are looking at a longer term process.

However, we can expect the quiet uneventful days to end on Friday when the Sun enters Gemini at 9:36 AM EDT. The Sun’s entrance into Gemini moves us from slow and steady into a more energized activity of growth. Communication and curiosity replace deliberate predictability.

You can think about Taurus as Ferdinand the Bull and Gemini as the Road Runner.

Gemini is a mutable Air sign. Mutability speaks to the versatile, adaptable nature of Gemini. The element of Air speaks to the intellect, bringing curiosity, versatility, and inquisitiveness to the table.

Gemini wants to explore the possibilities available, whereas Taurus simply wanted to sit on the sidelines and hold space of consistency and reliability.

On Saturday, we come to a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The lunar cycle has been building since the New Moon on May 6th. Whatever we began building at that time is now released into full expression. A Full Moon in Sagittarius is a time to celebrate expansion. Look at the expanding possibilities!

On Sunday, Mercury turns direct! We are all delighted with this news and are ready to proceed forward with new projects, ideas, and communication.

On to the Dailies!

Have a wonderful week.


Are you concerned or unclear about your path ahead?

Let Astrolore help you see your life and your path forward from a perspective that will change everything. Allow more joy and love into your life.

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Together, we will work with your individual horoscope to explore your hopes, dreams, goals, your current path, and the reality of your life purpose. Our conversation will offer you a profoundly renewed perspective on your life and circumstances.




Monday, May 16, 2016:

Even with Mercury and Mars still retrograde, the week begins with a sense of ease and predictability. Routines feel easy to maintain and we have the patience to stick with them.

At 12:33 PM EDT, the Moon enters Libra, the sign of diplomacy and social graces. This is a day meant for artists and lovers. Expect to feel a pull toward beauty and love.

Don’t sit around waiting for love or inspiration to find you, put yourself out in the world where you can interact with others. With the Grand Earth Trine still active between Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury, you likely feel a strong pull toward sensual pleasures. The only drawback to this planetary configuration is the tendency to overindulge in food, drink, or spending. Unless you have the money to spend, leave the credit cards at home!

This should be a great evening for any social activities or simply a pleasant evening to share with family.



Tuesday, May 17, 2016:

With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury still in Taurus and the Libra Moon moving quietly throughout the day, there is nothing to do but continue putting one foot in front of the other. Nothing is apt to happen in a hurry today but steady progress can be made on whatever you choose to put your attention on.

At 6:35 PM EDT, the stable Taurus Sun sextiles Saturn, the planet that forms structure and stability in exchange for our efforts. What area of your life are you working to build a stable foundation? If you pay attention this evening, you may hear as quiet whisper encouraging you to explore a new path for emotional stability.  By May 22nd, you will see more clearly the appropriate action.

This will not take you on any radical new path. Remember that tiny incremental steps move us forward just as surely as radical leaps into the unknown. For now, it is slow movement forward.

Enjoy the slow pace of the continued Taurus energy as she is still enjoying the company of the full Grand Earth Trine. It won’t last too much longer.

Pay close attention to the reality of your life and encourage pleasure to grow.



Wednesday, May 18, 2016:

Explosión de Supernova by Tel2368045 via Wiki Commons

Explosión de Supernova by Tel2368045 via Wiki Commons

Tuesday was a day devoted to the maintenance of pleasure and calm. On Wednesday, don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling abandoned by that pleasure! What happened? Where did that sense of ease and beauty go?

Remember, the square aspect formed by Uranus and Pluto that we talked so much about over the past 4 years? Well, that aspect has been technically complete for some time now. However, think about how slowly both Uranus and Pluto move. It takes Uranus 84 years to fully orbit the Sun; it takes Pluto 248 years. Because of this, they are still very close together in the square of their cycle.

On Wednesday, the Libra Moon squares Pluto (12:38 AM EDT), shortly after she opposes Uranus (11:23 AM EDT). With the Moon linking them together in this way, we are reminded us of the powerful challenges and profound changes that have occurred in our lives over the past 4+ years.

It is important to pay attention to the issues in the culture (and in our personal circumstances) that continue to pit protocol and convention against progress and revolutionary change.

Following the opposition to Uranus, the Moon remains quiet for the rest of the day.

Don’t feel guilty for taking the afternoon off for rest and rejuvenation. You need it more than you may realize.



Thursday, May 19, 2016:

Perhaps Wednesday’s contemplation of recent changes in your life prompted you to look more deeply into your own unacknowledged wounds. If you have been hurt or hurt others during the past 4 years of radical change, it is important that you stop trying to sweep that pain under the rug. You don’t have to blame another to acknowledge your own personal hurt and the hurt you absorb when you hurt others.

When the Moon enters Scorpio at 2:30 AM EDT, most of us will be sleeping. While you slept your dreams have deepened your understanding and view of your current circumstances. Within dream space you can engage the hidden dynamics at work, without your conscious mind getting in the way.

There is nothing light-hearted about Thursday. Allow your self-understanding to expand into uncharted territory. Expect to shed some tears; not the kind that rock you to the core, not the sentimental, or even the manipulative kind. The tears we shed now are tears of deep opening and powerful healing.


At 8:27 PM EDT, Venus sextile Chiron shows us the path that will support the healing of relationship issues that hold us back from deeper joy. The Scorpio Moon is delighted with this deep inner work.



Friday, May 20, 2016:

It’s time to pick up the pace! Slow just went out of style.

Even as the Scorpio Moon continues asking us to deepen our heart connection to the world around us, the Sun shifts us onto a path that speeds up our thinking and insists we pay attention to everything. Pay attention to EVERYTHING?! Imagine the anxiety of trying to do that!

While the Sun is in Gemini, make it a practice to watch your breathing, remain in your body, and keep your mind and awareness in the present moment.

At 10:36 AM EDT, the Sun leaves behind the sensuous, grounded, Earth sign of Taurus to enter the inquisitive, Air sign of Gemini. Perhaps, your life has been moving along at a steady pace, following this shift; it may feel as though someone has put too much pressure on the gas pedal.

With Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) (and Mars) currently retrograde, it will take some effort to maintain focus without anxiety, anger, or blame getting in the way. Having this awareness will help considerably.

Gemini is a curious, perceptive, and intellectual sign. During this time, our thoughts come ever closer to the surface as we gather information, analyze, and communicate. Gemini brings lightness, and a touch of fun, to every corner of our lives.

Watch how your ability and interest in communication and learning shift and move quickly. We learn so much when we let curiosity guide the way. Follow your curiosity. It will set you on a path of profound learning.


Germany 1912 from Internet Archive Book Images via Wiki Commons

Germany 1912 from Internet Archive Book Images via Wiki Commons


Saturday, May 21, 2016:

Sagittarius Full Moon is exact at 5:15 PM EDT – Make a plan for Saturday evening! It should be a memorable night.

As we expand our curiosity about the world around us, our minds and our hearts expand with understanding and compassion; as we expand our understanding and compassion our curiosity grows.

With the Sun in optimistic Sagittarius and the Moon in inquisitive Gemini, the issue of exploring big ideas is front and center. Think back to the Taurus New Moon on May 6th. You probably planted a seed you hoped would grow into a stable force of support and structure in your life. How do you see that growth from the perspective of the Full Moon? Has your desire for stability shown you that you need to learn something new or has it asked you to begin a new study of some sort?

Do you need to learn something to support your stability or do you need stability to support your learning? Isn’t this a question similar to: which comes first the chicken or the egg? You really can’t have one without the other.

Mars – the assertive planet of initiative and the power of will – is conjunct the Full Moon, bringing a great deal of energy to the table on Saturday evening. Be aware of the tendency to be a bit more self-centered than usual. Luckily, Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, so we are able to adapt and don’t need to have our own way. Relax and go with what is offered… up to a point!

This is a night to enjoy; we are all seeking a sense of adventure. However, with the Sun opposing Mars early Sunday morning, please consider how this adventure will appear in the light of day.



Sunday, May 22, 2016:

With the Sun opposing Mars at 6:16 AM EDT, we may wake up less than thrilled with how we ultimately choose to spend Saturday night. Perhaps, you followed an adventure that was a bit ill advised. On the other hand, whatever you got ‘up to’ on Saturday night may energize the morning! You feel angry with yourself or you feel energized! Which will it be for you?

You may get a hint if you think back to the beginning of the cycle between the Sun and Mars. This is a cycle of energizing the self, of bringing determination and initiative to consciousness. The cycle began in mid-June of 2015. Perhaps, you began a physical disciple, a sexual connection, or some other dynamic or assertive activity at that time. In early February, you very likely took an action that propelled the energy to where it is now. It is helpful to keep a journal to follow these cycles.

This is certainly set up to be an intensely active, somewhat fun, and somewhat stressful weekend. The Moon brings uneasy aspects to Neptune and Saturn on in the late afternoon. How about we all agree to a kindness to one another, a quiet evening and an early bedtime?

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.





Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 9, 2016 through May 15, 2016

We can anticipate a considerably lighter and easier week!

The week begins with Jupiter turning direct, bringing our renewed understanding of the universe into the open.  Perhaps, it is time to share the wisdom we have learned in the past four months.

Фотография картины Игоря Орлова by Ujalov via Wiki Commons

Фотография картины Игоря Орлова by Ujalov via Wiki Commons

Venus forms lovely aspects throughout the week.  Remember, that Venus is currently in Taurus; Venus is delighted to be in her home sign playing happily with others.  She forms a sextile to Neptune on Monday, offering a possibility to reignite a previous dream.  She forms a trine aspect to Jupiter on Tuesday, enlarging our capacity for love, and forms a trine aspect to Pluto on Friday bringing a powerful flow of energy to our deepest values.

These are aspects of empowerment, expansion, and bring imagination to the things in life that mean the most to us: love, resources, and deep values.

Mercury, the planet that manages our thinking and communication skills (and is currently retrograde), also forms positive and helpful aspects this week.  On Thursday, Mercury forms a trine aspect to Pluto empowering our ability to communicate about practical real world issues.  If you have projects that require concentration and focus of the mind, this would be very helpful aspect to support you.  On Friday, Mercury is conjunct Venus, bringing the power of mind to the contemplation of values.

A powerful and lovely week ahead!


Are you concerned or unclear about your path ahead?

Let Astrolore help you see your life and your path forward from a perspective that will change everything.  Allow more joy and love into your life.

Make your appointment today!  Together, we will work with your individual horoscope to explore your hopes, dreams, goals, your current path, and the reality of your life purpose.

Our conversation will offer you a profoundly renewed perspective on your life and circumstances.




Monday, May 9, 2016:

Early Monday morning, Jupiter turns direct after having been retrograde since early January of 2016.  What inner work have you done during this time that has resulted in a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe?  Jupiter turning direct suggests that it is time to bring that learning out into the world and test your understanding through interactions with others.  The time and attention you have given to this inner work now begins to pay off.

Venus sextile Neptune at 7:10 AM EDT offers a subtle gentleness to the day; asking us to explore the possibilities available as your consider moving forward with a beautiful dream that began around March 20th.

Don’t make decisions now.  Investigate your options.  There will be more clarity in early June.

The Moon enters Cancer at 12:23 PM EDT and moves our emotions toward home.  Head home early this evening to share a meal with family and loved ones.

At 10:12 AM EDT, the Taurus Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury focusing our attention once again on what is truly of value to us.  This is a time to review your plans with your new understanding of your deepest values in mind.

Rewriting your goals and plans is an ongoing process that you will want to begin now.



Tuesday, May 10, 2016:

What a lovely day we can expect on Tuesday!  There seems to be a glow around everything and we feel our hearts expand with love!  At 2:00 PM EDT, Venus forms a trine aspect with Jupiter expanding our hearts and our understanding of deep value and deep love.  The cycle between Venus and Jupiter is the cycle of expanding, growing, and understanding love!  The cycle began in October of 2015, came into its full expression in late March, and now is simply exuding powerful love.  We understand our responsibility and are aware of the choices we make daily to open our hearts and expand love.

Some tension or power struggles may sneak in during the early evening.  This is reflected by the sensitive Cancer Moon’s opposition to Pluto at 6:04 PM EDT.  Remember, Moon aspects are very short-lived.  If you can resist being pulled into the difficult issue, you won’t have to wait too long before you can simply get on with a pleasant evening.  The key is: Don’t take the bait!



Wednesday, May 11, 2016:

Fleurs by Simona Estrana via Wiki Commons

Fleurs by Simona Estrana via Wiki Commons

The Moon is very quiet as she moves through the sensitive sign of Cancer on Wednesday, perhaps she is brooding with a bit of nostalgia.  It may be a good day to do a bit of internal work on your emotions, although, I think you’d be better off cooking a meal for friends or bringing food to the homeless person on the corner.

Don’t get stuck in feelings that are not supporting forward motion.

Let me tell you about a practice I began recently that has made a huge difference in my life.  I realized that I was constantly evaluating my ‘feelings’.  “How do I feel this morning?”  “How do I feel about this or that situation?”

We know that our thoughts grow out of this focus on ‘feelings’.  Turn it upside down! Change your words… Instead of asking: “How do I feel in this situation?”  Ask “Who do I want to be in this situation?”  Once you are clear on who you want to be, your feelings can follow that to appropriate action and movement forward.  So simple and it changes everything!

At 5:31 PM EDT, the Moon enters Leo and all that sensitive quiet is upended!  Find a way to express yourself.  Go to a play this evening or get outside and play soccer or tennis with friends.  Show generosity and openhearted love to everyone in your life!  Isn’t that who you want to be?



Thursday, May 12, 2016:

With the Moon in warm-hearted, generous Leo, we are able to more easily feel love and connection with others.  With a supportive trine aspect between the Moon and Saturn at 8:30 PM EDT, we feel inspired to bring practical effort to our generosity and kindness.  Perhaps, you are motivated to volunteer at the local soup kitchen or send a check to your favorite charity.

A trine aspect between Mercury and Pluto is exact at 10:45 PM EDT which will impact much of Thursday and into Friday.  Keep your eyes open for hidden information being revealed, intense knowledge coming into focus, or a transformative idea manifesting in your mind.  Allow that knowledge, information, or idea time and space to assimilate.  It is not ready for action yet.

Whatever comes to light now, will help us understand the direction to take following the Mercury retrograde; Mercury turns direct once more on May 22nd.  For now, rest in the empowerment of the mind with more information!



Friday, May 13, 2016:

Friday may feel like a roller coaster ride with multiple ups and downs.  We start the morning with the dramatic Leo Moon trine Uranus at 11:03 AM EDT.  Enthusiasm and excitement abounds, and the possibilities seem endless.

However, at 1:03 PM EDT, the Leo Moon squares the Sun in Taurus.  We may feel that we have trapped ourselves on a path we thought we wanted to be on only to discover doubt and obstacles block the way forward.  Consider what you started last Friday at the Taurus New Moon; use the stuck energy of doubt to push yourself to take one decisive action to push that New Moon intention forward.  The extent of the challenge is exacerbated by the retrograde energies from both Mercury and Mars.

At 3:20 PM EDT, Mercury conjuncts Venus offering us a softer perspective and turning our minds to the value of love received and love given.  Even as you let go of the challenges of the early part of the day, the end of Friday leaves us with the powerful statement of Venus trine Pluto (10:20 PM EDT).  This brings deep levels of intimacy and trust front and center.  We understand that the depth of our desire can bring anything to fruition.  Love deeply and allow love to penetrate your heart.

Paysage de Venceslas Dedina by Marcusarurelius2 via Wiki Commons

Paysage de Venceslas Dedina by Marcusarurelius2 via Wiki Commons



Saturday, May 14, 2016:

With the Moon in service-oriented Virgo, we wake up Saturday morning to a very different kind of day.  At 10:28 AM EST, the Moon squares Mars leaving us cranky and not in the mood to deal with ourselves, much less others.  By noon, this will pass and the rest of the day should pass without that concern.

There is a Zen teaching I remember that goes something like this:

Before Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water
After Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water

Keeping this in mind will remind you to be present to all of life.  Refusing to label some parts of your life as good and others as bad will increase your daily pleasure and your joy in life!



Sunday, May 15, 2016:

Sunday brings us a day with great potential for productivity and accomplishment.  The challenge of a harsh aspect between the Moon and Saturn (5:21 AM EDT) will pass unnoticed, but just to be sure, stay in bed until after 8:32 AM EDT.

As we proceed into the day, the efficient hard working Virgo Moon forms a Grand Trine with Mercury and Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.  This offers an easy flow to any projects that require attention to detail and efficiency.  Utilized properly, you could get a ton of work completed this weekend.

Keep your expectations simple by moving with an easy flow.

We are still in the waxing phase of the Moon, so put effort into building on whatever you began at the Taurus New Moon on Friday, May 6th.

Kindness and service to others will come more easily as well, providing a perfect opportunity to develop generosity.  Take a friend out to dinner and show profound generosity to the wait-staff. However, do so with humility and quiet modesty. Otherwise, it simply won’t count!

Sending love to you all.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.





Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: May 2, 2016 through May 9, 2016

I don’t think there’s much we can do to keep this week simple.  We’re going to have to work with what is currently on the table.  The week begins with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in retrograde motion.

That is a lot of energy telling us to pay attention to all unfinished business, unresolved issues, and lingering doubts that are holding us back.  Now is the time to deeply focus on cleaning up and resolving issues from the past.

Моя Cемья by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

Моя Cемья by Зурбаган via Wiki Commons

If you have been following astrology for any amount of time, you are familiar with the way Mercury retrograde tends to manifest in our lives.  If we are not paying attention, if we continue to push forward into new territory regarding communications or projects, then we are apt to run into problems, detours, and delays.

During this time, choose your communications carefully, double check details, and most of all, practice patience with all people (including yourself), and in all circumstances.

Mercury retrograde is not a terrible time!  If you consciously spend the time cleaning your desk, your mind, and your heart of old projects and overdue communications, this can be a time of great accomplishment.

The Mars retrograde is not so simple.

Mars is the planet of assertiveness, anger, leadership, courage, impulsive action, sexual energy, violence, and the power of will.

Consider that when a planet is retrograde, we are asked to look honestly at where we have fallen short in utilizing the energy of that planet.

The last time Mars was retrograde was between March 1, 2014 and May 19, 2014.  If you keep a journal, it will be helpful to go back and check that period of time in your life.  This can give you a good idea of how you personally respond to Mars retrograde; although you must keep in mind that where the retrograde is occurring in your own chart is also highly significant. The current Mars retrograde begins at 8° Sagittarius moving back to 23° Scorpio. If you want help in understanding this contact Jennie or me (Laurie) for a consultation!

Consider how you have utilized this strong Mars energy since May 2014.  What areas in your life have you misused powerful energy or been out of integrity?  Think about how you have used the power of your will, your sexual energy, and the power you wield over others through leadership or other methods of control and/or power.

It is now time to wake up and learn to better use your own powerful energies.

Pay attention to any disruptions that occur during this time.  Understand that disruptions now reflect the need to consciously wake up and use power and will with integrity and kindness to others.


Are you concerned or unclear about your path ahead?  Let Astrolore help you see your life and your path forward from a perspective that will change everything.  Allow more joy and love into your life.

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Monday, May 2, 2016:

Monday would be a great day to stay home from work.  The Pisces Moon forms aspects that do not help pull us out of the space we may find ourselves in with sluggish energy and lack of focus.

At 8:23 AM EDT, the Pisces Moon opposes Jupiter and we may feel pulled between the fantasy world of Pisces and Virgo’s insistence that we fulfill our duties, and get back to work and accomplish something!

At 11:39 AM EDT, the Moon squares Saturn reaffirming the fact that we simply do not want to be at work.  If your work is highly creative, you may be able to use this to your advantage by thinking of it as putting effort into bringing the dream into reality.

Spend the evening in meditation, with a fantasy novel or movie, or go ahead and indulge in that extra glass of wine.  It is an evening for soft dreams, an evening to not only allow but enjoy the lack of clarity that holds sway.

Yes.  Go ahead and indulge your dreams.



Tuesday, May 3, 2016:

Buoyant optimism takes over on Tuesday with the Sun trine Jupiter in the wee hours of the morning.  The Moon then enters impulsive, energetic Aries at 12:05 PM EDT.  This is a welcome change after the sluggishness we had to manage on Monday.

The cycle between the Sun and Jupiter is a cycle of self-expansion and growth.  What seed of personal growth did you plant in late August of 2015?  Did you see a new possibility that could bring you into a broader understanding of your self and your place in the world?  Did you take action to bring clarity to your own growth in mid-December?  The full creativity of that seed was evident in early March and now you are able to accept the gift of higher understanding and an expansive ability to support others.

It would be good to move your body and expend physical energy this afternoon.  Go for a run, a bike ride, or a swim.  Use the assertive powerful energy of Aries in a way that will tire you out.

With the Aries Moon trine Mars around bedtime, you may have a hard time getting to sleep if you do not physically tire yourself out.  Of course, the best use of this energy would be to engage in a passionate romp in the hay.  If you have an interested, willing, and enthusiastic partner, make it a date.  If not, make a date with yourself.

You may stay up later than is customary on a weeknight but the sleep you get on the other side of enjoying a deep sexual connection will be worth more than a sleepless night with this energy blocked in your body.

There is much to enjoy in this day.  Keep your eye on the prize.


Alcazar desde Parque Safon by Angel Oliveras Guart via Wiki Commons

Alcazar desde Parque Safon by Angel Oliveras Guart via Wiki Commons


Wednesday, May 4, 2016:

By the end of Wednesday, you may feel that you have spent the day on a roller coaster.  In the midst of such a day, it may be helpful to maintain awareness that we are heading into the ‘dark of the Moon’.  Remember, the importance of quiet introspection over the next few days as we prepare for the Taurus New Moon on Friday.

The day begins under the influence of the Moon trine Saturn, stabilizing that powerful Aries Moon.  With courage and assertion, you should be able to get a great deal accomplished during the morning hours.

Remember, with Mercury retrograde to stick with already established plans and projects; do not start any new projects at this time.

The late afternoon brings us face-to-face with the stress and difficulty of the Moon square Pluto and later in the evening, the Moon conjunct Uranus.  Emotional concerns, disruptions, and struggles could easily rock the boat.  As much as possible do not lay blame; take responsibility for where you find yourself, and look deeply at what needs to be transformed to bring your life to a higher level of personal growth and understanding.

Work with this internal process; fighting against it could backfire into interpersonal dynamics that would only cause more difficulties on the path ahead.  In any and all interactions with others on Wednesday evening, offer kindness.  Get out of your own way.  Look into the eyes of those you encounter and see your reflection.



Thursday, May 5, 2016:

You may wake up on Thursday with the uncomfortable sense that you didn’t deal with Wednesday’s challenges as well as you wish you had.  You may have had a difficult night’s sleep as well.  There is no doubt that Mars retrograde adds to the difficulty of all challenging aspects to a sometimes overly aggressive Aries Moon.

Don’t let it get you worked up; things will smooth and energies shift dramatically as the Moon enters Taurus at 12:11 PM EDT.  We gratefully settle into a more peaceful emotional space and may even wonder what had us so stressed on Wednesday.  Whatever the cause of anxiety, it just doesn’t seem so important once the Moon is in steady, dependable Taurus.

The planets are very quiet for the rest of the day.  There is nothing to do but feel the calm, steady energy of Taurus, enjoy the desire for peace, comfort, and sensual touch.  Embrace the slower pace; get comfortable, and ‘stop to smell the roses’.  Offer a massage, a home cooked meal, or bring flowers to a friend.



Friday, May 6, 2016:

Lovely aspects to the steadfast Taurus Moon prevail throughout the day.  This is very significant with the New Moon exact at 2:30 PM EDT.  The aspects to a New Moon tell us much about the cycle we are beginning.

At this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 16° Taurus.  Together, the Sun and Moon form a Grand Earth Trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo.  This is a powerful configuration offering creative determination, resourcefulness, and the steadfast energy required to make powerful progress toward our most practical goals.

Please take time to do a simple New Moon ritual.  You want to complete the ritual after the exact time of the New Moon and within 24 hours.  This is a powerful New Moon for practical goals and accomplishments.  You should make a plan regarding real world desires; money or love come to mind.

Don’t neglect your New Moon ritual.  Keep it simple.  Take a moment to write down what you wish to begin or create in the upcoming cycle.  What do you want to see increase over the coming month?  Have two candles available for your ritual.  Light the first candle to represent yourself, just as you are at this moment in time.  Light the second candle as an aspiration of what you want to create.  Each day, take a moment to focus on yourself as you light the first candle.  As you light the second candle, focus on drawing to you what you are creating as you bring the two candles closer together.  At the Full Moon in two weeks, bring them fully together and see the results of what you have created.

Share this ritual with your friends and loved ones.  I have been using this process for some time now and find it amazingly powerful. 🙂


Mope by Aleks Vol via Wiki Commons

Mope by Aleks Vol via Wiki Commons


Saturday, May 7, 2016:

After the stabilizing New Moon on Friday, Saturday brings us the full empowerment of Sun trine Pluto.  This brings to our core an intense, free flowing energy of transformation and transcendence.

The current cycle between the Sun and Pluto (a cycle of personal empowerment) began in early January. At that time you planted a seed or set an intention intended to increase your personal power through dismantling some inner force; purification and rebirth required.

Whatever you did early in April to push forward with this dismantling and transformation has put you on a path now where you can flow with the change.

Look deeply and you will see what is being worked upon.  You will probably find the answer within the issues of Mars retrograde; issues of how much integrity you bring to your physicality and sexuality.  The trine aspect allows change to occur far more simply than you may expect.  It is not necessary to get in your own way.

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:35 AM EDT and with Mercury, (ruler of Gemini) retrograde, it would be easy to share this powerful internal process without realizing that others may not hear things in the way you intend.  Be sure that your reasons for sharing do not have complicated or unkind overtones.  Once you are clear on your integrity, go ahead and share, but double check that you are truly heard and understood.



Sunday, May 8, 2016:

Sunday the Gemini Moon is very active and your mind may be moving faster than you can keep up.  If you have a meditation practice, this is not a good day to skip it! Whatever you can do to stabilize your thinking early in the day will help you to make the most of it.

If you find yourself restless and agitated (the Gemini Moon is square Jupiter at 8:50 AM EDT), get out for an early morning walk.  Talk to yourself, your dog, and any inanimate objects; don’t bring the agitation into any of your domestic or family relationships.

The Moon opposes Saturn at 11:31 AM EDT allowing negativity and a judgmental attitude to attempt to sneak in.  It is a Moon transit so it won’t last long.  Go off by yourself, there is no point is stirring the pot when the energy will be gone if you simply allow it.  This is a good day to simply engage with a variety of activities. Keeping yourself busy will keep out of with unnecessary and problematic communications.

Remember, you are not alone in this.  Give everyone around you space to make mistakes.  Let it go.  If something is said that is upsetting to you, wait to discuss it later.  Today is not the day.

As long as you have managed the day without mishap, you can anticipate the late evening to loosen things up and allows space for some playful fun.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.





Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: April 25, 2016 through May 1, 2016

Let’s do our best to keep this week simple!


Are you concerned or unclear about your path ahead?  Let Astrolore help you see your life and your path forward from a perspective that will change everything.  Allow more joy and love into your life.

Make your appointment today! 

Together, we will work with your individual horoscope to explore your hopes, dreams, goals, your current path, and the reality of your life purpose.

Our conversation will offer you a profoundly renewed perspective on your life and circumstances.

ನಿಸರ್ಗದೋಂದಿಗೆ_ಮಹಿಳೆ03 by Vishwakarma Acharya via Wiki Commons

ನಿಸರ್ಗದೋಂದಿಗೆ_ಮಹಿಳೆ03 by Vishwakarma Acharya via Wiki Commons



Monday, April 25, 2016:

Monday begins with the Moon in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius energies generally offer idealism, the desire for exploration, and general optimism toward our lives and circumstances.  Throughout the course of Monday, the Moon forms challenging aspects to Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn, adding challenge to the simplicity that Sagittarius would prefer!

Take time for an early morning meditation on all the aspects of your life that bring you pleasure and joy.  Focus on that expanded view even as your awareness requires that you go to a serious state of introspection.  Even as you hold in your mind the most expansive vision of your life, you must respond to your circumstances with a practical pragmatic approach.

Allowing both the expansion (that comes through study, understanding, and play) and the serious contemplation (that comes through introspection and analysis) to find an internal balance point is the task for Monday.  In all your dealings with others on Monday, be the observer.  Can you see how that balance is working in their situation?  If they are heavily weighted on one side or the other, offer the counter point perspective.




Tuesday, April 26, 2016:

On Tuesday, it will be much easier to enjoy the expansive, fun side of the Sagittarius Moon.  As the day begins, Lady Luna forms a trine aspect to Uranus followed by another trine aspect to Venus later in the day.

This is a day when surprising situations and circumstances can arise regarding your financial situation or your love life.  With both Uranus and Venus in Aries and the Moon in Sagittarius, this is a very exciting and fiery combination.  The element of Fire (which consists of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) offers enthusiasm, vitality, and inspiration.

Keep your eyes and heart open and available for unexpected inspiration.  Open to a larger vision of where you want to be!  This is not a day to hold back out of misguided humility.  Open to the full view of what is possible.

It is true that Mars is retrograde and some things may have to be renegotiated later, but don’t let that stop you from a path that lights up your heart as it calls you forward.  It may not be permanent, but there is so much to learn along the way.

At 6:55 PM EDT, the Moon enters Capricorn.  The next few days will carry a more serious tone.  On an emotional level, you may feel the need to take the practical realities of your situation more seriously than you have in recent days.

Before you go to bed, make a plan for what you will accomplish over the next few days.  Get to sleep early; you will be glad for the extra energy when you wake up on Wednesday morning.



Metamorphosis by Paskua via Wiki Commons

Metamorphosis by Paskua via Wiki Commons

Wednesday, April 27, 2016:

Wednesday begins with a lovely trine aspect between the Capricorn Moon and the Taurus Sun.  This supports any and all efforts toward practical goals and real world progress.  Where ever you put your attention, in the form of practical effort, should move forward with surprising ease.

You may be distracted by an unrealistic dream in the late afternoon when the Moon is sextile Neptune.  If you can sneak in even a brief meditation, at approximately 4:57 PM EDT, it will support your more practical efforts as opposed to it being a distraction.

At 8:46 PM EDT, the Moon trine Jupiter.  Begin a significant conversation with loved ones or family members before heading to bed.  Where do you want to support each other in your (and their) personal growth?  What practical considerations can you provide that will make a significant difference in someone else reaching their full potential?  Give this some thought.

Because Mercury is about to turn retrograde tomorrow, this is the time to make a list of all the things you want to get caught-up-on during that three week period of time.  Think about any unfinished projects of a practical nature, those projects that need time and attention to finally remove them from your to-do-list.

Make a list of all that has been left undone.  Those are the things that you will focus on accomplishing over the coming weeks.  We will have more conversation about Mercury retrograde over the next few days.  For now, make the list, and commit to sticking to it.

This three-week period will not be the time to begin new projects!



Thursday, April 28, 2016:

The early part of the day may bring you face-to-face with some deep insecurity as you are again reminded of the intense, revolutionary change that is occurring in so many areas of the world, including our culture, our communities, and on a profoundly personal level, within us.  Each layer reflects the other layers.

What you see shifting and changing internally, you will also see reflected in the circumstances of your community and the world.  The Capricorn Moon makes challenging aspects to both Pluto and Uranus before 12:00 PM EDT.

As you try to find the best way to manage these uncertain energies with all the thoughts they bring to mind, Mercury turns retrograde at 12:20 PM EDT.

Remember, there are 4 simple steps to working with Mercury retrograde:

  1. Don’t buy into the drama you hear about Mercury being retrograde!
  2. Make a list of everything that you have begun but NOT completed since the last Mercury retrograde – this includes projects, errands, conversations, and even books you have not finished.
  3. For the next 3 weeks, check off the tasks on this list!  This is your focus!
  4. Don’t be tempted to start any new projects, new commitments, new jobs, or new relationships.

Following these steps is not only intended to help smooth out the process but is intended to help you absolutely LOVE Mercury retrograde.  It is such a powerful time to catch up with all that slipped through the cracks of your busy life!

People get so worried about Mercury retrograde; it really is only a problem if you don’t follow these steps.  This is a powerful time to catch up with your life!

Share this post!  Help others understand how best to work with the cycles of life.

Mercury’s retrograde is in Taurus, suggesting that we will be rethinking our most personal values and re-evaluating how we use our time, attention, and physical energy.



Friday, April 29, 2016:

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Moon enters freedom-loving Aquarius.  With the Moon in Aquarius, we are able to envision the world from an objective and unpredictable vantage point.  This enables us to experiment with new ideas without having to worry about what others think of us or our ideas.

As the Moon moves through the early degrees of Aquarius, she forms a square to the Taurus Sun (exact at 10:29 PM EDT).  This is the Third Quarter Square in the Lunar Cycle.

Think about the Sun in stable, conservative, routine loving Taurus and the Moon in progressive, inventive, unconventional Aquarius.  It is easy to feel the tension and stress created between these energies.

You can see this reflected in the world as the pull between the conservative and the innovative.  Look at how it is currently reflected within yourself, amongst your friends, and certainly, in the US political process!

Take time to review anything that you initiated around the New Moon on April 7th. Consider what needs to be completed or released in preparation for the new lunar cycle that will begin on May 6th at 16° Taurus.

At 7:35 PM EDT, Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Taurus.  Your most pressing values and your desire for love find stability following the recent intensity and excitement when Venus (while in hot-headed Aries) joined with Uranus last week.  If there has been great intensity, excitement, and anxiety regarding a significant relationship, now you will find it slowing down to seek stability or it will settle into a space of boredom.

Observe your attitudes and behavior toward love and money over the coming days.  It is up to each of us how we use this energy.  Venus in Taurus can be lazy and may want nothing more than to sit on the couch holding hands and watching TV.  A better use for the Venus in Taurus energy would be to get out the massage table and increase sensuality and body pleasure.  Give a massage; get a massage.  Plant a garden; create beauty.  Notice beauty in everything.  Develop reverence toward your life.


Летний день в Самаре, 2005 by 3ypoarah via Wiki Commons

Летний день в Самаре, 2005 by 3ypoarah via Wiki Commons


Saturday, April 30, 2016:

When we awake on Saturday, we face a day of open-minded detachment because of the lovely Aquarius Moon.  Make it a point to spend time engaging in conversations, in the company of like-minded others, about humanitarian issues in spite of all the things that seem more important on your ‘to-do list’.  Expect the ability to exercise freedom and detachment from the emotional demands or poor boundaries of others.

Regarding that group of ‘like-minded others’, the empowerment you receive through your connection will be stronger if you don’t know each other on a personal level.  Find a group that is discussing some political or social issue you feel passionate about.  Let your spouse and best friends find something else to do.

This is a day to develop revolutionary (or at least unusual) ideas with others, for others.  You can assist in opening the group-mind to innovative solutions for those who need us to shine a light in the direction of real cultural progress.

Continue into the evening engaged in a social event with purpose.  Bring your friends together and guide the conversation to humanitarian, revolutionary, or scientific topics.  Human progress and innovation is essential now.



Sunday, May 1, 2016:

At 7:00 AM EDT, the Taurus Sun forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.  You may be tempted to sleep late as the dream state feels like just the place to be during this transit

Think back to February 28th or thereabouts.  Did you enter or engage a significant dream, fantasy, or illusion at that time?  Perhaps, you began a spiritual practice, an escape plan, or you lacked the ability to pull yourself out of a deep bewilderment, self-delusion, or suffering.

With respect to how far you have come regarding whatever began at that time, examine how you want this situation or process to unfold.  There is no action that needs to be taken at this time, but action will be necessary in early June

At 9:34 AM EDT, the Moon enters Pisces and we are even less likely to want to move forward to an active or accomplishment-focused day.  You may feel very spiritually or psychically open.  Use this energy for spiritual or creative pursuits.  If nothing else seems to feel ‘right’, allow music to provide your spirit to open your ability to access deep spiritual awakening or insights.

Offer compassion, love, and beautiful to everyone you encounter, many may be in deep confusion.  Your compassion can be just what they need to reach a more grounded workable state.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


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