Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: March 21, 2016 through March 27, 2016

Profil Neu by Roger David Servais via Wiki Commons

Profil Neu by Roger David Servais via Wiki Commons

Some of us may experience the shift of the Sun from Pisces to Aries as a bit disorienting. We go from the energy of dreams, imagination, and sensitivity to the energy of aggression, determination, and of the warrior.

As we attempt to grapple with this shift, Mercury follows the example of the Sun and steps from Pisces into Aries on Monday evening. You may feel this as an awakening of energy, the experience of Spring. It is time to create what you want and take the necessary steps to bring that into reality.

On Wednesday, we have a Full Moon Eclipse in Libra encouraging us to take stock of what we created and began at the New Moon on March 8th.

On Friday, Saturn takes his first steps in retreat as he turns retrograde at 6:01 AM EDT.


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Monday, March 21, 2016:

Don’t be surprise if you feel like keeping your head under your pillow on Monday morning. It’s not that you have any sense of waking up to a bad day but you may wake with a sense of confusion or disorientation.

Now that the Sun is in Aries, you probably thought you were ready to move quickly in a forward direction. However, the day starts with the Moon in opposition to Neptune along with Mercury still in Pisces. These two factors contribute to a sense of internal instability that is likely to leave you wanting sleep…. Or just not knowing what you want!

Don’t let any of that worry you.

At 8:19 PM EDT, Mercury follows the Sun into Aries. Your mind will be ready to move forward, your thoughts will pick up speed, and everything revs up. It is easy to offend others while Mercury is in Aries, as we do not hold back in our communications and are willing to take the risk to tell it like it is!

Maintain your awareness and make sure you are saying what really needs to be said and not just running off at the mouth because of lack of control. Remain aware, keep yourself centered and grounded, even as this energy catapults you forward.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016:

Tuesday provides a day of rest. Yes, I know. You thought you were ready to move forward. However, today you need to rest and prepare for the very busy day on Wednesday.

The Moon is in Virgo throughout the day, yet makes no major aspects until after she enters Libra on Wednesday morning. Try not to concern yourself with accomplishments, communications, or any activity that you hope will move some project forward.

As you take the time to rest in the quiet of Tuesday, prepare yourself for tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse. Consider the Solar Eclipse that happened on March 8th. Eclipses always come in pairs and are connected; a Solar Eclipse occurs at a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse occurs at the Full Moon.

Are you aware of the change that is sweeping through your life, brought on by that Solar Eclipse? Much of the message of the Lunar Eclipse is in digging deeply to work with the underlying issues that must be addressed in order to grow in the direction of change that the Solar Eclipse.

This is your contemplation for Tuesday.


Pintura 1 by Lia Mainero Berro via Wiki Commons

Pintura 1 by Lia Mainero Berro via Wiki Commons


Wednesday, March 23, 2016:

At 1:24 AM EDT, the Moon enters Libra bringing an end to that time of rest and preparation that we talked about for Tuesday. Now, it is show time!

At 6:15 AM EDT, Jupiter squares Saturn. This can be a challenging time as the details of a particular situation may feel like they are overtaking or blocking your ability to expand your understanding and make it difficult to keep a grasp onyour own beliefs.

You may question ways of thinking and being in the world that previously felt very solid to you. It is important to continually question your opinions and beliefs as time and circumstances continue to show you new perspectives.

The Libra Full Moon is eclipsed at 8:01 AM EDT. Lunar Eclipses bring our emotions and nostalgia to the surface even as they push our awareness to the passage of time. Something is changing and we must let go. Even if the change is one we have hoped and dreamed of for so long, there still may be difficult emotions to manage as you release the past. Past memories and old dreams come to the surface in order to be released.

With the Libra Moon forming an opposition to Mercury, you may be highly sensitive to any communications that feel out of balance or unfair. You will do well to maintain grace and diplomacy in any such situation.

At 4:10 PM EDT, Mercury conjunct the Sun offers clarity of mind, thinking, and communication. This may be a time of sharp tongues; remember to add the ingredients of grace and diplomacy in all communications.

Thursday, March 24, 2016:

Thursday may be a stressful day of assimilating the emotional impact of Wednesday. The Libra Moon, which is concerned with diplomacy and pleasure, forms challenging aspects with both Pluto (the planet of transformation) and Uranus (the planet of revolution).

This startling transit may push you to look beneath the pleasant exterior of your significant relationships. What is hidden beneath the surface and needs to change? Have you been too careful? Have you done your best to hold the status quo steady? What revolutionary thoughts and ideas are occurring behind-the-scenes in the depth of your heart?

At 6:44 PM EDT, Mercury forms a flowing trine aspect to Mars. This is a powerful encouragement to say what needs to be said; a push to telling a story that will make a significant point. Your words will be clear and direct.

With both Mercury and Mars in Fire Signs, conversations could become heated. Whatever is said will have an impact and will move the story-line forward. You may be surprised to hear your own words.

Friday, March 25, 2016:

Early Friday morning, Saturn turns retrograde at 16° Sagittarius. He will remain retrograde until August 13, 2016 when he will turn direct once again at 9° Sagittarius. During this time, we each have the opportunity to look at the issues in our lives connected to boundaries, responsibilities, self-discipline, and hard work.

This is a time of reassessing, and coming to a deeper understanding and acceptance, of our responsibilities. If you have personal planets or points between 9° and 16° of any mutable sign, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), this will be particularly significant to you.

On Wednesday, we talked about you feeling blocked in the ability to expand your inner awareness. As Venus connects with both Jupiter and Saturn on Friday, you may feel a powerful desire for beauty and pleasure along with a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration at feeling that growth is somehow blocked for you now.

Pay attention to how you relate to beauty. It may be time to explore ways to embody love, pleasure, beauty, and abundance within your own body, mind, and life. Create a place of beauty in your home. Make a special effort to show generosity. Put a vase of flowers on your kitchen table and one by your bed, and while you are at it, bring another bouquet to a friend. Notice how life expands when you create space for the expression of beauty and generosity.

You may be questioning ways of thinking and being in the world that previously felt very solid to you. It is important to continually question your opinions and beliefs as time and circumstances continue to show you new perspectives. For now, embrace a perspective that soothes your heart with love, music, art, inner beauty, and expansive generosity.

At 2:09 PM EDT, the Moon enters Scorpio bringing us into a deeply emotion space along with and an intense desire for connection. Find deep connection with an intimate friend or lover this Friday night.



Oeuvre 24 by Amispatrimoinelussac via Wiki Commons

Oeuvre 24 by Amispatrimoinelussac via Wiki Commons


Saturday, March 26, 2016:

On Saturday, you can expect to feel the full energizing passion of Aries. At 6:32 AM EDT, the Sun in Aries forms a free-flowing trine to Mars in Sagittarius! There is excitement in the air and you may feel willing to take on any challenge that presents it self; immediately on the heels of that blast of energy we encounter a sextile aspect between Venus and Pluto. This brings the energy to a decidedly intimate, potentially sexual encounter.

Financial opportunities may also present themselves. Say yes.

Consider back to what began in early February regarding a love relationship or a financial situation. Whatever began at that time, now you have the opportunity to explore the possibilities more deeply and move toward your goal.

The Scorpio Moon forms a beautiful trine aspect to Neptune and a sextile aspect to Jupiter. Your soul wants to make intense and beautiful connections with other beautiful souls. Opportunities are presented and the energy flows. What a wonderful night for deep love, passion, beauty, and abundance.

Sunday, March 27, 2016:

Sunday should provide the perfect day to recover from the delights that I hope you encountered last night. The energy of passion, love, and abundance continues into the day. The Scorpio Moon is very quiet throughout the day, providing us the opportunity to slow down, take some time for quiet reflection, and rest.

I recommend a late brunch with a lover or intimate friends, and a movie to round out the weekend. Embrace the depth of sweetness that is presented.

There are those of you who may not resonate with the fiery energy of this weekend and those of you who may be angry that you have no one to share the passion with. If you find yourself feeling angry, understand that as a manifestation of passion. Utilize the assertiveness in a physical way by biking, running, dancing… whatever will release the tension.

Astrolore sends love to all of you!


* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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